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W9. Hot-Cold-Hot

"Shha-a-afffaaaaaaaaaa" her voice pierced through the phone once he picked up. She sounded distressed. He gave me the "just a minute" finger and turned to walk in the other direction, the direction of my room.

"Jackie what is it?" It irritated me to hear small concern in his voice. I walked back into the living room. I kind of felt better. From this evening that is. Unfortunately, Shafa's visit was/is the reason.

Ugghhhh! What kind of nonsense is this now. Life was so much simpler this past few months when I didn't have to deal with emotions like jealousy. Shit eats at you man. I pick up his glass and coaster and made my way back to the kitchen to drop it off. The walls of my house are thin enough for me to hear Shafa's voice in the hallway on the other side. So he didn't enter my room....I smile.

"Wow, Jackie that's screwed up.." there was a pause, I guess he was listening to her reply. " Word should naturally have auto recovery. It's weird that it didn't work for you..."

I'm no psychic, but I already knew the issue and I'm no fortune teller, but I already knew what was going to happen. Shafa was going to have to go her house, or wherever the hell she was. I mean, if that wasn't the plan she wouldn't be "Shafaaaa"ing like Shafa is her personal computer fixer. Ugh! Women.

I turned to face the sink again and rinse out his cup so I could put it in the dishwasher. Then it occurred to me that that was just plain laziness, so I washed it.

"Fine, I'm coming, I have the first part saved on my USB so we can restart from there. This sucks big time. It's at 9 tomorrow." I heard his footsteps walking back. I dried the glass and walked back out of the kitchen. He was standing in the living room his back to me. "K, see you in a bit" Pause. "Yea, it's fine. My neck is on the line too here so..." Pause. "Bye." He ended the call and stood there for a bit. He ran his hand over his head, I guess in frustration? I dunno, I couldn't see his face. He turned around. "Oh, there you are.."

I walked towards him. I don't know why, maybe because I didn't want him walking towards me.
"Gotta dip?" It wasn't really a question. He smiled a tired smile. But I was still jealous.

"Jackie has some com-"

"Yea, I figured. I've used that tone on my computer guy before sooo, I know the feeling." I felt bad immediately I said that.


"No, I didn't mean you were -"

"It's cool Yale, I know" He looked at me awkwardly for a moment then started his way towards the door again. I felt really bad now. I followed him. He turned around to face me again when he got to the door, but because I was feeling so bad and walking behind him like a scolded child with my head down, I kind of, sort of bumped into him.

"Oumph!" that's me bumping into him.

"Whoa there!" he steadied me. But , no sir! Shafa CANNOT be holding me. I'm in a very delicate mental situation right now menn! I CANNOT have physical contact!! No 0!

The way I jumped 2 steps back, you would think he was the devil or something.

"Sorry, wasn't looking where I was going" Kai, that was close. Wow, the boy has a grip, I kind of forgot how strong-

"It would be a good idea..."

"Good idea for what?" It came out sharp. Can you see why Shafa touching me is a bad idea?

"Looking where you're going?" He seemed amused.

"Yea, yea... I'm just tired." Even me sef, I didn't believe me.

"Well..." he unlocked and opened the door "Thanks for letting me in..." I could tell he meant that in more than just the literary sense. I smiled. I was a bit grateful. "Can we do lunch tomorrow? I really want to get to know what's wrong with you and if possible help out" Awww, he looked sincere.

"If I'm not too busy, sure." He walked out to the porch. "Thanks for coming even though you know I didn't want to talk to you. I actually feel a bit better."

"I know..." Confident bastard.

We looked at each other for a bit, until it got awkward. He opened his hands. "O ya, hug daddy."
Fool! I had to hit him first though. But I hugged him. And it felt good. Too good. So I broke the hug. I had to remember, minimal contact o. Things have NOT changed from 2 minutes ago.

"See you tomorrow" he said as he walked to his car.


"I like Maybe..." he waved and got into his car. I waited for him to drive off before I went back inside.

Talk about an eventful day.

At least now I can sleep.

I had to smile.


It was a good day. I had woken up early today to spazz up my presentation. I had killed it and work was just flowing. You know those kind of days when by noon, you already feel fulfilled? Yes, today was that kind of day. And I was kind of excited. I mean, it was a good day and I kind of wanted to see Shafa for Lunch. Ride off my good luck today.

I buzzed Rita.


"Yes Ma'am"

"I think I'm going to take the rest of the afternoon off. I need to run some errands. If Boss man summons, just pin me."

"Okie doke, have a great day then!" And again, she clicks off before I reply.

I wrap things off and text Shafa. "I'm free now, if you're hungry." Hmm, with Shafa you have to be specific. Back Space, back space...Delete. "Wanna have lunch?" Send.


"I still don't understand the concept of fake nails sha" He looked really confused sha. How did we even get on this topic? After we had linked up in the parking lot of Kelsey's, we had come in ordered, eaten and were now just talking. Yea, he was mentioning how a lady at work went on some mega tripping because she broke a nail, and apparently, this nail was not even real. The way he was mimicking her actions, my tummy ehn? It feel so good to laugh. Real, belly, from-deep-in-my-core laugh.

"You're not serious" My laughter slowly dieing off.

"So...what was eating you yesterday?" He had leaned back into his chair and wasn't really smiling anymore. I won't lie I had thought of Suni's issue very little today. But now, it started settling in again.

"It's just, a complicated situation I'm in" I didn't think he was going drop te issue, but I wasn't going to just tell him like that. I did want to talk to him though.

"Complexity is relative."

I reached over to take my glass for a sip of water. "Trust me, this one is complex from any angle" Sip........sip. I put the glass back down because the water wasn't ice cold anymore, kind of gross.

"What happened?" he sat forward as if he was more interested, like that was even possible. Ha.

I went through a speedy pro and con's list of sharing this burden with Shafa.

  1. Well, he IS a good listener.
  2. He would have some kind of solution.
  3. He seems to genuinely care.
  4. I actually WANT to talk to him.
  5. Talking with him WOULD make me feel better.
Ok 5's good, now Con's...


Con's...con's.... Wow.
We'll this is a no-brainer.

"I guess I'm going to grow old waiting..."

That snapped me out. "No... no, just thinking of how I'd phrase it..."

"Just say it how your thinking of it now..."


"Suni is getting married." I waited for a reaction. I got a brow raise. Fair enough. "In 2 weeks"
Double brow raise and a jaw drop. Booyah! "Mhmm"

"Wow...." He sat back again. I knew he was going to ask about where the complication so I answered anyways.

"The whole idea was very sketchy to me so I went fishing, a bit...for information. Ronke told me some very interesting things." He rolled his eyes at the mention of Ronke's name. Shafa does NOT like the girl.

"Seriously, Yale."

"Yo her gist was something to think about Shafa... it definitely got me worried."

"I don't ever know about Ronke's gist. Like, don't be loosing sleep over what the girl has said."

"No-o its not-"

"For real Yale...Ok see here's the thing." Huh? "I knew about the plans for a wedding..." Oh Wow."But I didn't know it was in 2 weeks."


"Yea, he mentioned it to one of my boys a few weeks ago....wait, what kind of BS did Ronke fill you in with exactly." He was watching me closely, as if he expected me to know something.

I avoided the question. " Your boy...." he nodded. "Did he know Toba from like back in the day?"

"Yea, they went to the same university. They are quite close apparently." Sure they are. "Yale, what did Ronke say...?"

I don't know why I was so uncomfortable telling Shafa what Ronke said, I mean a few minutes a go I was ready to tell him everything. Maybe it's the way he was asking these questions, like he was worried I knew something I shouldn't know.

Something like what Ronke told me.


Gee said…
its been a minute oo!
im first..whooo..
ok lemme go nd read!
nd dont be starving us of this interesting soap o!
Gee said…
it is serious lust dat is scratching yale!
but on the reals tho, is dere like back up gist to that jackie girl or even shafa??
hope him nd toba r not sketchy together o!
CultureCynic said…
lol at u doing the voice...'there is something wrong with ester' ahahahaha we did it for like 20mins afte watching the movie, until we realized we were just scaring

i tot it was a thrillin ride, the movie, i dont usually get scared at scarty movies, but this one made me jerk and squirm for a few minutes.....i tot it was worth it.
Gmon said…
Ha!my 'sumtin aint right' radar for don start dey ring take, guys that seem too good to be true are actually skethy like that,lol

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