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S2 W10. The wind WILL Blow before a storm...

I need to get her out of town... just for the weekend. At least until they are gone. I knewww they had to be around soon. Things were too quiet. How am I going to do this now. She wont even see me.

"Toba  is that you?"

I turned around. I had been standing at her door for.... I guess long enough for her to notice me and then confront me.

"Suni....." I drank in the sight of her. She was something else. She had braids now.and they fell down in front of her shoulders down to her breasts... which were visibly bigger. She was wearing a  humongous beige sweater which worked excellently with her complexion. the sweater went ALL the way to her knees... If I knew Suni well she had gained a couple of pounds and wanted to conceal it.

"Toba what are you doing here?" She came out the doorway slightly... in a defensive way. Then she instinctively folded her arms over her belly.  Well she wasn't too pleased to see me that I can tell.

"Suni we need to talk...."I looked around.... for some odd reason I felt paranoid. " Urgently really."

"Erm Toba.. if this is about my baby....."

"Its about you...."

"What about me??"

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand... that feeling you feel when you're being watched... it heightened. I looked around again.. it seemed.... clear... but you never know. "Can I come in......." She had no reason to... "Please...."

"Look Toba, I don't know whats with you and... I'm not comfortable. -"

"Please Suni.. Please.. lets just talk inside, I promise I wont stay long...."

"Seriously Toba...."

"I'm begging you Suni."

"Fine." She stepped aside. I stepped through. She smelled like........vanilla.

Bad move Akusuni. Bad move. "So....." Toba was here in my house. He looked harmless really. Still handsome. But the burning attraction I used to feel for him every time I saw him.. or were together... It sure wasn't present now. I looked at him well. He looked. worried. Scared. Like something or someone was after him. He kept looking at the door. 

"Suni... I'm not asking you to get rid of our ba-"

"My baby Toba. Mine. You lost rights to this baby when you sentenced her....or him to death without thought."

Wow. that threw me off.....but I guess its well deserved. It would be hard to explain AGAIN the reason behind my request. "Fair enough.....I'm not asking you to abort YOUR baby Suni." she looked satisfied at her claim. "But I'm asking you to be safe. I know you don't believe any of the things I try to tell you about me and why I wanted to...." I didn't wanna replay my reasons... I hated being the enemy here. "Suni.. above everything I want you to... be safe and... please.. "

"Wait wait wait wait WAIT. Just holdddd it."

I actually kept quiet. 

"One. I really don't care what YOU want Toba. It IS the least of my priorities.. hell its not even a priority." she paused... whether it was for my response or for effect I don't know. "Secondly. Stop pleading with me and pleasing... just say what you came to say."

"Safety... can you take my advise and stay somewhere just for this weekend?"


"There are some people coming this weekend. I don't want you to be in town when they come. Anything could happen."

"Who's coming."

"Suni.... would you go?"

"Er Of course not! How am I just going to stand up and ex for the weekend. I have a life. plans and..."

"Suni. Please. Just for this weekend.... Its... its... " I was scrambling for any other good reason..."It could help you relax for the baby and you know ... "

"Toba.. I'm relaxed here.. its shit like this that make me agitated."  We had sat down in the kitchen but no she stood up and started pacing. "Who is coming?"

"My fathers."

"Ers.?" She looked at me confused. "Like more than 1?"

"Yes Suni. My cult fathers. They are here this weekend. I would like to ask you to NOT be here when they come."


"Because you are not safe. You have something of theirs"

"No Toba thats where you are wrong. YOU have something of theirs. I owe nobody NOTHING!" She started pacing again. "What kind of nonsense is this now... I'm just doing my own jejely who asked me to be involved with cultist now." I assumed she wasn't talking directly to me anymore. "I cant believe this SHIT is happening to me mennnn......" she flopped down on the seat. and stared at me. She was thinking. She always bit her lip when she was thinking.... I waited. I hoped.


I was in the dress. It had taken me... a long time to find it. But I did. I had worn the dress with red accessories, but tonight I wore it with gold. I had on huge pearl earrings lined with gold. My hair was in pinned up so the back of the dress wasn't hidden. Well technically there was no back. The dress was tailored so it dipped in a V all the way to the small of my back. It was long sleeved and the front was turtlenecked in lace so you could see some cleavage. The dress itself was velvet and wasn't too short. It was RIGHT on knee length for me. It was  one of those... extra sexy concealed seductive dresses. Yes I had had a plan when I wore it for Shafa's send off.

Tonight though, I felt very sexy. My makeup was very light...and... Shafa must fall in love with me again.Yes. I was prepared. It was 6:50..... He should be here anytime now.

I walked around the house to make sure all the lights were off. then went to the living room. I hate waiting.
6:55 ugh... WHERE is he??? I fidgeted with the tv... Stood up.. paced... sat back down. If this boy is late....

I walked to the kitchen.... then walked back. I didn't want to eat anything and smudge my lip gloss either... The door bell rang.

6:59 lucky maga!

"Shafa Johnson!!"


"Shafa! You're..........almost late."


"Lets go jo..." I walked out then shut the door to lock it. "And close your mouth." Hi5 Yale... mission accomplished. We got into the car and I knew he was still looking at me. 

"Yale. NEVER remove this dress." I laughed out loud... no I guffawed!!

"Im not a mooch like that ehn. Its not that serious." He started the car and started driving...."So where are we dating tonight."

"You'll see...."

I liked surprises... so I just smiled and waited.....Shafa free hand reached for mine as I reached for his... I had to smile... 


"Do you like surprises?" she hadn't picked the first time I called, but I figured she was busy so I waited for a bit to call back and if maybe leave a message. She picked up though.


"I have a surprise."

"Hmm... what is it?"

"Well  Ill have to show you. Be there in 5..." 


"You're busy?"

"Erm... I have a visitor now, but gimme like 20mins?"

"O....k....." She sounded...pensive"Are you ok Suni?"

"Yes yes... just.. 20mins ?"

"Ok... see you in 20 then."

I stared across the table at a man I once loved? I dont know.. felt deeply for. I stared across into the eyes of  the father of the child. The one who wanted me safe, but my child dead. 

"I dont know. Let me think about it Toba."

"I need to know now Suni."

"Do NOT....." I took a deep breath. " Don't rush me Toba." I WAS going to consider this. " Let me figure things out. Ill call you this evening." I stood up to let him know his "wont stay long" was long overdue.

He caught on and stood up. "What time would you call back?"

"Before I sleep"

"Suni... please...."

"Shit Toba Ive heard. Its one thing you roped me into this... this.... freaking mess... allow me get things together dammit. I don't know what kind of foolery you've  tried to ... get me into but trust me I wont be involved. I am very much believing that I CANNOT suffer the sins of my.... boyfriend....EX! God will fight my own battles... you better find someone or being to fight yours cause its not going to be and it wont be my baby. I will consider going away for the weekend but I need to weight my options and priorities. If I do choose to stay however, you HAVE to respect my decision. I don't want you showing up at my doorstep like a freaking stalker and  riling up different theories as to how I need to follow YOUR rules and get deeper into your mess of a life. So yes.. kindly.. give me some space as it is obvious your crowding me. Ill call tonight." During this spiel I had walked to the door and was now standing with it open. Aka walk the hell out of my house. He was insulted. I could see it, but what ever was eating him, had gotten to him so bad that he looked more defeated than insulted. He just...... nodded. 

"Thanks will hear form you this evening I hope."

I closed the door.


We drove up into his driveway.

"So this is the surprise? Your house?"

" Yes now... " he got out to pen the door for me.

"Shafa you made me spice up like this for a night IN?'

"Welllll......" We walked to the door..which he opened for me...again. "Look I'm dressed up too"

Oh I had noticed. Dark suit, Dark t-shirt. No tie.... this look NEVER failed my Shafz... 

"I can see...."

The lights in the house were off... instinctively i reached out to the switch. As if he knew I was going to do that... he stopped me.. "Calllmmm downn!"

"Ah ah.. we are standing in darkness Shafa. I am a child of Light please." I laughed... cause he laughed. He took both my hands and led me to the dining room. Out of reflex I let out an awwwww. He had the kitchen all set up. Candle light and all. "Shafa...."

"Hold on Hold on....." He went to the counter and grabbed... a remote? Music came on.....Teach me how to love by Musiq Soulchild. I loved this song! 

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Shafa!! My trackkk " I started swaying cause that song GETS me...

He guided me to my seat and sat me down at the table. "Hungry?"

I was singing along but I nodded.  Tonight was going to be fun. I liked this. He should do this all the time. "What are we eating...?"

"Rice and Stew and Dodo.." I laughed out loud because thats the only thing Shafa can cook well. 

"Sounds like a plan...." he went to the stove ans served my a plate. I had to laugh because he was like all... sexy... waiting on me.... I walked up to him and hugged him from behind while he served.

"You can never sit still.. go and sit down!"

"Never! With you looking too scrumptious standing here serving me that I had to come and see that you are not putting otumopko in my food." He laughed..."You know you have me need for jazz" He laughed again and turned around.

"You're sure?"

"Ehen now..." We walked back to the table with our plates. He poured some wine and since we were staying indoors I dove for one sexy looking peice of dodo. "Men Shafa... your dodo is the BUSINESS!"

He laughed. And went to sit down on the other side of the table.

"Ok cute date is over.. come and sit close to me so we can play footsie while I commend you on your exceptional rice and stew skills..."

"Yale your ruining my candle light  dinner!"

"Candle light ni... lantern ko.. my friend dress here!"

He laughed... and came closer... kissed me on my forehead before he sat down. "You're something else."

Zapp and rogers I wanna be your man came on. I had to stop eating. I just HAD to. This here... THIS was MY track! MY OWN!

"Hey Ladddyyyyy!" I stood up. and grabbed Shafa's hand. "Excuse me dance?"

"You too like this song!"

Why wont I? This song was too madd. I sang on. "I can't liiiiiveeeee my lifeeee without you!" I leaned close to him.

He completed the next part. "Uhhh baby"

"Everytime I see you walking by I cannot breathhhheeeee" we were singing together now and mimicking a bad ass performance. Shafa entered auto tune  mode. "Yooouu dont understand but in time you willlllll"

"I must make you understannnnddddddddd" we both mimicked ddrummers... "DUM DUM"

"IIII wanna be your man!" we collapsed in laughter. Our singing was just terrible. But nice. and we did look dashing. Shafa pulled me close ... we were still giggling but more of dancing now. He ran his hands down my exposed back. "This dress will not be the cause of my death Yale..." 

"It has served its purpose"

"No kidding!"

He kept on caressing my back as we danced... just enjoying each others moves. It was nice though.... a nice night. I like this... "Shafa this is soo nice...."

"Im good like that..."

I hit him because he was now praising himself. "You're not serious... you tried sha...." I couldn't help but wonder though....what was the occasion. "Oya so what do you want from me Mr.Johnson?" I looked up at him... he looked at me and its like I fell in love AGAIN. Shafa had very intense eyes and very pretty lashes.  


"As if I knew... coy man.  Using food and candle to entice me into giving you what you want."

"Well..... I'm hoping you'll want to give me."

"What?" my curiosity was at 1000 level now. He stopped dancing and reached for the remote. Zapp and rogers were still crooning. He reduced the volume till we almost couldn't hear them. "What's it Shafa....?"

"I was wondering if you could assist me in something very serious. Its a huge proposition and I'm hoping you could help?"

"What is it? Business?"

"Well.. it depends on how you look at it... it could be an investment for you...really..."

"O....k....?" He walked me to my seat and sat me down...."Tell me jo.. I'm dying of curiosity."

"K....." he ran his hand over his face.

"Are you in trouble? financially?"

He laughed... "No I'm not Yale... ok fine.. its like this........" He took my hands...

"Would you be interested in being.." He  cleared his throat. "In being my ... wife?


neefemi said…
1st off i'm first and wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww i'm so happy for them....shafa did right by her....i wish suni would travel though, thats God way of helping this
F said…
Whoever wrote this deserves to be knighted. Sir Elton John type knighting, lol. I love the fact that it is so fatally romantic without being sappy and unrealistic (stupid speech about not being able to breathe until I met you etc...)That was an awesome proposal. Classic in fact. What proposal wouldn't be with sweet words like "Dress here" and "Excuse me dance"? LMAO! Hi Five, guys. :)

As for Suni and Toba... Hmmm... Not quite sure what to make of the whole thing. There may be some truth to Toba's case, but he kinda seems paranoid to me. Like proper delusional (I see dead people) paranoia... Not sure if he is crazy yet... We'll see...

I see the Dokita is trying to make moves... Nice one... :)

You guys, please don't leave us out in the cold for so long! I kept checking my blog list, waiting for the next bit. HABA! You no try o... :P It was worth the wait sha, no doubt.
Myne Whitman said…
This was certainly worth the wait. That proposal was classic, I honestly didn't see it coming. I know Yale was blown away, lol. Nice one you guys but abeg keep Suni safe abeg.
~B~ said…
*Picks up jaw*

YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Finally!!! Shafa has done me proud!! :D

As for Toba, SMH no comment, I just hope Suni stays safe...

Anonymous said…
Dammit!!! i knew it was coming today! ha! Damn damn damn!! neefemi! stop theifing my position o! ah ha na :P
Anonymous said…
awww shafaa johnsonnnnnnnnnnn awwwwwwwwww
.. ok seriously, dnt u wanna make this into a soap? I wanna be a cast member!!! pls now? chei! abeg na, biko, ejo hehehehe chei now and i want to be yale o, so i can be kissing handsome shafa hehehehehe ok on the real real though this was ha! mmh infact, F, said it all.i am still speechless and i like it!! :D
Awww Guys! Thanks soo much! We are going to keep it coming. Heheheh Me sef I didn't seee the proposal coming I swear. But i guess its not only me that see it came at the right time. I hope!

Ene u were slow this time o! Neefemi! Goood job for being 1st!

Thanks guys and yes God will help with teh delivery of teh next episode swiftly!!!
Tope said…
OH yay!!!! yale + shafa 4eva!!!! <3 please, can I have some more lol.
Ms.O said…
OMG!! WHERE IS MY SHAFA!!!! As for Toba I feel bad for him coz it's his past catching up with him..hope it turns out well.. well done Olaf!
honey91 said…
yay for yale!!!
watever u do pls dont let her say no...
im begging...and really suni can like to hurry and ex that continent in fact!
~*SugaBabE*~ said…
..."Excuse me dance?" hahaha...sounded so familiar and olden days mehn.......shafa + yale? ok seriously this should be a soap....WALAHI!!!!! keep it coming!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
he's only proposing because he did something wrong. Why does he feel the sudden need to propose to Yale? He must have messed with Ronke. This is going to be his justification of how much he 'loves' Yale, on some Jay-Z 'Song Cry' type sh*t: "I was only f*cking those girls, I was gon' get right back ..' [/bad bele]
Anonymous said…
haha anonymous, some serious hatetitis dey worry you mehn :P
Myzz D said…
:( episode please....i'm fast becoming a stalker.....
Valor said…
I'm really happy for yale and shafa <3..suni better get her ass out of the country...When is The Next Part Coming?
Anonymous said…
ah ah now!
nawa for this kind long tin o!!
this one na sufferhead stuvvs ..
bring the next webisode, JO!
soliloquy said…
*ahem*.... I think the next webisode is long overdue.
I posted it by mistake.. but it was incomplete...hehehe neefemi fortunately had a preview.. shes my witness that Im not dulling!!
Fabulo-la said…
I sooo want to be proposed like that!

Im going to go to bed now dreaming dreams.

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