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S2. W14. Ex-Factor

It was a double bed suite. So we weren't FORCED to sleep in the same bed. Which is good you know. Cause you know...ya would've been a bad idea. "That was an amazing evening Arinze!" I know I had already told him that, but just to break the silence, I repeated it.

"Ya it was a good night." He had loosened his bow-tie so he was busy untying his left shoe on one foot. He kicked if off to the side. The other one came shortly after. Well it was safe to say he wasn't the neatest person on earth because he took off the bow-tie and just dropped it on love-seat. He grabbed the remote and plopped down on a bed that I assumed was his since his suitcase was on it and ... ya it was his bed. He patted the space beside him. "Come..." I sat down beside him and he draped his hand over me and continued flipping through guide. "Wanna do a movie?"

"Well if its one to lull me to sleep finally then yes. But then again why pay for something I wont even watch"

"True true. Soccer it is." I laughed because I'm sure he expected a protest or something little did he know I was a little soccer head myself. The game excited me, and even more hot men that got excited by the game so heyy... When I didn't protest he picked up "Oh you like soccer???"

"D'uhh....." He nodded in approval.

I stood up to go find my stuff to get ready to pass out. I could already feel the blanket of fatigue looming over my head. If i didn't prep now I would just fall asleep as is.  I had packed VERY normal clothing. T-shirt, sweatpants simple. No bum shorts or extra big tee. I wasn't trying to be sexy here, before they come and say Suni did.... Abeg o! I found my traveling bag and pj's and I headed to the bathroom. You know when you know someone is watching you with the corner of their eye?  And the back of your head starts scratching you? E hen? That's how I felt as I entered the bathroom. I wonder if he thinks Ill come out with lingerie or something movie-ish like that. I giggled at the thought of me coming out in red hot lingerie and fluffy cuffs and saying "Ready for me baby!".

"Share the joke?"

 My hand flew to my mouth. Was the laugh loud? Oops "Errr nothing..."


My blackberry buzzed. Before I even checked I knew it was Q.

"Dnt. hurt. my. phone."

"Answerr mee!!"

"A.m.a.z.i.n.g.! You shud've been."

"But you refused to take me, ur chasing all the ladies. Im the only that can mke you happyy!! lol"

"Lol! Im sure you are. At least Im not trying to shag my fellow doctor!"

"Ohh low blow..."
"Anyways.....tell me everything!"

"Mannn...Q Im tiyuuurrddd... My hands can barely type"

"Are you busy??? Ewww OMG.. you guys are doing it!!!"

"LMAO! ...if I were doing it, I wouldn't be texting you...."

"Not if shes as skilled as me in holding your attention and I highly doubt that."

"Lol, she seems to have skills..." The tap shut off in the washroom.

"Oh no! You've kissed her?"



"HAHA! Relax....... I'm still working my way..."

The door opened and Suni came out. Damn she was fine. She had her hair up in a very high bun.. almost like a unicorn. Her shirt was loose. But I could see the imprint of her nipples. I looked back at her face.  She looked so cute. My phone vibrated.

"I think I'm sleep walking." She collapsed face first into her bed. "When would this never ending fatigue sto-oop?" her words were muffled into the bed cause her face was buried in it.

"You'll get used to it.." she raised her head at that point. My phone vibrated again. Her eyes darted to the phone for a split second.

"Used to it. Meaning technically its never going away."

I smiled sheepishly. She dropped her head back into the bed. My phone vibrated again.
"Might be an emergency."


She sluggishly sat up and pulled the covers back. "Your BB, it might be an emergency." She crawled under.

"Oh no!" I fiddled with it and clicked a few buttons so the red light would stop blinking. I switched it to silent. I didn't even bother reading Q's rant. "Its just my peoples checking on me. They wanna know how the event went etc..."

She was tucked in with the covers up to her chin. "Awww... how cute. All you crackberriens. Always in touch."

"haha, Its not even like that."


We smiled at each other. The silence crept in again. Its weird. I hated AND liked it. 

"What are you thinking?" We were still looking at each other.

"How the silence is weird but nice." She smiled.
"Odd... me too..."

"I guess we are soul mates then. Lets get married."

We both burst out laughing.

She must've fallen asleep when I was in the washroom. Cause when I came out, she was passed out. She hadn't moved an inch from the position she crashed in. Blanket was still at her chin.  I tiptoed to my bed, not that I thought the sound of my feet on the carpeted floor would wake her.  I saw my phone blinking again. I finally decided to read what drama queen was saying.

"Don't work on anything. Make sure shes clean."
"I cant believe I haven't met this girl!"
"What does she look like? Is she as cute as moi? ;)"
"You're ignoring me right?"
"Stop ignoring meeeeeeee"
"Fine don't answer me :("
"I'm going to bed!"

I just had to smile. What in the world...

"Relax tho! I'm here....;)"
"Was in the washroom."

I knew she had seen my msg. It had the little "r" beside it. I crawled into bed and waited for her to answer me. She will. She always does.

"Stupid boy. I said I'm busy."


"I'm serious..."

"I'm sure you can squeeze 5mins to talk to your favorite boy"

"Ya right, but you cant find 1 minuted to answer me. Z, I'm going to bed now."

"Ok ok ok, sorrryyyyyy..."

"Get losttt."

"Honey...Sugar....Tulip.....Sexxyyy for meeeee"

"Lol...shhh your messing up my front"

"K im sorry for real. Wassup with you tho?"

"Now u wanna kno.Oh by the way ur mom, she said call her asap."
"Oh you talked to her? Shoot I should call her... whats happening?"

"You not calling her is wats happening. Her car broke down again."

"Man, I told her to get that car to the garage."

"Z, shes not gonna be running to any garage you kno this. She wants you to help her. and you should.. anyways that aside, call her. Oh guess who I ran into at your moms?"

"Please don't tell me Aunty Felicia was there again??"

"Yupppppp and she was DRUNNKKKKK! Beyond words... gosh I wish you were there to see it. Tooo funny."

"She needs help!"

"No kidding....."

"Hows your lover boy?"

"*rolls eyes* Hes not mine ......yet Lol!"

"Q I have told you to leave the boy alone.He's got a girl."

"I know... but hes sooo finneee...."

"And so are you...Look, I have a couple of friends..."

"Dude.. the last time you tried to hook me up with one of your "Doctor" friends things didnt jump off!"

"Soo Tony was a bad idea..."

"VERY BAD! Ewww.. The thought alone..."

"He's rich...."

"Money cant buy my love."


"How about Shane, the pediatrician?"

"Fire head?"

"Lol...yea the red head. Hes cute no?"

"LOL... Thank God you are not a female. I would've committed suicide from your taste. ER NO! Next!"

"Brandon? Jamaican Nurse?"

"HAHAH your killing me. Me no wan no dread"

"Lol.. you got jokes...."

"Ill find someone. Whos SINGLE."

"Sure buddy. Lol, but until then Im going to get my man."

"Hes not urs Q"

"Oh, just gimme time."

It frustrated me she was trying to break a relationship for selfish reasons. I mean, shes an amazing girl. With exceptional features.She really didn't have to resort to stealing another woman's man.I stifled a yawn. I looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. 2:30am. Man I really need to sleep. I wonder what Suni would wanna do tomorrow. I had a couple of phone meetings in the morning, but we were free right after. I should take her to a movie or something. Hell I haven't been in a theater myself for a while. Last time I went was with Q.

"K Im gonna go to bed..."

"Hope its a different one from heifer."

"Dont call her that."

"Wateva!! *sulk*"
"Why cant I move on like you? I cant find another guy that's better than you. They all fall short. MISERABLY"

Damn. I hated it when she got like this. "You will....I promise."

"Dont make promises you cant keep." I had nothing to say to that.
"Sweet dreams babe. Love you."

"Love u too hun, would call you soon."

"Right. "
"Call your moms."

"For sure."

"Nite. xx"


 My phone rang. Jackie's name showed up.

"Hey wassup?"

"Im bored wanna go grab a drink?"

"Er.....not really."

"Please I'll buy"

 I looked at my watch it was 12:30. Yale wasnt back from "grabbing her stuff". I hadn't called her yet cause I know she was pissed off. But so was I. I was going to wait till 1 to call her and find out if she was coming back.

"Nah I cant tonight Jackie. I'm kinda tied up here. Rain check?"

"Poowee....." she paused for a bit. "Hows Yale?"
"Shes fine....shes fine."

"Ok, see you at work tomorrow then."

"Ok...Nite.. I owe you."


Where was Yale ? I called her. She picked on the first ring. "You coming back?"



"Cause I don't wanna" She sounded detached. I hated when she did that.

"Look Im sorry for snapping at you."

"Its cool, I eavesdropped, I shouldn't have. My bad."

"Can you come back?"

"Shafa, I don't want to. I wont be good company anyways. My moods already left field. I'll come by tomorrow."

"Where are you?"

"Er....on my way to Ronke's"

"For what?" My voice rose a bit. I don't know why.

"Cause I don't wanna stay home alone. Suni's not here."

"Then come here... babe I'm sorry for real."
She sighed. Normally that meant she was coming around. I guess not this time.

"Tomorrow. K I'm there. Would holla later. Love you."

Shit. "Babe..." but she had already dropped.
God knows what trouble Ronke is gonna start this night.


neefemi said…
ehen ehen the good part is coming abi? and interesting that Q and Arinze are friends.... good job still
Gee said…
ahhh it looks like Q and arinze are ex's--am i right--sheeesh some creepy stuvs with this ronke girl o!
jeti its really not fair dat we have to wait 2 weeks tho
but neways patience is a virtue--LOL
sweetness said…
Q and Z aww
i felt like i was watching a movie :)
am gonna start wearing my hair unicorn style now hehe
Oh jeez. 2 week countdown
but jeti its summer now, cant that change?
*puppy face*
Ms.O said…
Aww Q and Z! Olowdow Shafa is afraid, good for him!
Anonymous said…
Firrssstttt offf allllll! i marked my calendar and u were late :(, i wont even ask you to beg me
secondlyyy, Love this! love it love it lovveee itttttt!! so i wont be mad tht you were late
thirdly! when are you going to make arinze and suni kiss? huh? its dragging on and on and onnnnnnnn pweeezeee??? make em kissss
fourthly, we need some exorcism episode for ronkus..
fifthly how are ya :)
sixth of allest all, referr to number thirdly and fourthly
Myne Whitman said…
LOL @Ene..

this is really going well, something to look forward to this summer.
BBB said…
oh yes yes
another post
i loved it
ah see jist dis night
btw ronke and yale
Tisha said…
i like
keep writing
you entertain me
almost like 'the days of our life'
Fabulo-la said…
YEEEEE! Arinze has drama!


@Ene they cant kiss too quickly joo. It wud be just too cliche. lool
Anonymous said…
@Fab - na high hopes mehn, hiiighh hopes.. the suspense drives me nuts! i juss wanna carry the arinze and the suni and pull their lips together n lets see all the fireworks :P
Sugarking said…
Lord have mercy! You should be writing movie scripts babes!!! Raw talent!!!
histreasure said…
loved the dialogue but mehn, that Q berra take time o..Shafa is afraid,nice! but eh, Yale needs to find about abt that her randy coz o
Anonymous said…
Yaaay! Arinzes got issues! Ronke!!! I don't trust her ooo!
@neefemi... welll ofcourse tho!
@Gee. you'll soon find out!
@sweetness thats the feeling we are geearing for! LMAO! unicorn forward men!
@Ms O.. Lolo Olowdo
@Ene... Luff u geh!! ur too funi lol
@Myne yes it would be! Thanks!
@BBB some serious discussions be brewing
@Tisha Thanks girl!
@Fabulola lol possibly!
@Sugarking you're hereeeeee. Thanks!!
@histreature merci merci
@Anonymous Lol.. see how ur happy at his demise!

Thanks guys W15 is looking nice!
Anonymous said…
Definately getting more interesting..him this Q is gonna come and complicate things ooo...
Im late guys.... Sorryyyy (AGAIN)
Will be up asapish!
Anonymous said…
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Is this possible?

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