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S2 W9. What God has put together....

Ronke had literally jumped into Shafa's car. I was tempted to call her out and be like "yo, what are you doing", but that was the least of my problems now. Besides I trust Shafa... and I know he doesn't even like her like that  so....yea....

Ronke literally jumped into my car sha. This babe goes haarddd! Yale had looked suspicious for a bit. But then she smiled it off like it wasn't possible. I plead with her mentally to carry this woman from my hand. She walked up to me...

I walked up to him and I know Ronke was watching me. But who cares. I tiptoed (cause Shafa's tall like that) and I kissed him. I kissed him hard enough to let him know I still wanted him as bad as the first time... and soft enough to let him know I wasn't worrying.  I trust him. I refuse to use words to express these things because..... sometimes.. actions speak wayyy louder than words. I slowly came back down on my feet... and to earth. I looked up at him...straight into his eyes....

Yup. I love her.
Period. Full stop. End of story.
Shes literally everything I want in a woman all stuffed up in one body. And that body is here in front of me. Wanting me back. She was looking at me like she was inside my head. Like she could see the whole back and forth with Ronke.. and it was like she....trusted me not to do anything.  More than I trusted myself. That's a woman for you....a right woman...

"Erm..... ok. So... I'll go with Shafa ba?" I didnt have to look at Ronke to tell she was irritated.

I smiled at my main object of focus and patted his face with my hand. "See u later babe..." I looked at Ronke and just laughed. "Before nko? you think I want your wahala in my vehicle." I walked to my car and dialed Suni's number. I hope she was home.

I was done my shift for the day...but I really wasn't craving for my bed as usual. I was hoping to run into Suni somehow. The girl hadn't stopped being on my mind since.....since she first came to confirm her pregnancy. Then we had that moment when she was admitted... but after that I had seen her only once... I ran into her late one night at Walmart. I remember spotting her in line from the end of the aisle. Tiny, wearing some huge sweater thingy. It made her look even smaller. She looked fuller though... body wise. He face was healthier, but her features still sharp. And her hair was different. It was curly now, but pulled back in a pony tail. The girl was nothing short  (no pun intended) of stunning. I hadn't even realize when I had walked up to help her.

"Arinzee...." she had looked surprised to see me. A good surprised. That made me happy.

"Hey mama"

"Ugh please... dont call me that" I swiped the bags from the counter and from her hands, there were four in total.

"All this grub for you?"

"I'm eating for two, its allowed." she was smiling really hard. She had lovely teeth and perfect lips to accentuate them.

"True True." I waited for her to walk in front of me so she could lead the way.

"Just got off work I suppose...." She walked towards one of the lonely cars in the parking lot. A dark blue Yaris. Cute.

"Yup......................" she opened the trunk and I dropped the bags. "Needed to browse the mart to see what I can pick up to eat."

"Aww.............................." she stood there smiling. I stood there waiting.... for what I dont know. She looked at her car as if contemplating...."Want me to help you choose between WonderBread and NoName?"

And that's how Suni and I spent the next 1 hour. in that time I found out she was even more stunning that I had first thought. She was very comical, extremely picky, and she always broke things down. She was hella sexy. She kept biting her lips when it came down to choosing. I remember it was ground beef time. There was the one that was $3.29 and on one that was fresh and the $4.50 one that was obviously more, but was about to expire. Naturally I would've picked the $4.50 one, but this woman stood there weighing pro's and cons of picking the $3.50 one. She would bite her lips then weigh them both in her hands... then give a reason why one is better. We stood there for 5 minutes... I watched her battle. Hell, ground beef wasn't THIS important to me, but i loved this performance she was giving. The girl was entertaining. We finally went with $4.50.   We had talked about everything in this one hour. She was doing fine with the baby... almost 2 months now. She subtly mentioned an issue with the father of the child that peaked my interest. I would love to know more....Anyways our impromptu midnight Walmart rendezvous had come to end. I was with groceries and the prettiest girl in the store. I was a happy man.

We said out good bye's in the parking lot and that was it. The moment she drove away, I waited for her to do that, I felt... lonely. That was the moment my apartment stopped being appealing to me. Ever since I have dragged my feet to go home after work. Today the feeling was worse. I missed Suni. Weird feeling cause I really dont know her, but ya... I miss her. So being a doctor, trained to act quickly and make concise decisions swiftly. I call.


Suni was responding better than I expected to the whole Toba story...I remember thinking I would be there for hours trying to simmer down what I thought would be a major blowup in anger, but no. Suni had blown off the whole thing like there was nothing to worry about.She truly believed Toba cared for her and was borderline going crazy because of her saftey. She said she was not going to get rid of the baby though.... but everything would be fine.Whatever it is. Babe was floating on some cloud and didn't give a damn what Toba thought. I was happy and sad. Happy that she wasn't giving him the time of the day, but sad that I didn't understand her total disregard for the situation. I expected more..........drama.

"So.. what are you going to do?"

She laughed... "Nothing Yale... I'm just going to keep on existing, I wont kill myself for someone else......that is not my child" she added as an after thought. Her phone rang.... and this girl,, I swear, started blushing. YES I could see it through her dark skin.

"Hey you...." she mouthed A.r.i.n.z.e

"Ah ha......" I smiled back...maybe that's why she was so.... euphoric.

"I'm fine.... Im making lunch" she listened for a moment and laughed... "You're not serious! Im eating for twooooo" and walked away into the next room, like I wasn't even there. Hmm na wa o! I walked after her... my amebo antenna alert.

"you cant cook ground beef? Arinze its EASY!" She was laughing again. I tapped her and told her to put it on speaker phone. She kicked me in reply. Love wan tin tin.. Makes a girl kick her best friend. My phone rang... Shafa.

"Hey babe.."

"Still at Suni's?"

"Ya.....but I'm leaving... shes being toasted outta her manners..."

"Are you serious? Who??"

"Dokita of course...."

"Oh...." He laughed but remained silent small.. something was up...


"Nothing.... just wanted to ask... " He coughed... "Ok this would be weird, but I just wanted to ask if you'd like to go on a date with me?"

I burst out laughing..."You're on crack....why??"

"Seriously Yale....I want to take you out today...."

He sounded so serious....He WAS serious.....I decided to play along.. " Hmm... I dont know, I have to check my schedule"

"It's free jo...i'll pick you at 7:30?"

"See your head."

"Please wear that black dress you wore to my send off..." Oh wow... he noticed what I wore?? "And if you;re wondering... yes I noticed. You burned an image of you in my head with that dress.............."

I was blushing so hard right Suni a run for her moneyy!! I had already worn my shoes and let myself out. I was almost running to my car to start getting ready......"I guess Ill see you at 7 then Mr. ITK...."

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!" I had to laugh cause the guy REALLY sounded excited. Hell I was excited too.... I guess I gotta go get pretty for my man.... I wonder where Ronke is....? Hmn...

"Is this 'Nova?"

I knew the voice. "Yes Sir"

"We will be in the area over the weekend. Make yourself available."

"Yes Sir."

The line went dead. I guess.... time has come.


Anonymous said…
FIRRRSSSTTTT!!!!!!! hahahah! yes!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
mmmmmhh *sigh* so how long do i have to rip my hair out and go into isolation till the next episode?... heyyy i am scared for Toba o chei, poor guy.. and suni biting her lip for arinze goodness?? ha! mmmmhh ah!! sigh!!!ok imma go read again, juss to be sure i didnt milz nothing

P.S : ooh, could u please go back to using colors for diff characters? pls pls preetyy cherry berry plsss???

P.P.S : and wheres our mountain of fire section for Ronke? :P

P.P.P. S: oo and Happy Vals day

P.P.P.P.S: see P.S :P
Anonymous said…
P.P.P.P.P.S : Yes, I stalked the page days!!! ok i am done hehehehehehehe
Lol! I was in the middle of editing when u read.. the colors are back! Loool.. makes it easier to read huh! MF webisode is coming... that demon of agro that is doing Ronke... we shall bind it!
sweetness said…
Go team Shafa n Yale!!

luvd this webisode

wow Ene u were fast oh!
yeah Miss inky colors make it so easy

aww i loove Suni
Anonymous said…
lol special thanks to reading break and jobless mornings!! :)
neefemi said…
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet....wait who is this Nova person? hmmmmm sounds ominous
Ms.O said…
I loved this one!! OMG!I need a shafa like yesterday!!!!..:(
soliloquy said…
Looool, oh Yale "my amebo antenna alert"

Man, the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife!!!!

Another great webisode, and I must say, Arinze is starting to have quite an appeal.
Myne Whitman said…
Ahhh, you guys are fast ooo, lol. Nice one, this Ronke should mind herself sha.
ah omg i didnt even know Nova would come up as mysterious! cause Im writing I already... visualized and lol forgot you guys are not in my head! hahah.. well it works out well! Suspenseeee!

Arinze was dulling had to bring him back well! :P

Thanks guys! For your patience and of course, your eminent interest! Please tell a friend and yayyy!! Im happy now lol..thanks guys!
F said…
Hmmm.. suspense o... Nova??? GEN GEN!!! lol

Love how Shafa and Yale have this subliminal messaging thing going on... If only that existed in real life...

Suni + Arinze = potential cuteness... awwww :)

I repeat... Ronke needs to MIND HERSELF O! Stupid child...
kay9 said…
Like how the characters actually hav characters; u good, babe. Waiting 4 d next installment :)

@Ene: u funny girl, all the way to P.P.P.P.P.S! loooool!!
Anonymous said…
Tope A said…
I do kinda feel bad for Toba but not bad enough that I want Suni to go back to him. Her and Arinze were made for each other (if only in Jeti's head lol). Oh as for Ronke, pls allow her, at the end of the day, she would help Shafa realize how much he really loves Yale and she'll just move on to another guy!

Keep it coming Jeti, this is really good stuff.
Valor said…
Ok this is so interesting..i started reading it yesterday and i finished this morning... dammmmn cant wait for the next going on fasting and prayer to bind every manipulator(Ronke) out of Shafa's mind and destroy every plans of the enemy concerning Suni.

Team Shafa & Yale All Day!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Now I kno what if feels like to have to wait for the next episode...all this time i was lauffin at the other comments cause i was gettin caught up...but what a way to end it... I mean who on earth is Nova and who is he/she talking to?...
T-Baby said…
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am totally in love with this blog. I am rooting for Arinze and Suni. If i catch that Ronke of a girl, only God will be able to save her.

P.S: Who is Nova? Which kind suspense be dis one?
Fabulo-la said…
Nova? Nova?
Who's Nova?
Shit! Off to catch up!!!!

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