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W20. And the world keeps on spinning.... (Season 1 Finale!)

I tried to act calm. "Mom, you  both are just being paranoid...Suni is fine. It's all this useless drama!"


We reached home, and I parked the car and just kept silent as we  got out mom's luggage and made our way to the front.So...if mom and De' knew then what? I wonder if they would support Suni's decision to ex the baby. Mom would probably not be in support, but with De's frame of mind... hmn.

I opened the door front door and waited for mom to enter. She went straight to the room.  Probably to change and get ready for bed. I locked the door behind me. My phone rang.

"Hey love." I liked endearments.

"Hey you.." Shafa and I said our hello's and made our routine small talk about each others day and how we were and all that good stuff. I mentioned that my mom was leaving tomorrow.

" soon."

"Drama is chasing her..." we both laughed.

"I should come over then,  I hope it's not too late."

"Ehn, shebi she's the one that wants to run away so soon. Besides I wouldn't mind seeing your fine face this night." I mean the boy already knew it, might as well stroke his ego small. He said I should give him 20minutes.  I went to alert moms.

"Shafa is coming over... he wants to greet you before you run back home"

Trust mom, she was already in her PJ's and heading to the kitchen for her routine HUMONGOUS cup of tea. "Ahhhh" the oh I remember sigh "the designer?" I hate when mom's do that. Front like they can't remember a significant person in your life.

"Yes mommy the designer."

"I thought you guys were off?"

"We were.....we're kind of back on now." We're we? Well I should think so, but I really need to clarify things with him, can't be making the same mistakes twice in one  lifetime. I'd bring it up soon.

"Ok o, I hope it's soon, because I'm going to be going to bed soon" She patted round the kitchen preparing her cup of tea then made her way to the living room. Why I was tagging along  I don't know. She sat down. "Come and switch on the TV for me." I turned it to her favorite channel (A&E , she loved watching those reality shoes like first 48 and cold case odd). I went to tush up small for Shafa.


My phone rang again. It was Suni. Gist.


"Man... I told Toba." she sounded fine.....a bit out of it though.

"He's cool?" Then she broke out into crazy laughter. Like nothing was funny, but she was cracking up.

"Coool? Cool? Hmmmmmm!!!" she continued laughing. I was trying to tie my head wrap, so I wedged the phone betwee my head and shoulder.

"Suni, hope nothing?"

"He's very cool o. Cool like Freezer!!! Cooolest guyyy!!" she laughed some more... this was getting awkward. "He says we cannot keep THIS baby" the way she said it stung me.

"How does he mean?" she was still laughing.

"He said this baby  was cursed. And if we don't get rid of it now, they would know and more trouble will start...? Can you imagine, we are on the same wavelength but on VERY different pages o"

"Who's they?" I was a tad bit confused here...

"His people..." she stopped laughing abruptly, it was so silent I thought the line had cut.


"Yo Yale, I'd call you back in a bit......don't sleep o" she  clicked off before I could say good-bye.

Weird. I tried not to be too worried. She was gonna call me back.


True to his word the doorbell rang 18 minutes later. I was in my pajamas but glossed up a bit. I opened the door. Did he dress up to meet mommy? Awwww..... He was in skinny jeans and a crisp gray tee with those nice dress but could-pass-off-as-casual jackets. In all his awesome chocolatey-ness.  He smiled at me. Shoot. I love this guy.

"Watidoo" I hugged him and stole a kiss before we broke apart.

"You're already getting ready to sleep?"

"Oh you thought I'd wait for you..." I said sarcastically. I ushered him inside and closed the door behind me.

"Is she still awake?" he mouthed to me...

"Ya ya for sure... shes in the living room so..." I didn't bother whispering back. We walked to into the living room. " mommy Shafa is here."

"Ehen...." typical mommy, dropped her cup on the table and turned to squint like she couldn't see his face.  Ugh! I knoooww she knows him. "How are you??"

"I'm fine aunty" he did the half way dobale (prostrate) that all these older but younger Nigerian boys in diaspora do.

"Come and greet me well now..."  he walked over to give her a hug. I'm sure mommy was already counting grand babies in her head.

See I had mentioned how serious I was about Shafa when we used to date... or whatever it was we were doing before. Like my mom knew I really liked him. She had met him once or twice in the past, as that guy that Yale always talks about and is always around, but  she still hadn't been introduced to him like thaaat. She knew that I was really serious about him back then though. So, with him coming by now and the half answer I had given her, I know there were questions running through her mind on the seriousness of this relationship and if she should start calling him "son". Yes mommy was crazy like that. I had avoided her earlier prior to his coming, but I know once he leaves, there would be a clarification session. I wasn't even going to be shy.

Shafa and mom chit chatted about nothing really. Weather, work, same old. I got him a drink, before she could chastise me for being  a terrible host. I tuned in and out of their small talk. used that time to check Shafa out. He was very relaxed and composed. Mom liked him. when she started talking like this, it means you are good. They hadn't had the opportunity to sit and talk before, so it was interesting to see that they interacted very well with each other. He really found mommy amusing though. When he laughed it wasn't forced, and if it was, well he was a darned good actor! But mommy was generally entertaining still. I think she was talking about how she needed to go back home and cook for daddy.

"Yale doesn't believe me, she thinks I just don't want to spend time with her, but my husband misses me" Shafa laughed again.

"Is true though..."

"Don't worry when you get your own husband you would understand how important it is to always be with him....." she paused for a moment as she sipped her drink, I dint miss the look she gave Shafa, I knew something else was coming. "Abi, Shafa... is it not better for the wife to not be so far away for long?" I can soo see where this is going.

"Yes aunty, its very important o!" he said it with laughter, so taking him seriously would have been.... ya... I laughed too.

"You would know se?"

"Eheenn! See Yale, even Shafa agrees with me" the laughter died off, you know that part when every one sighs after laughing? Yes.. this was it. We all were staring at the TV for a bit. "So how old are you again Shafa?"

"I'm going to be 30 in a few weeks ma"

"Wow, you're grown!" he laughed the "yes I am" laugh. "You should be looking to settle down soon."

OK! Mom was NOT going to start this conversation here. "Haha! Mommy please now, you're making him uncomfortable"  I looked at him apologizing with my eyes.

"No, it's fine..." he smiled back at me, then looked back to mommy "Actually... Yes  aunty. It's starting to become a priority." he looked back me "pretty fast". Ok?

"That's good. If you wait too long all the good girls are going to get picked up."

"That I realized.... that..." he adjusted his seat like he was really figuring it out. "...I realize."

"Ok o. Shafa..." mommy packed her mug as she got up. "Let me go and sleep , long journey tomorrow. It was rally nice of you to come by..."

"The pleasures mine aunty. I couldn't let you leave without coming by to say hi."

"Eya, thank you. Ok let me let you two...get along." she gave me that...oh yeaaaah look. Me I was still a bit...interested in what Shafa had said about settling down.

"Goodnight Aunty!" he stood up to half dobale again. Mom hugged him when he straightened up.

"Good night mommy.." She hugged me too and left.

I couldn't stop looking at him. He was just smiling cause he KNEW he had peaked my interest. "What?"

"You know what."

"I do....?" he walked to me and held me.

"What was that about?"


"Oh stop it ... the whole..... you know...." He laughed and kissed my nose.

"the whole....?"

"Were you serious?" I hugged him back... only because I could not resist. He's so huggable.

He laughed some more then pulled me to sit with him on the couch. "Yea....I'm not growing younger eh."

WOW.....Shafa was looking to settle down. Time does change the face of the clock. Was it not

"I see...." Holy.... this I was really speechless. Huh????

"I hope you do....cause I'm not trying to get back in your good books just for fun." he tipped my head  and kissed me. Muffled thoughts...... "I don't have that kind of time." he kissed me some more.

"Wait.." I broke off.... had to get my mind together. "Wait.... so what exactly are you saying?"

He leaned back and smiled. "I'm sayinggg" then he bent to get the remote from the coffee table, and started flipping through the channels. "I'm saying that I'm serious Yale." he stopped on CNN. Dropped the remote back on the table and looked at me finally. "I want to be serious about us."

Here I was sitting down, cuddled with the man of my dreams. A few hours ago I had been ready to find a way to bring up the issue of the status of our relationship because I knew I was already far gone into him again. I was risking my heart big time (or so I thought a few hours ago) I wasn't sure he was into me seriously this time ( a few hours ago) and now..... just under a FEW HOURS. all my questions were answered, and I seemed to have just fallen deeper in love with him. How? I don't even know but I did. I smiled. Happy. for now that's all I needed to know. That he was serious. And from the looks of it. VERY. That was good enough for me. For now......


What happens with Suni's pregnancy?
Does she tough it out with Toba or does the hard time break them apart?

Follow on with Yale and Shafa's now seriously budding relationship.
New twists and turns to test if it REALLY is for real.

And Arinze??
C'mon now, he's not introduced into the story for no reason.

Let's not forget about Jackie and Ronke.... we shall go into their own stories a bit more
They have their own spice to add to Spilt Ink.

Season II Premiering this November.
Don't Blink.


neefemi said…
yayyyyyyyyyyyy first off to read
ohhh!! neefemi you dont play o! I just posted it now now nowww!!!
neefemi said…
awwwwwww Shafa is serious...can he be serious with me too?lol-good way to end it, i hope by nov u mean early nov as in 2weeks from now--hmmm i will fight u o...

lol...just got home from the movies and it was on my dashboard u cant blame me, it was pure luck...have a great week
Ms.O said…
ITS ALL OVER!!!!! OMG!!!! I want my own Shafa now!!!SIGH!!! OK season two weeks yea?!?!?..
I dont like this ending oooooooooooooo!!!!! My dearest spilt ink writer, why will you leave me hanging like this? Meanwhile shafa's fine ass is probably going to change his mind again about being serious. You know all this yeye guys. But I love you, cant wait for season two!!!! kisses
~B~ said…
the two weeks countdown has begun!!
Fabulo-la said…

I am telling u Toba is going to leave her whether or not she aborts that baby...

Shafa is going to have a baby mama drama...I AM TELLING U!


Gadem! I need to go and dream up my own shafa jere..Gadem it...see fine man....sigh..

Im falling for an internet wa ooooooo

Good job jere..
Opium4dsoul said…
Cant wait for next season!!
Aww uys thanks soooo much for the support thus far and promise you wont be disappointed next season.

@neefemi.. which movie dd u see?? And thanks have an amazing week too!

@Ms.O r u going to help me write? Lol.. 2weeks ke?

@June... I'm only leaving u hanging for a bit noww!! Take heart my dear!

@B...dum dum dum dummmmmmm!!! (action music)

@Fabulol-a lmao! u think soooo little o Shafz...dont worry... u shall see if ur prediction comes true... lmao @ gadem!

@ Opium! Thanks sooo much! I'm excited too!!
Ene said…
ha! i went to bed too early! i waited and waited anddd waitedddd! no i am like number 500 and something to read :( ok i am gonna read only one line oh one line! so it can last till december :)
Ene said…
ok lemme confess, i wanted to read only one line oh, n then i was like ok maybe one paragraph and before i knew it, i was at the end!! *sigh* ohh shafa!!! why dont these pple exist in real life na! and while I was here i learnt new word "gadem" LMAO! hahaha @fabulous, can I steal ittt??.. dear madam author, your work is AMAZING! pls oh i dey beg beg beg beg dnt make us wait too long for new season, if na cow u want i go kill for u, i go do party anything abeggggggggggg oh pls abeggsss
Maestro said…
This was fantastic. It was totally amazing. I feel like i know everyone of the characters personally.

Ladies....I am Shafa. I will be serious too :P
chioma said…
ahh what an ending! i love it..pls let it be 2 weeks oo, 3 weeks at most.
@Ene.... u triiieeedd! Thanks soo much for the support men! really appreciate it!!

@Maestro... I knew itttt!! Ladies o.. Shafa has started blogging apparently hehhe!

@Chioma.... thanks!!! Dont worry soon enuff!!!
Ene said…
mmmh some pple want to claim shafa..mmmmhhhhhhhhhh
Lady T said…
OMG!!! Does Shafa exist? I want :)
And if he messes her up I will personally haunt him down!

(if he was real of course lol)

Keep up the good work and I look forward to season II
You guys I've found my Shafa!!! Hehehee :)
Ms.O said…
Ehen Olaf child..plzzz inbox me with the gist!!!!
Ene said…
waiiiitttttttttttt u found ur Shafa????? soo jealous!! :P
neefemi said…
saw law abiding citizen - really good - shall be waiting tp hear about your own shafa
Lol... he's a multimedia designer.. around the same height.. I swear met him wayyyy after i stared writing this.

I havent talked to him SINCE then! but yes. I found him. *sigh* Chocolate goodness I tell u!

@neefemi. men that's on my to do list this weekend sha!
Ene said…
Just trying to make us all feel bad, i go burn pessin cable oh because the shafa that exists right now na my grandmama pikin
2nd born's husband :P in all him shocolatey goodnesses Gadeeemmmmmmm
Ms.O said…
looool Interesting!!! ok we will talk on bbm..lool!
Ene said…
Count down to season two!! yay!!!!!!!
Nicole said…
You know what I absolutely HATE about this blog?
I HATE that I will sit here and read 20-something pages without thinking of my need to eat, pee, and quite frankly sleep.
But to get me to read my book for school is a death and dying situation ..

Insult upon injury, now I have reached a point where I must suffer the task of WAITING ..
I agree with Yale, patience is NOT one of my virtues ..
Please, please, PLEASE .. I don't want to have to wait for weekly installments ..
It will be AGONY ...
Ene said…
haha Nicole you are ABSOLUTELY right!!
I mean I havnt waiting on my books like this! if my teacher said oh we will continue next month, i say its ok, i can wait! lol

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