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S2. W19 - We need to Talk

I had booked marked 1 page so far. And that was because I felt I was being too picky. It was called Adonai. I almost didn't find it as it wasn't on the first few pages of the google search term, but somehow for some odd reason I had clicked through 5 ages of google results and somehow Adonai had jumped at me. I loved their slogan. "When there's no where else to go" It was simple but strong. Their website was very simple but I could tell it was professionally done. It wasn't a random person with no experience whatsoever in web design that decided to piece together a site, this was well thought out. Their choice of words, their images...Very marketable.
So far with everything I had read, I was impressed. Felt almost as though there were talking to me specifically. So I had bookmarked it. I was going to marinate on this a bit longer. I needed to anyways. 
My bladder started complaining again. These two creatures wont kill me o! Every time they wan wee wee.  I put m…

S2. W18 - Sticky.

So we stood outside the door. Photo in hand... and shock on our faces. I was numb. No.. no... not numb...I was feeling very besides myself. Yale put her arm around me.. "We are blocking the entrance...lets go the car.." Seems she had come through... well then again it would be easy for her to snap back. She doesn't have two human beings growing inside of her. She led me to the car.
"So....." Suni sat there like a statue her hands limp on her laps. "Suni?" I smacked her hand. "SUNI!"
"Yea...?" her response was so slow. She turned to me... "What?"
"Well....?" My eyes asked the rest of the million questions I had in my head. What was she going to do? How was this going to work out? One is overwhelming but two? like two babies..? Ah.
"Yale... you're asking the wrong person"
"Should we call your mom?"
She looked at me like I had just suggested I run her over with the car. "For what?"

S2. W17 - Alternative Options

I swear I feel my tummy grew overnight. I'm barely over 3 months and I feel like I'm 6 months far along. I struggled to fit into my mini-maternity pants. They were so cute. They were meant to be for mothers between 1 - 3 months. But no not me. I already started missing my pre-preggo frame. My  ultrasound appointment was at 9:30 and it was 9:12. I had ONLY just finished putting on these freaking pants. I looked like a pregnant goat. I was  SOO showing. Like.. forget XXL sweaters or hobo shirts... my FACE alone was a dead giveaway.  Porky.
*Sigh* No time to sulk. I grabbed my keys and dipped. Yale was linking up with me there and we all know how she gets when shes made to wait. We were going to see baby today! She was excited, I was cranky. Tired maybe. But yes... no going late.
"What have I done now?"
"You owe me TIME... we haven't seen since plus I need someone to talk to."

S2. W16 - Making amends...

It was 9pm and neither Yale nor Ronke had texted. I kept having weird daymare that they were having some in depth cousin bonding time and Ronke decided to spill her guts to Yale. I had let my curiosity get the best of me. I was in front of Ronke's place. I texted before walking to the door.
"Wassup, what are you girls up to?" I waited.
*grrr* "Yale is sleeping...I'm doing some homework, wassup ditcher?"
I felt some form of relief. "its not even like that now...have you girls eaten?"
"We are not useless, I'm sure we can organize food if we are hungry. What do you want? Time is Grades..chap chap..." "Can I talk to Yale please?"
"I doubt she wants to speak to you.. and besides, I'm sure I mentioned shes sleeping...?"
"Ronke stop being an ass and hand the phone to my fiance."
She gave a very loud mocking laugh. "Fiance?" she laughed again. "Sorry o.. Mr. Fee-ance!" I heard movement of furnitu…

S2. W15. Ignorance is Bliss II

I didn't call her. Should I have texted? Hopefully she wasn't busy. I rang her bell. What time was it sef? 1 am. Eh she was awake jo. I rang the bell again. My phone also rang at that point. I knew it was Shafa, so I didn't pick. I ignored the call and proceeded to call Ronke. It was creepy standing outside someone's house in the dark at like freaking 1am in the morning. She picked on the 5th ring.
"He-llo?" I guess she was asleep. Not shagging or something gross like that.
"Ronke its Yale, abeg can open your door, I'm outside..."
"Why...?" She must have been fumbling around for a clock because she ranted off..."Dude its flipping 1am!"
"Ehen? Please I'm creeping out here, can you hurry"
"Oh-h-h-h" through her grumbling I heard rustling of sheets. Thank God, she was coming out.
"Sorry... sorry...."
My phone rang immedi…

S2. W14. Ex-Factor

It was a double bed suite. So we weren't FORCED to sleep in the same bed. Which is good you know. Cause you know...ya would've been a bad idea. "That was an amazing evening Arinze!" I know I had already told him that, but just to break the silence, I repeated it.
"Ya it was a good night." He had loosened his bow-tie so he was busy untying his left shoe on one foot. He kicked if off to the side. The other one came shortly after. Well it was safe to say he wasn't the neatest person on earth because he took off the bow-tie and just dropped it on love-seat. He grabbed the remote and plopped down on a bed that I assumed was his since his suitcase was on it and ... ya it was his bed. He patted the space beside him. "Come..." I sat down beside him and he draped his hand over me and continued flipping through guide. "Wanna do a movie?"
"Well if its one to lull me to sleep finally then yes. But then again why pay for something I wont even …

S2 W13. Moving On...

He had fallen asleep on my shoulder. His head was quiet heavy sha.... I peered out the window and tried to make sense of the abstract jumble of clouds. I could see....a pointing hand. Towards... VEGAS! Ha!! I laughed... it must have been out loud because Arinze stirred. Oops. I swear it was before I realized it, but I had reached to stroke his head...Immediately I realized... I stopped. My hand fell back down to my belly. It was hard and I swear bigger than it was...before. It still shocked me sometimes that I was a mother to be. Sometimes I would wake up forgetting that I was pregnant. I really wonder what she would look like. I'm so sure baby's a she. Call it "mother intuition". The air hostess walked down our aisle, I had noticed her preying eyes when we entered the plane ...2-3 hours ago? But I ensured that burning feeling of jealousy was repressed because Arinze was NOT my man. But it does make me burst with pride that he hadn't even given her a second glanc…

S2 W12. Guilty Pleasures

Excerpt via BetaBabe author of "Scribes from underneath the Sheets"
".............What you guys don't seem to understand is that me and BetaButta's relationship cant ever really just.. go away. We literally have to NOT see each other for that to happen. We are forever bound in our physical attraction. That being said... Not seeing each other is quite impossible. The situation is tres sticky.
The thing about undercover loving is that it has to stay underneath the covers... sometimes it gets too explosive to remain there you know.. *giggle*.I know he loves his girl and hell I'll love my man when I find him, but we both know what we got going on beneath those silk sheets can NEVER be replaced... everything that comes after would be...... second to this.
He knows this. I know this. We're good. ..............."
*************************************************************************** "Suni....." I know It was late, she was pregnant, I was excited,…


Hey Inkers, 
This is the first time I'll make  a non Ink post.. but hey. Maybe it might be the last. I just wanted to update y'all on whats happening and  yea... bond with all 35 of you and the many Anonym(i)? lol.
Sooo... I know some of you already want to chop my head because of my lack of timely updates. Well things have been a bit up and down for me. But is it not God? I'm gonna be alllllrraaiighhh!!!!
That being said...Oya! Let us sit down and talk. about we decide a REASONABLE schedule for deliverance. Let us ease Neefemi and Ene them of thier anxiety attacks hahaha (I love u guyss!! Thanks soo much). Please refer to the poll on the side and if you have extra comments just drop em off here... Im also thinking in the event a websiode is not delivered timely. we can just have a "Teaser" session.....I would do an example of a teaser session so you can see what I mean. Basically it wont be REALLY part of the story... but it would still be connected. Its a m…

S2 W11. ...And the rains would come.

I couldn't answer. Couldn't find my voice.It was lost somewhere in the ruckus that was set off in my system.  I was staring at Shafa like he had a third eye.
"Yale?" He gave an uncomfortable short laugh. "Are you going to answer me?"
"Baby....." I took his face in my hands and started laughing. I couldn't stop it. It came right from the pit of my belly and uncontrollably spilled out of my lips. I hugged him so tight!
"I'm assuming you're happy..... and...." I continued laughing hysterically "Yes Yale? You would right?"
I looked at him still in stitches...."Yes babe...Of course!"
"Hahahah! Mhhhmmmnn!!!" He whooped and lifted me into the air in one swoop.
He wants me to be his wife. Im going to be a wife. a WIFE like not a babe o. A woman that is ONE with a man. A man she loves. A freaking lick your lips and have your panties in a bunch looking kinda a man. A that loves ME back. Eno…

S2 W10. The wind WILL Blow before a storm...

I need to get her out of town... just for the weekend. At least until they are gone. I knewww they had to be around soon. Things were too quiet. How am I going to do this now. She wont even see me.
"Toba  is that you?"
I turned around. I had been standing at her door for.... I guess long enough for her to notice me and then confront me.
"Suni....." I drank in the sight of her. She was something else. She had braids now.and they fell down in front of her shoulders down to her breasts... which were visibly bigger. She was wearing a  humongous beige sweater which worked excellently with her complexion. the sweater went ALL the way to her knees... If I knew Suni well she had gained a couple of pounds and wanted to conceal it.
"Toba what are you doing here?" She came out the doorway slightly... in a defensive way. Then she instinctively folded her arms over her belly.  Well she wasn't too pleased to see me that I can tell.
"Suni we need to talk...."I …