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S2 W5. These are my....

Curiosity kills the cat.

That was all that was on my mind as I parked my car and walked into Stanley's, eyes searching for A-hole. Unfortunately, he is a good looking brother. And he dresses sharp. And my eyes by default spot people like this in a heart beat. So. He wasn't hard to find.

I walked up to him.

"I took the liberty of ordering you a brownie and hot chocolate"

Damn him for being acquainted with a best friend of mine, consequently knowing my weaknesses. I mumbled a thank you. That didn't stop me though from saying a quick  sanctification prayer.... lest we forget we are sitting across from cult boy o. Plus God minus satan. I dove in.

"So....." I finally looked up to take a good look at him. He looked worn out. He had coarse but FULL African kind of hair, so I could tell he had ran his hands a couple of times over it cause of how rough it looked. It wasn't a bad look.Come to think of it.....

" the way thanks for showing up." He rubbed his hands against his pants like he was nervous or something. "I was thinking I was going to have to give your food to charity."

Small talk. Small talk. No time. "Toba, what is going on?" meaning. Tell me EVERYTHING. From second ONE! Now!

He didn't waste time. Sharp boy. "I was initiated into my dad's secret society when I was 15." He paused for effect. Like this was news to me...

"Er...I know...." Me maa I flexed small muscle and continued eating my brownie like this was stale gist, WHICH it was. If he was surprised he masked it well.

"I figured....." He gave me a suspicious look "Who told you?"

"Does it matter....? Just sha understand some of us know you're not....." I refused to finish my sentence.

He just smiled at the silent insult and continued. "Anyways...I wasn't really sure what was going on, but all I knew is, apparently I was becoming a man, and this was how the process was. Shocking, Painful, but VERY fruitful." he paused. "In the short term that is. I went to accepted for Business Admin. Well... I kind of paid my way into school, but that's little details. " So the point of all this information is......?? As if he heard my thoughts. "Point is that, I probably wasn't supposed to be in school, but Money paired with the fact I was a legit and the youngest member of Olode* (Read S1, W4 for more) which is the name  of the..."

"Again... all this is fluff gist..."

"Oh." He sat back again.

"Ok let me help you here in telling me what I DON'T know." I had demolished the brownie and was energized now. "Toba, why is Suni's getting rid of this baby SO important to you?"

He took a deep breath and rubbed his hands through his hard and over his face. Yes Toba this is a freaking interrogation.

"The baby is my first seed." he said the last part with animated quotations. "Technically, my first seed is for Olode. This is my payment for the security, wealth, good health blah blah that has been given to me for the last 15 years and is meant to secure the same for the next ..... however long.  The deal was... my first seed  or me."

"But........ are you STILL a cultist?"



"Yale, its a bit more complicated than that. I cannot just opt out of a cult. Out of THIS cult. I'm going to either have to give Suni up.... because she is the closest person to me. Or......they take her any ways... along with the baby because I broke the deal."

"I thought you said it was baby or you... how does Suni now become  collateral for your stupidity now?"

"Suni is the love of my life Yale.... " He said it like D'uhhh...He waited for that to marinate for a bit....It was..... but I still had questions

" does killing the baby solve your problem. The way your talking this your group knows how to getchu...."

"If the baby dies BEFOOREE it is due.... Then all I have to do is give up all my wealth. I mean EVERYTHING. And they make me..... sterile." It was like he choked on the word.

Ah Ah.. this thing wasn't joining well in my head.

"The baby is not dying Toba. You're MURDERING it. I'm sure your devil friends would know the difference"

"Not even Yale.....not even." He sat forward again like he was about to make his selling pitch. "Yale, the riches, the wealth mean NOTHING ...-"

"And your future "children"".. I used my eyes to point at his crotch.

"Well..... I would give that up to save Suni.." He looked me directly in  the eye... and I... I believed him. For that moment. "Yale if she keeps this baby, they will take the baby AND her. I am 100% and MORE sure of that. They would want to get back at me for playing them.. these guys are blood thirsty, before they finish me off, they will make sure I suffer..... Suni is the only way they can make me suffer." This wasn't making sense, but it was making sense at the same time.

"So you want to kill baby so you and Suni can live.....?"

"And be free from this nonsense."

"They won't bother you after that?"

"After I say what happened to the baby, I'd give up everything I have and go back for cleansing - "


"Taking of my sperm Yale."

"Oh." He shook his head like I was dumb. Well Sorry I'm not with the latest cult terms!!!

"....and we will be done with all that." He sat back. again.....and ran his hands over his face and hair.

"So why tell me all this?"

"So you can understand the danger Suni is in if she keeps the baby and maybe.... you can convince her other wise."

"So you want me to go back and tell my best friend to KILL her FIRST baby because her boyfriend was STUPID enough to join a cult and now has put her in danger ? So to appease the angered cult leaders we have to literally RUIN her life?" after I stated it like that it seemed so STUPID. "You are on drugs Toba." I finished my hot chocolate. "Cheap CHEAP ones." I looked around for my bag.

"Wait Yale..."

"Wait for WHAT? You must be fucking kidding me. Like seriously Toba. What kind of selfishness is that?"

"And your being unselfish by not even AT LEAST trying to save Suni?" Oh.... Oh.... he was going to play dirty like that. "Do you believe what Ive told you?"

"Quite frankly no. I think its a pack of shit."

"So you're waiting until she disappears or turns up dead before you get it?"


"No.... seriously. You've come here Im quite sure with a preconceived idea that Ive come to lie to you or makeup fairy tales, so you wrote me off already. I love Suni, Yale.... I don't know about you"

"I love Suni!-"

"Then tell her....convince her."

I let out a frustrated sigh. This boy....... THIS BOY...!

"How do you intend on "staging" this murder.... " because that sounded VERY sketchy to the random eavesdropper I added "of an abortion."

"Leave that to me. But just convince Suni, Yale... make her listen to me..... Please.... I ... I need her to be safe. Not to be dragged into this."

"Well you've already done the opposite of all that genius." I looked around for my bag. Picked it up. "thanks for the snacks" I stood up. "I'll tell her everything you've said, not because I believe you or I think you're right, but because I'm scared stiff for her saftey. "

He stood up too "Thank-"

"Wait o..... understand NOW!!" I held my ear to emphasize that he listen CAREFULLY."  am NOT going to try to convince her to do anything as absurd and as heartless as killing her own child. You hear?" he didn't answer me. "Toba Anuti do you understand?"


"If she calls you back lucky you. If she doesn't................." I don't even know.... "I don't know. But please.... dont contact me again. I'm not up for spooky stories every-time I hear from you. Seriously Toba. Please leave me alone. I want to live to see my grand children. Ehn? Please...." I put on my jacket. All the while he watched me not saying anything. He looked....frustrated. I had some balls insulting this guy like this o, image he just changed me to yam now. Ah...its time to go o. I finished buttoning up my coat. I gave a fake smile. "Take care."

I walked out. The hairs on the back of my neck standing from the RUBBISH he had just told me and because something was just not joining with this whole tales by moonlight ish.  Plus I know the creep was watching me.

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sweetness said…
this is my best webisode this season!
mr cultmaster
all these fine3 guys r always too gud to be true ehn?
i can sooooo see u acting as Yale if this is made into movie
poor Suni, this is sooo sad
this is getting so interesting!
neefemi said…
jeez im not first men - ok back to read
neefemi said…
hmmm....sounds believable i don't know why Yale won't believe - the only difference is that i am Christian so will plead the blood of Jesus, cos otherwise it seems like the best way for them to resolve the issue - plus they can adopt jo
Myne Whitman said…
OMG, I'm alsoo tempted not to believe like Yale. Like for reals? This is scary.
Anonymous said…
but good!!
i like!!
@sweetness my spiltink boys are too bad se? Lol.. I hope you've voted for your best character!

@neefemi! someones taking your spot o! LMAO Ur response killed me... adoption solves everything!

@Myne the story is sketchy ba??

@Welcome Anonym!!

Thanks guys...please tell a friend and don forget to vote! W6 Is already in works. See Im working Im working!
Ms.O said…
Olaf do you know about all these cult things!! I am HaFraid of you!!..LMAO!! I love it, poor who you date y'all!!
honey91 said…
that was a long ride...from begining to this episode in one night!

ok, im scared..but placed in suni's shoes, i certainly wont buy this BS..
besides, isnt she too far gone for an abortion?!

first time here...absolutely lovely!
kay9 said…
Hmm, juicy! I think i'll even stay around for thirds!
Ene said…
i was expecting this jan 19th!! its earlyyyy :) :) :) ok ok so next episode, jan 19th?
@Ene... Im changing for the beetter! hehehe! Might even come earlier....

@kay9 thats what we want o!

@honey91... Ahhhh everything? One night?? U tried o! heheh... Well shes getting to a point where by having an abortion might be risky...

@Ms O... that my friend is a the message. Because say im be fine boy doesn't mean he's.. all there... Please ladies...AND MEN... reallly really know who you claim to be dating.
they should go to mountain of fire for deliverance. jae put a deliverance angle into this. it will be hilarious.
lmao!! @juneolive.. JAASSSS for u!
Funmi said…
Oh my days... I just found this blog and I practically devoured the whole thing from A to Z in one night... This must be the latest addiction to rival that contraption they call a crackberry... LOL... Shafa reminds me of someone as well ;) All in all, I love this... Can't wait for the next one...
Anonymous said…
ha! asante baba oH!! change has come to spilt ink LOL!! shei we are going to have mountain of fire clip in here? chei put it oh! :)
soliloquy said…
Lool... "Plus God minus Jesus". Love it!!!

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