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S2. W20. Somehow they knew

"I've decided to consider adoption."
He looked at me like i was speaking another language. I kind of  felt the same way. I had given myself the same bewildered look when I had said my thoughts out loud to my reflection. I didn't want to but somehow I felt I HAD to. At least think of all options. Whats going to be best for the babies.... Oh yea I hadn't even told Arinze about baby number 2. Should I? Or should I wait for this shock of this conversation to pass?
I'll wait.
"You have to be kidding me Suni." He fell back on the counter like the force of news all of a sudden made his knees weak. "Why?"
I walked around the counter, dropped my bag on it and opened the fridge. A yogurt topped with honey would be divine right now. I started fixing my snack. "I went for the appointment yesterday..." I brought out the yogurt...Arinze seemed to have stocked up on the strawberry and banana flavors. My favorite. Aww...tears stung my eyes.  I broug…