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S2 W6. Blind-ISH Date

My phone was ringing. Off the chain.
I had the mind to ignore it.....


"Shafa?..." Female voice.... too high pitched for recognition. I looked at the screen of my phone to see if I recognized the number, it said unknown.

"Ya waddup?.... Who's this?"

"Shafa... its Ronke." In-tresting. Shoulda listened to my instinct.

"Yo wassup you aii?" Not that I really cared. But she WAS calling at an odd hour.

"No not really.... I'm a bit.. stran....ded...?" she broke down the last word like she wasn't sure she should use it. Cause it sounds dodgy? Yes Ronke, it sounds VERY dodgy.

"O....k...?" I broke it down in a similar manner..."So...??" ugh I better give the girl a break. I'm too washed out to play the role of asshole."Ok where are you?"


"What in the world-" that was almost outta town.

"I know I know... Its a long story I'd tell you when....'re able to get me. Shafa please I'm begging you... Its cold, dark and ....there are shady guys walking around please. "

Uggghhhhhhh! "Gimme 30...." I had already started getting out of bed. "Please dont get kidnapped before I get there. Where in Yorkshire?"

She gave an excited shriek "Thank you thank you thank you! I love you for this one...." Sure Ronke. "I'm at the Esso gas station on.." there was a pause. I figured she was getting her location. I wore my sneakers. "On Belfast and Eden"

"Ok.. see you."

She literally ran into the car.

"Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!" She let out a relieved sigh. "Shafa Johnson!" she paused for a breath and turned to me. I just shook my head. Drama Queen. Everything is soo EXTRA. "You???" Ehen? Me... "You just saved my life. Thank you...!!!!"

"You owe me Ronke.." man.. I shouldn't have said that, babe might take it the wrong -

"Of course Shafa... I hate debts." she smiled in an evil way. "So I pay them back quite....quickly." Uh oh.

"Where are you heading?"


I made a U turn and started making our way back into town. I knew she was watching me.
"Is there a problem?"

"Not even... " she smirked then turned to look out the window....I glanced at her.

See, the thing here is, Ronke is a VERY attractive girl. Ass, check. Titties, check, Skin tone, Damn. Hair n make up always on point iLke the girl was well put together. She matured quite early because lest I forget the babe is not even 23 yet. But shes a fire cracker this one all mixed with insanity...she WILL harm a brother. Which is why I know alarms are sounding because this was a very dumb move. I shouldn't have come to pick her. Plus she can be very... what word can I use now... manipulating? in a non manipulative manner. You would just not know when you end up in a very compromising position with her. She jumped like she remembered something

"Yes o! Hmnnn!!! What happened to meeee" again, Drama queen in Full effect. She was kinda cute though when she did all her antics. "Sooo-oooo My friend Mallorie calls me to go out with her tonite to a house party in Yorkshire, She was gonna give me a ride, buy my booze, she was catering to ME tonight.. so of course SCHUUUPIIDD Ronke prances along all spazzed out for a night of mayhem only to get to this God forsaken part of town" she jabbed her hands in the air gesturing at the area..."and the bitch stands me up to run off with some Indian Boy!" she opens her mouth like "Oh My God"...

I front surprise. "Are you for real?? A ya!..." I really didst sympathize with her. Buu-uutt,  I did empathize with a waste of such a nice ensemble...she looked good though I must say...

"Like-eeee the boy wasnt even fine!!! Uh NEVER again.!!" she clucked her tongue and smacked her hands.

"Sorry oh, next time you'll stay home and be a good student." I wasn't even joking.

She punched my arm and giggled like I was joking. "You're not serious..." She adjusted her seat like she was uncomfortable...."Can you turn down the heat please...." she made a face showing her discomfort then started shrugging out of her jacket.

'Ronke its -15 outside......" 

"And its 35 degrees in here, I know your Nigerian but Damn! Me Im a posh babe o, I dont like heat......." I turned it down a bit "...except of course in the right context."

Play if off Shafa. "Sure Ronke... aje pako like you? I doubt it. You must be freezing your ass off in that outfit..." I made the mistake of turning to confirm the outfit she was wearing. Shit. This Jazabel had on a see through blouse...............................*gulp* "You gotta be cold. Dont be fronting there that your ajebota and come and catch cold tomorrow oh"

"I'll be fine Shafa...." She giggled my name like som'n was funny.  Her voice had toned down...wasn't high pitched any more............borderline husky.

I focused on the white striped on the road as they zoomed by, Better than thinking of the woman beside me in my vehicle at this ungodly hour. I turned up the music to get rid of the awkward silence..."Lovers and Friends" just happened to be the sound track.I dont know why I was uncomfortable with this. I flipped the CD...CD 3, some Tupac. That should be good.

We were driving in silence and my mind was finally wandering away into nothingness as we started entering the city well.

"I'm attracted to you."

"Whoa..." that came from. no where.

"I know....I'm bad right?" rhetorical question there.... "Like my own cousin's man...................." We were getting to her street. "Turn right at the light...."

"I know...."

"You still remember where my house is....?" sounded like a trick question. I ignored the question and made the turn weaving my way through the one way roads to finally get to her house. She had been watching to see if I'd make a wrong turn, I almost made one just so I won't look like a I kept directions to her house for any specific reason.......................................................... 

"Wow Shafa... Impressive." I smiled at her and slowed down to a stop in front of her house.... "Thanks a million Shafs... I owe u................"

"Don't even worry about it." See? God... I turned her down o!!

"No.. I insist ...." She started wearing her coat and while she stretched to get her arms into the sleeves, her chest pressed hard against her shirt and .....freaking babe.. She's cold......Or....turned on. Either way her body was responding to - 

"I'll make you lunch."

"Huh?" I was lost.

"Lunch... Food.. I'll make it for you...?" She was smiling cause she knew I had seen. Damn this girl. I REALLY need to keep away from her.Especially during the night........Winch.

"Don't bother Ronke, I wanna live to see my kids ehn?"

She put her hand to her chest like she was insulted. "I'll surprise you." She gave a half laugh and in flash speed she leaned forward and pecked me on the cheek. "Thanks Shafa...really appreciate this!" And she was out the car. Like nothing happened.

What in the world...? Did I.....Why do I feel like I just cheated on Yale?


sweetness said…

***this Ronke chic had better mind herself
feeling like a big deal
hmm fine Shafa
okay oh..
dat was one fone call u shudnt have picked

nd what does that i`ll surprise u mean
Ronke is acting very mercy johnsonish

loved it!
Ms.O said…
YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! from were to were??!?! I knew this Ronke was bad news!!! Awww Shafa such a!
Funmi said…
YAY! New episode!

LMAO at sweetness calling Ronke Mercy Johnsonsish... I guess I'm not the only one who saw the movie where she was a bisexual househelp wrecking her oga's marriage... Too funny!

But meeeeen... Ronkus Ronkus! You no try o! Like my mum would say, "I reject it!"... Really don't want Shafa to fall... Intrigues... OK I am officially hooked (nicer word for addicted).
Myne Whitman said…
Shafa my guy! I'm glad he didn't succumb. But that Ronke girl, I wonder if she'll be coming on again? Bad girl, LOL
neefemi said…
lol - Amen to self restraint - i love you Shafa
Anonymous said…
yay!!!! these episodes r coming up in goooood time!! :)
Myzz D said…
curious to know where this is going......please hurry:)
honey91 said…
lol..ill just pity ronke and assume the drinks had gotten into her head!
LMAO! U guys are just making me laugh here. Sweetness ur jsut not serious Mercy Johnson-ISH! lmao!

All u Shafa fans! *sigh* W7 Coming up shortly.
MsNawlinz said…
Mayyynnneee keep'em coming pls.Def spent my entire day catching up on this and it was not a waste of tym! Jolaf!! notin do u!
(will def b spreadin the word out)
Anonymous said…
i was thinking ini edoish, but messy johnsonish is soo right! hia this pikin na devil pikin o.. write a mountain of fire deliverance chapter for her and toba abeg, before she comes and corrupt our shafaness
vanchi said…
ahh wat kind of cousin is Ronke..hmm me no like o. I really like how ur writing it from their different point of views. nice
Nawlinzz!! Im glad i've hooked you.. means progress is being made o! Thanks!

Ene... LMAO.. ini edo too has veryyyy ronke like tendencies, abi is it the other way around. U guys shud give Ronkus a CHENCE!!

@Vanchi... yup yup yup.. have a twist every now n then u know...
soliloquy said…
Oh wow.... we get Shafa's point of view. NICE!!!

Ah, this Ronke is seriously a Jezebel!!! Sheesh!
shafa is an ashawo and i know he is going to bang this chick

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