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S2 W7. Confidant

"Someone looks forlorn today..."Jackie sat on my desk and started playing idly with a pen while she waited for my attention. I continued typing. "Shafa..." she poked my busy hand with the pen. I looked at her."Talk to me...."

"Jackie I'm you have the final drafts so I can start modeling?" Didn't mean to snap, but ya.

"Shafa, I have them but that's not the issue. What's eating at you?" she slid down from the table and finally took the seat opposite me."Is it Yale?"

"Why would it be Yale?" My problem with some women is that they like to feel like they knowww...

"Because, you're not easily ruffled. Only someone who has a grip on you can ruffle" she wasn't even smiling when she said that so I knew she wasn't joking. She really believed that. Again she sat, patiently waiting.

Jackie is a very unique person. She's random. Charming. Funny. And shes a looker. I can&…

S2 W6. Blind-ISH Date

My phone was ringing. Off the chain.
I had the mind to ignore it.....


"Shafa?..."Female voice.... too high pitched for recognition. I looked at the screen of my phone to see if I recognized the number, it said unknown.

"Ya waddup?.... Who's this?"

"Shafa... its Ronke."In-tresting. Shoulda listened to my instinct.

"Yo wassup you aii?" Not that I really cared. But she WAS calling at an odd hour.

"No not really.... I'm a bit.. stran....ded...?"she broke down the last word like she wasn't sure she should use it. Cause it sounds dodgy? Yes Ronke, it sounds VERY dodgy.

"O....k...?" I broke it down in a similar manner..."So...??" ugh I better give the girl a break. I'm too washed out to play the role of asshole."Ok where are you?"


"What in the world-" that was almost outta town.

"I know I know... Its a long story I'd tell you when....…

S2 W5. These are my....

Curiosity kills the cat.

That was all that was on my mind as I parked my car and walked into Stanley's, eyes searching for A-hole. Unfortunately, he is a good looking brother. And he dresses sharp. And my eyes by default spot people like this in a heart beat. So. He wasn't hard to find.

I walked up to him.

"I took the liberty of ordering you a brownie and hot chocolate"

Damn him for being acquainted with a best friend of mine, consequently knowing my weaknesses. I mumbled a thank you. That didn't stop me though from saying a quick  sanctification prayer.... lest we forget we are sitting across from cult boy o. Plus God minus satan. I dove in.

"So....."I finally looked up to take a good look at him. He looked worn out. He had coarse but FULL African kind of hair, so I could tell he had ran his hands a couple of times over it cause of how rough it looked. It wasn't a bad look.Come to think of it.....

" the way thanks for showing up." He ru…

S2 W4. Selfish

He had come for only 10 minutes. But he had come. *sighh* I feel good. So good I had eaten that CRAP this hospital calls food, just so I could have energy for when he came in today. He said he was gonna come by today. He never really said a time though, but whatever, he's going to come. I didnt know I had raised my hand to fix my hair until I felt my hand running and patting the nest down. I looked at the clock. 9:30am. Hmn...

The nurse came in.

"Good Morning Miss Bello." She was a round chirpy lady. Bright red hair and offensively red lipstick. Her tag read....I squinted a bit...I think it read Lisette. Or something.

"Morning...." I smiled and sat up.

"You seem better this morning" she was checking the IV beside me, the machine readings, for baby I figure, etc. I wonder if she REALLY gave a shit about  how I felt this morning or if it was just idle talk while she poked around me.

"I AM better"

"That's good, that's good...." she …