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S2 W3. Visiting

"I'm here for a 4:30 appointment please" I refused to look the nurse directly in the eye

"Can I have your health card ma'am" I dug it out from my purse and slid it to her. I hear her get at it with the keyboard as I studied a non existent something on the counter top... I felt dizzy. I guess I should have eaten on the train. "Ok....." the typing paused for a moment....I looked up for a bit. "You're all set, shouldn't be long" She slid the card back to me, but I felt her stare boring holes. "Er... are you ok Ma'am?"

"I will be I guess... thanks." I turned around quickly before she could ask any more questions.

Probably too quickly because...... I kinda ran into the floor.


I saw her falling. Just as I was entering, she was collapsing.

"OH SHIT!" I was there faster than  I realized, hopefully …

S2 W2. She's Here...

The old lady sitting opposite me on the train is creeping me out. Given I don't' look too healthy ( I tried to clean up  as best as I could, but for one this bird's nest on my head HAD to go...) but HO-LY.... this is just plain rude!  I didn't know I had lifted my hand to cover my belly until I felt it there. I looked down....I swear I could feel baby getting uncomfortable too by this "let's not blink" game the woman was playing here. I adjusted my sitting position so i angled away from her towards the window. Id rather look at blurring trees than into her criticizing blue eyes. It was just me and her in this seating set... there were about 6 or 7 of us in the  entire coach section, this means she had other  BETTER options for sitting, but no she chose to perch  in front of me and stare me down. SIIIIINNNCEEEE. I looked at my watch, 2:30. Sigh.... 1 more hour. We were scheduled back home for 3:30.... it was about a 20minute ride to the doctors then.... li…