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W14. Sometimes Sweet Mother

I think I blacked out.

No I didn't black out... I.. tuned out. I swear all I was seeing was Suni's mouth saying something, Mommy just staring, De' just looking torn.

What sort of...of...of....hiss. Wo.... I'm too young for heart attack

"Well Suni your mother has to sit down now, so....."
Mommy trailed off, what was she even saying sef? Like ok De' has to sit down, but WHERE? I doubt the woman can handle sitting next to the man that supposedly murdered her husbands brother. Like this is some real.... bastardized pack of nonsense.

Toba finally snapped out of his own shock... me I was still dulling in mine.
"Please excuse me..." Yes Toba, smart move you dumb ass, leave your poor supposedly fiance to deal with what to do with her mother, where is the bofun running to now?

Suni looked lost too. "Mommy come and seat down please..." she took her mothers hands and started her towards the kitchen. See error.

"AKUSUNI O!!!!HEW!" De' broke…

W13. Moment of Truth

"So... what you are trying to tell me here Mr.." I had to squint to see the name on his tag "...Mr Seth, is that I have to pay you $400 extra just to upgrade from the 2 single rooms to the 2 bedroom suite? You have to be kidding me!"

"Ma'am the suite you're requesting for is a luxuriou-"

"Luxurious my ass! I know the suite your talking about so don't tell me its luxurious! That small place?" The hiss I let loose ehn, even I felt bad! "See Mr Seth, I'm a valued customer here, Look up my name , Miss Y. Dairo, so I expect to receive a proper discount."

The boy looked scared, he was young couldn't be more than 19. "Ma'am the best I can do for you is offer you the referral discount of $50 off, but you would have to give me details on the referrer..." I was insulted, $50 off a grand is still a grand to me sha! Obviously this boy didn't know who he was messing with.

"Look is Robert around?" He l…

W12. Silence

"Suni...." my heart was racing. "Its you..." Whew!
She was standing at the door with the blanket wrapped around her like ojuju.

"Yes, it's me...." she yawned and shuffled towards the bed. "What are you looking for...?" She flopped down on the bed with the blanket completely covering her from head to toe. I abruptly turned around to stare at the black bag again.What the hell was that?

"Suni.... what the HELL is this? And why the HELL is it stashed at the back of your drawer?" I was pointing at the bag.

Suni lifted her head small and peaked through the covers. "I can't see what you're pointing at, move" I moved, still pointing.

She must've still not seen what I was looking at clearly because she sat up and removed the covers from over her head. I was still waiting for my answer.

"I dunno o..." she furrowed her eyebrows. "Did you open it to check? Maybe old jewellry or some-"

"Akusuni, there is…

W11. Skeletons in the closet.

Men. Suni is really making my life interesting sha.

"Are you kidding me??"

"Nooo..." she started whimpering again and I knew the tears would start running again. So I hugged her. I needed time for this one to marinate. As Suni was bawling, I was thinking.

I know how grimy and dangerous Nigerian politics can get so this whole idea of Toba's dad being responsible for Suni uncle's death was really not far fetched. An I'm sorry, not that I'm being biased or anything, but Ronke planted enough reason in my subconscious for me to even believe this jara. Now the question is, so if Toba is a cult boy, or even better still, the son of a cult boy. Why is Suni still hanging around? What is holding her there? From what she has told me, she KNOWS his involvement and yet she still stays. Another reason for me to believe even more this Olode Boy's effect. Suni, on a normal day, or in this case, a normal 6-months, is usually rational. She's a practical woman, …

W10. Family Feuds

I know I'm being too uptight about this, but I really all of a sudden felt very uncomfortable telling Shafa this gist.

"Nothing much, she just kept on saying over and over again how it was a bad idea...." I averted my gaze... "I just found it weird you know..." I found solace behind my glass of water.

"Really." He sat back and studied me, he sounded and looked very sarcastic. I guess I wasn't selling my story well.

We were silent for a minute, me thinking on my sudden change of mind in telling and Shafa watching me like he was wondering why I wasn't telling him something.

He said it so loud, I kind of jumped. "Ah... sorry oh!"

"You hit the table noww!"

"I guess we are going to be playing cat and mouse on this subject forever if I let you, but here's the deal. I.." he paused for emphasis as he pointed to himself "...personally think it IS weird that they are trying to get hitched so fast, are yo…

W9. Hot-Cold-Hot

"Shha-a-afffaaaaaaaaaa" her voice pierced through the phone once he picked up. She sounded distressed. He gave me the "just a minute" finger and turned to walk in the other direction, the direction of my room.

"Jackie what is it?" It irritated me to hear small concern in his voice. I walked back into the living room. I kind of felt better. From this evening that is. Unfortunately, Shafa's visit was/is the reason.

Ugghhhh! What kind of nonsense is this now. Life was so much simpler this past few months when I didn't have to deal with emotions like jealousy. Shit eats at you man. I pick up his glass and coaster and made my way back to the kitchen to drop it off. The walls of my house are thin enough for me to hear Shafa's voice in the hallway on the other side. So he didn't enter my room....I smile.

"Wow, Jackie that's screwed up.." there was a pause, I guess he was listening to her reply. " Word should naturally have auto …