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W17b. A Slight Change of Plans

Suni collapsed on the toilet. Tears were running down her face, but she wasn't even crying... I picked up the test and as much as I dreaded, but now expected. There was a there was an extra faded red line.

I really didn't know what to say. I hugged her as she...just sat. Me I started crying. God knows why tears started running down MY cheeks. I felt...weird. Some next level kind of mixture of feelings like this. Like I was happy, but sad, but confused, but scared, but feeling for Suni. I don't even know if she was happy or not.

We were in the stall for a bit. Another lady came into the washroom,saw us and.... left.

"Suni...stand up..." she was still silently crying..."Stand up...Let's go..." She didn't argue, she didn't agree. She just let me pull her up and we walked out. From the washroom, to the exit.

Screw breakfast.


W17a. A Slight Change of Plans

Should I pick up one on the way? Like me I personally don't like suspense, fine she may be scared, in denial, but all this "Yeee, ohhhh, howww?" can be eliminated sharply. Ah screw it I'm getting one.

I dropped by the drug mart near Suni's, got the goodies and a tub of Hä was on sale jo!!


"I'm outside o...."

She was already coming out even before she answered, she was probably waiting by the window.
"Yea yea..."

She was wearing a huge sweater and baggy pants. It was obvious she hadn't slept much.

"So, because you think you are prego, you now want to be dressing like a couch slug? Your ensemble is pre-tty ba..."

"Abeg drive jo, who ask you?" She slouched so far down the chair, if you were looking from outside you wouldn't know someone was in the passengers seat. She spotted the Daz. "Ozimmmeeeeee darling! Ah!" she lounged for it.... and …

W16. The Patient Dog...

"You wanted to leave me alone with HER...." he was till leaning against the door as if he didn't trust his lock.
"I CAN NOT be-lieve yo just did that Shafa...." I was still in shock.

"Some things need to be taken by the horns..."

"Let me aaww--wttt"Beans!

I sat down on the steps. It was kind of cold, and because of our dear drunken friend, we were stuck outside. Hiss.... insolence. I must have shivered because Shafa was right beside me in second. He put his arms around me and pulled me close while rubbing my shoulders.


"The cab said 10 minutes...."

"We'd be Popsicle's by then...."

"Lai lai...." He held me closer. I think Jackie must have passed out or something, cause it was quieter. We both realized this at the same time cause we looked at each other and laughed.

"Thank your lucky stars shes not puking her pretty insides by your door..."

"You think shes pretty?"

I looked a…

W15. Tonights Gonna Be a....

I washed my kinky twists....cleaned them out NIIICEEE!!
I was clean all the right places. Not that I was expecting anything..........
I wore my pajamas, the casual sexy ones. Cotton yellow comfy somethings like this. Soft kinda yellow...with happy teddy's with red ribbons tied around their necks sprinkled all over the fabric. Loose but snug. Perfect.

I had on my over-sized blue cardigan but underneath was the matching tank top for the pants. I liked this ensemble, because... well he liked it. He had told me before that it made me look innocently sexy. Imagine. Only Shafa would think of that.

I was ready. It only took me one hour. Hopefully the boy is not asleep. Even if sef? Ehen? Hmn!!Today na no go escape... I go put u for corner....heheheheh!

I called to find out anyways...

"Are you asleep?"

"Ah... I thought they kidnapped you on the way, I was about calling sef... What happened? " I guess he WAS still awake! Mmmmhhmmnnn!

"Sorry.... I ha…