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W19. Psychic

I was smiling, for God knows what reason. This was not a smiling matter. But I was smiling, waiting for Suni to answer this blessing's to earth's question. He raised and eyebrow.

"Suni, he's not a mind reader...." I didn't even look at her. Hehe, not my fault my eyes were occupied.

"I think I'm pregnant." Something in the way she said it made me look at her. She looked defeated. I held her hand. But I also felt maybe I should let her

"Ok..." he dropped his pen in the little holder thing on his pad. "I'm assuming you've taken a home test-" She didn't even wait for him to finish the question.

"It could be false right, there's a..." she hung her head."there's a chance?"

Dr. Arinze was watching her really closely, like I was, he waited until she looked back at him "Let's find out..." he wrote some notes down.

I squeezed Suni's hand and smiled at her. I wanted her to not forget that I'm here. Whether I was to be come an aunty prematurely today or not. Arinze asked a few more questions and summoned the nurse.

The short but long wait to clarity begun.


I had left the room when Suni went to pee and came back. Dr Arinze, in all his glory, had left the room to do whatever it is doctors do when they leave the room.

"Suni, let me wait outside."

"You dey fear too se?" She didn't laugh, but I knew she was trying to lighten the tension.

I hugged her as I left. She didn't argue so I knew she didn't mind being alone for whatever was coming her way.

I didn't go far though, just around the corner so that I could be there when she came out.
I flopped down on the chair, and dropped my bag, letting lose a LONG sigh. This was crazy crazy crazy crazy. Suni? A baby? Mennnnn...

The nurse that attended to us walked by me, she paused.
"She'll be fine" she used her head to nod towards the room Suni was.

"You think?" I wasn't being rude, I just needed the medical assurance.

"Keep an eye on her, she looks like she takes things hard" she gave me a reassuring smile and continued on her way.

Did that mean that Suni was?


I must've been lost in thought because I didn't know Suni had come out until she tapped me. I jumped up. Her eyes where normal. She looked fine. Not happy not sad, just fine.

"So.........?" I bent down to pick up my bag

"You've changed nappy before ba?"

She smiled a very disheartened smiled and turned towards the exit.


"I feel different."

She was facing the window. We were almost back home and she was silent as usual. Me I just did my own part and drove, I wasn't even in the mood to ask questions. Baby? Hia.

"As in?"

"Like, I feel different about this."

"You wanna keep it?"

She smiled...."No.. I don't, but I'm almost scared to find out what Toba's going to say."

I hadn't even thought of the boy. "Wait..if I recall clearly, when you told me about the family situation, you mentioned he wanted to just cut off and start his own family. So.." She looked at me, almost confused "So.. that means this is..he's want this?" I wasn't even sure if I was asking or stating a fact.

"He wants a family, but I'm sure not NOW."

I pulled up into her driveway. De' was sitting outside with mommy. Uh-oh.

"SHHHIIIITTT" Suni, in panic, ducked down.

"SUNI WAHT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, RELAX JO!" I pulled her up with my right hand. What the hell? Such a foolish move, now I'm sure they'd think something was up. "Freak man..." she sat back up , slouched like she was hiding. My God this girl was dense."Suni, you need to remain calm, they are going to be asking questions, we need answers." I slowly parked. "Ok, we went for breakfast, you're distraught about the family problem, it's affecting you. PERIOD. any questions outside the scope of this story shall be answered with 'I don't want to talk about it.' Oya.." I turned off the engine, took a deep breath, copy-pasted my smile and exited the car. Whether Suni was following or not that was her cup of tea.

"Good evening De'" I curtsied "Hey Ma..." I hugged them both. De' hugged me back but er eyes were fixed on, I'm sure it was Suni, behind me.

"Mhmm Yale. You're ok?"

"Yes Aunty, just came to drop Suni" I turned to find out what was taking Suni so long. She was behind me.

"Hello mommy, hello aunty" she mumbled the greeting. Who wouldn't THINK there was something wrong. Gosh.

"Ah ah, Suni, hope all is well you're not looking to good." I had to shake my head, Trust my mom to call out what ever suspicions De' was obviously having.

"Aunty I'm fine, just stressed and tired." At least she remembered the plan.

"Mom we're just going to grab a bite inside for a bit. Are you coming back with me?" Theier stay at the hotel was meant to have expired today.

"Yes, but I'm going back tomorrow.." Oh. This was news.

"Really? So Soon...." Suni used this conversation to escape inside, I didn't miss De's eyes watching her like a hawk.

"Yes now, you think I dont know that I'm inconviniencing you? Don't worry my husband misses me, So I'm going."

I wasn't going to argue with her, but I laughed it off as a joke and made small talk, hoping to God that Suni was recuperating inside, she had better not think that it was done o. De' was just waiting for me to stop talking and leave and I'm sure to attack her. I'd call tonight.

We talked some more and I excused myself to go inside to "grab a bite" aka talk with Suni and prep her for the incoming storm.


"So... what did Arinze advice?" I had entered her room and didnt bother to take off my shoes before sitting on the bed. Was that a blush?

"Before I lament on this situation, and just so you know we are NOT talking about it here..." she stretched her neck towards the door signaling me to be careful. "Walls have ears aka my Mom is like a dog, she can hear my heart beat I'm sure!"

"Ya ya I gorrit...."

"Bottom line is he agrees with you."

"He does?" it was my turn to blush.

"What's doing this one?" she let out a long hiss... see jealousy o.

"Mennnn Suni...that guy is.." words failed me...."he is...heaven sent!! Can i hear an Amen?"

She laughed... as in genuinely laughed. "I wont lie I almost agreeed with him JUST because of his face. Did you see his eyyyeeess??"

I faked a fainting as we both laughed and recaped the beauty of Dr. Arinze. Apparently Suni had another appointment for 2 weeks. If baby was still there. I begged her to keep baby till then JUST so we had reason to see Rinz again. Ofcourse she declined. As I was grovelling more, there was a knock and De' popped her head in.

"Aku, He's here." she said it with so much....heart ache.

Suni almost lifted mood fell right back down.

I waited till De' closed the door and I heard her footsteps fading into teh living. "You gonna tell him?"

"Better now than later abi?"

I nodded in agreement and stood up, getting my things together. "I'll call you tonight."


"Can I telll Shafa...?"

"I can see you two have nothing to talk about that's why you're using me as gist." I opened the door ans we started to make our way to the living room. "Sure.....he's gonna get to know anyways..."

I saw Toba sitting in the living room trying to look relaxed as De' and Mommy stared him down. Well just De', mommy was doing like she was watching tv. "Sup Toba"

"Yale, was good now."

Small talk in the midst pf tension I could cut with a knife. Poor guy.
I summoned mom and we said our goodbyes and headed out the door. De' following suit to her room.


Me and mommy made our way back home. She mentioned her plans for exit back to Nigeria tomorrow and I listened rying to fit the whole thing into my schedule for tomorrow. My boss wouldn't be happy that I had to leave early. But Ah wells... I was nodding at something she said when she another thing that caught my attention big time.

"You know, Hadiza and I are not children. We are mother's" Ah! And.....? I took my eyes off the road for a minute to look at mommy. She was still looking forward. "All these things you as children are experiencing we have either experienced or witness someone experience it before."

"Ok..??Mom... " I let out an uncomfortable laugh. She looked at me then.

"Suni -" she started, in my anxiety to know where this was leading I maybe answered too fast?

"Ehen? What about her?"

"She went to the hospital for what today?"

"Er......." Ye!!! See roadblock ooooo!!!!! "I'm not sure for what, why?"

"You're not sure." she said it so conclusively that I felt she might have an idea. But I die if I sell out before getting nabbed.

"Nope, she's been very secretive lately, I'm just trying to be here for her... with all, the.... the stress and stuff... you know"

Mommy just smiled and shook her head. "Yes, I know..." I looked at her again and from the way she looked back at me I confirmed that she knew. How in world....????


Ms.O said…
hahaha ahh Rinz!! Suni is just a foool! ok let me stop!
neefemi said…
hahahah im not first - cries - ok going to read
enenaija said…
I shall not read this cuz it came tooooo late! beg me ohh beggg meeeeeeeeeeee :P
neefemi said…
Mothers gotta love them....well done....and start back up soon
@ ms.o hahahahahahaha rinnnzzeeehhh!!!

@neefemi, eya! Ur styl my numba one! :)
And I knooow we all know our mothers have psychic powerss!

@ ene pls nowwww plllsssssss!!!!!!! Hehehheheh
enenaija said…
ok fineee I lied.. i read it *hangs head in shame*... mhennnnnnnnn which kain mother hood jazz be this na hw did she knw it was hospital?
Fabulo-la said…
I am telling u!
Toba is going to leave her se...!
@Fab.. lol... ur feeling psychic now se?

@Ene.. mothers KNOW ALL!
chioma said…
Mehn it's true oo u can't hide nything from mothers...i love how she begged suni 2 keep the baby for just two weeks so that she can see rinz again..haha
Ene said…
weeeeekenndddddddd oh umm did u mean weekend as in saturday or sunday?? but any whose its weeeekeenddd!!! yay!!!!! :D
Kendall Ananyi said…
Keep em coming finally found something else to do on the internet apart from useless-tube and fakebook.
Opium4dsoul said…
"copy-pasted my smile" classic!!!

I wonder how this Toba guy is gonna react...abeg dont keep us waiting too long oo? na beg we dey beg oo!!
Ene said…
weekend afternoon don reashhh oo

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