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W12. Silence

"Suni...." my heart was racing. "Its you..." Whew!
She was standing at the door with the blanket wrapped around her like ojuju.

"Yes, it's me...." she yawned and shuffled towards the bed. "What are you looking for...?" She flopped down on the bed with the blanket completely covering her from head to toe. I abruptly turned around to stare at the black bag again.What the hell was that?

"Suni.... what the HELL is this? And why the HELL is it stashed at the back of your drawer?" I was pointing at the bag.

Suni lifted her head small and peaked through the covers. "I can't see what you're pointing at, move" I moved, still pointing.

She must've still not seen what I was looking at clearly because she sat up and removed the covers from over her head. I was still waiting for my answer.

"I dunno o..." she furrowed her eyebrows. "Did you open it to check? Maybe old jewellry or some-"

"Akusuni, there is NO WAY I am touching that, it looks...." I stared at the bag again and shivered..." it looks very dodgy"

She rolled her eyes..." It's probably jewlwlly.." She got up fro the bed and walked over to where I was..."What you think it's juju..." hisssssss. She reached out to pick it up and ou of reflex I slapped her hand. "Ouuuccchhhh!!!"

"Don't touch it, if you cannot remember what it is......"

"Oh please Yale!" She slapped me back, out of spite.

"I'm telling you YOU know what is inside???"

"No... I can't remember....hence why I want to CHECK?"

"Can you remember putting it there?"

"No....again...another reason to ch-"

"Where did you even get black leda from?"

"Yale." She gave me a stern look and the warning finger."Please move jo"In the process of stopping her from touching this bag I had jumped in front of her.

"No..Suni.. dont touch that ish man! for real...."

"If I sound you ehn..." She reached under my shoulder and grabbed the bag. "It feels like stones..." She had already started unravelling the ribbon.

"Why the hell is the ribbon red????" That's the thing that really bothered me. Who ties leda bag with ribbon? Red one for that matter.

"Maybe I had no other color of string left"


She was having problem unravelling the ribbon, so she now wanted to use her teeth to untie what ever knot she encountered. I lounged to slap her mouth!

"Are you on crack????? You don't even know what is inside and you want to use you're mouth!"

The door bell rang.

She dropped the black bag and stood up to go and answer the door like it was normal.

"It's not even 6am!" I watched her in astonishment! She just rolled her eyes at me and made her way to the door. "It's Toba jo... relax yourself"

"Wait...wait...." She turned around impatiently.


"Er...." She gave me the "I'm waiting" look. "Er... you guys should just stay in the living room, I want to start getting ready for work. You know so showering and all..."

"Sure..." she turned and quickly headed for the door because Toba rang the bell again.

I quickly found a pair of slippers and picked up the bag from the bed. Straight to the dozbin.
I was really curious to know what was inside though, but my fear that it was what I thought it was was stronger than my curiosity.

I heard Toba's voice through the door and quickly entered Suni's bathroom to start getting ready for the day.


"They were just precious stones Yale"

It was after work and I had come back to get my stuff. Suni was home, Toba was out and I was in a rush.

"So you went rummaging through the garbage to find it?" I didn't even wait for her to answer "It's alright. stones from WHERE?"

"I don't really know, but they were nice sha." She continued stirring the pasta she was preparing. I had gathered my stuff and was now really just waiting for her to finish this food so I could back some home. Cooking was on a long thing tonight. "Toba didn't like them though..." that caught my attention. "Said they were one kind..." she gave me the "can you believe that" look.
Yes o, I can believe it VERY much Suni. I can soo believe it.

"Na wa o, but I just don't understand why "precious stones" would be tied in black leda bag with red ribbon then now HIDDEN at the back of a drawer you OBVIOUSLY don't even look into." Suni laughed, I didn't. " Very sketchy to me sha."

"I shouldn't have told you about the Toba family story, you're all spooked out now. Everything is sketchy to you" She took the pot off the cooker I got the strainer ready.

"Suni, do you SERIOUSLY think Toba is like.. not involved in anything shady? Like He's really not a cult boy because, I won't lie I find it weird that you120% believe that he's not..." I used my free hand to gesticulate.

She literally banged the pot on the counter and looked at me.

"You're not marrying him Yale. You haven't been in a relationship with him, you don't know him. " Ah! sorry o....."Like stop all this I'm tired. I just need to find a way to get my parents not to disown me. I'm past all this 'is Toba right for me'!" she walked out.


I strained the pasta and packed some with some stew. Washed the dishes. Turned off the lights and let myself out.

This thing don dey begin to tiya me sef.


"Mommy, I'm in no position to tell Suni what she can and cannot do, I am not her mother."

My mom had called to give me wahala about this Suni trouble. Apparently her mom had vented to her an was expecting something to be done. This is what I don't understand. People misconstrue the power of friendships or the complexity of it. Or maybe it's just me who doesn't understand how to work them. I mean, I love Suni like a sister but there is only so much I can do. This is not just a simple thing like buying a car or choosing a university to go to. This is marriage. You don't want to ruin someones life because of something.

"Yes you can o, Yes you can! Ozime you know you can do something. That boy she is about to marry is disaster."

"I know -"

"And you just stand there and watch?"

"I cannot- I've tried- I am TRYING to get Suni to reconsider her decision mommy, believe me. It's not easy"

We had been going back and forth on my effort to change Suni's mind and its possibility for the past one hour.

"Anyways De'Hadiza" Suni's mom liked to be called De'Hadiza instead of aunt Hadiza or just plain Hadiza "and I are planning on coming down this weekend"

"Whoa...! Really?"

"Yes o! Ozime these things require more than simple talk on the phone."

"I dunno o mom....I don't think Suni is ready to face her folks"

"Who is asking for her readiness?" she hissed loudly. "Anyways here is the plan. I need you to reserve 2 rooms at a hotel for us tommorow. I will send you the itinerary now -"

"You bought the ticket already?"

"Look at you? We have to act fast here! Reserve those rooms and don't BREATHE a word about us coming. Akusuni cannot know of our plans."

"Woow you are putting me in a very tight situation here mom..."

"Helping a friend the right way always puts you in a bind, the real challenge is accepting the bind. Ozime De'Hadiza is in a horrible state now with this news of Akunsuni. As a friend to her, I cannot let this happen. I can only imagine if the situation was ours. I would expect her to do the same. Telling Suni right now is dangerous. She seems to have the tendency to elope. That will just kill her parents. So please help us ok?"

This was very rough..... very rough.

"Yes mom..."

"See you soon ehn?"


"See you soon. God bless"

And she clicked off.

See me thnking things were hot...Hmm! With this now, things are about to get intense!!!!!


gray smiles said…
finally!!! i have been checking every hour for almost a week. it keeps getting better
Anonymous said…
erhn...n the drama is about to unfold...hurry and give us 13 o..:)
Anonymous said…
yooooooooo!!! FINALLY I was about to start protesting and forming a coup in regards to the missing new episodes o jare!! Now this is worth the wait!!! Hmmmmmm "precious stones"!!! that gel has been jujufied!!! She better RUN!! Im soooo glad the parentals are coming in town!! trust naija parents!!

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