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S2. W15. Ignorance is Bliss II

I didn't call her. Should I have texted? Hopefully she wasn't busy. I rang her bell. What time was it sef? 1 am. Eh she was awake jo. I rang the bell again. My phone also rang at that point. I knew it was Shafa, so I didn't pick. I ignored the call and proceeded to call Ronke. It was creepy standing outside someone's house in the dark at like freaking 1am in the morning. She picked on the 5th ring.
"He-llo?" I guess she was asleep. Not shagging or something gross like that.
"Ronke its Yale, abeg can open your door, I'm outside..."
"Why...?" She must have been fumbling around for a clock because she ranted off..."Dude its flipping 1am!"
"Ehen? Please I'm creeping out here, can you hurry"
"Oh-h-h-h" through her grumbling I heard rustling of sheets. Thank God, she was coming out.
"Sorry... sorry...."
My phone rang immedi…