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S2. W15. Ignorance is Bliss II

I didn't call her. Should I have texted? Hopefully she wasn't busy. I rang her bell. What time was it sef? 1 am. Eh she was awake jo. I rang the bell again. My phone also rang at that point. I knew it was Shafa, so I didn't pick. I ignored the call and proceeded to call Ronke. It was creepy standing outside someone's house in the dark at like freaking 1am in the morning. She picked on the 5th ring.

"He-llo?" I guess she was asleep. Not shagging or something gross like that.

"Ronke its Yale, abeg can open your door, I'm outside..."

"Why...?" She must have been fumbling around for a clock because she ranted off..."Dude its flipping 1am!"

"Ehen? Please I'm creeping out here, can you hurry"

"Oh-h-h-h" through her grumbling I heard rustling of sheets. Thank God, she was coming out.

"Sorry... sorry...."


My phone rang immediately I hung up. It was Shafa.

"Ronke,Yale is coming to your crib."

"Stale gist."

"See .....don't be..." he trailed off. Oh.... HAHA! he was worried I was going to tattle tale. Expose him.

"Don't be what sweety?" I batted my eyelids, not that he could see how sweet I meant to be.

"I'm serious Ronke, she's mad, and she .... she can do without the extra drama."

"Shafa baby, I might be a trouble maker but I'm not stupid. Contrary to what you might believe, I am not...." I tried to think of the right phrase..."I am not looking to ruin your relationship. I actually want you guys to get together or whatever. What I want from you is very ...different."
I heard a beep coming in. Yale was calling back. "See, I have to go. I wont burn your cable cause that would automatically burn mine. So you can calm down. We'll talk later I hope. Stay sexy" I had reached the door as I clicked off. I opened it. "Spoil my doorbell o"

She bundled inside like something was chasing her. "It sooo scary out there, why don't you guys have street lights or something??" We hugged briefly after she had settled down and I had locked the door again. "Hey.."

"Hiya" I noticed she had an overnight bag. She dropped it on the floor and went to straight the kitchen. Opened the fridge. I trailed lazily after her turning on the lights.

"I see you haven't gone grocery shopping yet." her head was in the fridge, she was moving things around.

"The effects of rats in the house" I thought about Robert and absentmindedly touched my healing eye.

"Ah Ah! Did you fall or something?" Yale was in front of me peering into my face and scrutinizing the eye. It was still a little bit swollen and tender.

"Er.. Kinda..." I moved away from her staring and went to see what I could get for her. "I walked into the wall."

"Genius." The eye wasn't that bad, so when I knew my excuse wasn't too left field because she believed it. I yawned and scratched my butt. "Ew Ronke! Manners....??"

"Is it not my house.. abeg jo...Theres some bread, want scrambled?"

"Eh.. no I guess." She walked to the living room. I shut the fridge and followed her.

"So what's with the late night random visit?" I leaned against the wall of the entrance to the living room. "The random OVERNIGHT planned visit?" I eyed her bag.

She had flopped down on the couch. " Nothing, I just miss you."

I actually burst out laughing. "And Beyonce is my blood sister." She smiled sheepishly.

"I just needed to not be in my house.. and I swear I did miss you. Haven't chilled full out with you in a while and yea..."

"Right Yale.." I walked to her and sat down beside her. "Are you ok at least?" She seemed relieved I didn't ask for details. I wonder how she'd feel that I already knew what she wasn't trying to share.. Eya.

"Yes... thanks... I know you're tired, I'll just crash on the couch.."

"So that your mommy will come and say I'm suffering her child, and then tell me mommy and then I get shit? Hell no.. come and sleep in the room." I hugged her "Whatever it is that's making you run from your house, It'll cool down. They always do..."

She hugged me back, quite tightly. "Thanks so much jo."

"Anytime cuz...Oya... I'm off to bed, wake me if you need anything and PLEASE do not sleep on the couch." I walked back to the room. I knew she wasn't going to come to sleep for a while. I opened my phone to send a text.

"She's fine, cause I know you'd want to know. So.. we can do dinner tomorrow?"
This wasn't black mail I promise.

I had to wake up to pee. I must've slept walked, because by the time I thought to act on the urge I was already on the toilet. I didn't notice Arinze was up until I sluggishly walked back to my bed.

"Oh! You're awake..." He was on his laptop in his bed. He smiled.


Why was he awake?? I looked for the night stand clock. It read 6:30am. "Why?" He laughed out loud at my disbelief.

"Work, Routine, Habit"

I walked around to him. Sat on the far end of the bed, near his feet. "That sucks." An unstoppable yawn came through. "Cause sleep, to me, seems so...necesarry for me these days." He was still staring and smiling at me.

"You look pretty" He cocked his head to the side as if to look further. "Adorable."

I blush-laughed. "Ya right" Instinctively I touched my head. My high ponytail was loose. I ran my hand over my face. Wiped mouth just incase I had some sleep drip.

"I'm serious...." He put his laptop down. Moved towards me. I didn't go anywhere. "Your face is stunning." He paused for a second before he touched me. When I didn't move he touched me. "Some serious heart breaking asset you have here hottie." He was close now.

"Thanks" I know I mumbled. It wasn't because I was shy. But because, I know my morning breath IS stunning.

He laughed . "Morning again?" And this time he leaned in MEGA close. Noooo! I slapped my hand to my mouth and mumbled. "Morning" He laughed really hard this time. I loved the way his featured lit up when he laughed hard. Like his eyes crinkled to almost slits and he had these veins that popped out on his neck on the right side......... I smacked him and ran to my bed. Safe distance was needed. He slipped out of his bed absolutely unashamed of his boxer briefs which fit sinfully well. Dark Blue.....mmm. 

"Still want to catch some zzz's?"

I still felt groggy even though parts of my body were wide awake now. "Maybe I should...."

"I'll wake you in 2 hours?"

I had already crawled back under the sheets. "Sounds groovy..."

"Alright ...I think I'll go to the gym then." He was digging through his bag.

"K..." I watched him as he got dressed. It wasn't awkward. It was just... comfortable ...appealing. I watched him get ready and he watched me watch him. He kept smiling, like he knew what I was thinking. If this man knew what I was thinking ehn? I smiled back. "I probably should exercise too right?"

"Would be good to start, keep yourself healthy" He was ready in no time. He walked to the side of my bed and sat down. "I'm really happy you came. Even though you're sleeping all the time away!"

"Oh!" I felt hurt, it wasn't my fault I was always tired. "No fair!" He smiled at my petulant grumble.

"Just pulling your legs." He got up and adjusted his joggers "I do hope we get to go out today though."

"We will... " He leaned down and kissed my forehead quickly.

"Rest well hun...Call me if anything" He strolled away before I could think anything of it. I nodded back.

"Please lock the door...." I smiled shyly, we have to safe though!

He laughed.. "Yes madam"

When he left I didn't fall asleep immediately as I thought I would. My mind drifted off though, so I was...kind of sleeping I guess. I remembered the moment when I walked out of the bathroom and noticed Arinze looking at me. I mean Suni this isn't neuroscience. You want the guy, the guy wants you. It is a very black and white situation here. Its not like I'm still attached to Toba or anything. I remembered Toba. I wondered how he was. As much as I tried to hate him, I still felt a pang of worry. I had called him before I left for vegas.  Kept the conversation brief, but his attitude was even abrupt. He promised to call me back when I got back in town. He made it clear I should not call him. I had given him major attitude and was like "Why the hell would I be calling YOU?" but I guess he already knew I really would get worried and want to call. Like now....
When baby is born I wonder if he's actually WANT to see her...or if he'd be too scared that his "cult fathers" would know and find me and kidnap me and kill my baby and share my body parts. Like seriously!! What a load of horse doo doo!! 

I got restless and turned on my side. I felt a dull pain in my lower abdomen. It felt better when I laid on my side.

I wont collect child support or anything. I'm not a charity case abeg. I thought about if he would want visitation rights. I'd let him see baby as much as he wants. My mind drifted to Arinze. I wonder if he would stick around. The physical tension was growing thicker my second. I bet you it'd be worse when he came back! He seemed to genuinely like me.. and he just got to me. Apart from his "take me now" looks, he was pretty cool. Focused...He was financially comfortable...At least I know I wont starve under his clock....And he's really.... supportive in regards to baby. I don't know.. I really don't want to give it all up and then he'd all of a sudden dip set. But wont that make him really perverted, if he was really only looking to chyke a pregnant woman? No string attached? Just to know that in his life he's done a pregnant woman. Sicko!!! The possibility made me mad! I took a deep breath. Only time will tell. I'll wait it out. See how things go after Vegas. I really need to try and control  my hormones. I'm almost at the end of my first trimester and I am all over the place. The simplest things turn me on. Oh God help me o! 

My mind drifted to baby as I felt another slight cramp. My hand was already on my belly.My doctors appointment was as soon as we got back.  And the need to shop. I was naturally small but yes I was getting the "bump" now. It was a bit more pronounced. I thought about the designs I had been working on in my spare time. I had to pass them off to the tailor soon, before I had no clothes to wear, but in the mean time. Shopping Alert! Which reminded me of Yale... I missed her. I was used to talking to her everyday. I picked up my phone and called.

"God Mother how far?"

"Suni?" Rustling of sheets or whatever. Yes I woke her up. Why should I suffer being awake early alone?
"Heyyy.. are you ok?" He voice changed. Typical Yale, always worrying.

"Yea I'm fine. just lying in bed, craving a man I'm not sure I should have, thinking of my baby daddy's whereabouts, and wanting to shop cause I'm becoming a fat so. Story of my life."

She laughed... "Aww.. pele. How's baby?"

"Fine.. I'm having slight cramps, but I read that's normal."

"Hmm... better let dokita know o..."

"Abeg jo... Its not that serious. How are you?"

"Men... Suni..."

"Ahhh I sense gist. You never fail me...ok spill what happened?"

She laughed again but I could now hear the weirdness..."Shafa and I had a... small argument.."

"Arguments are healthy.."

"I know.. but this ok... Toba called him and they were having whisper talks and I kind of eavesdropped on their convo and I was like all... what's that about-"

"What's what about?"

"Like he said something about helping him settle stuff if he had known before and I was like.. ah ah... caules I wont like Suni I'm a bit uncomfortable...Like what if Shafa is like part of this cult stuff..."

"Oh please...."

"No for real....hes just so dodgy then he got all defensive when I confronted him turning it on me talking smack about eavesdropping, why wont I? Am I stranger that he now has to to take called privately. Like seriously this is my supposed fiance. Any ways... I got mad and left... but you're not here to run to so I'm at Ronkes..."

"Ronke??" I couldn't hide my disbelief. That girl rubbed me the wrong way. I only tolerated her because of Yale... she was just so...wrong.

"Yea... anyway's.... I'm just sad. Abeg hurry and come back so we can do therapy shopping."

I laughed, but I was kind of.. I guess its nothing. "For sure.. We'll be on our way back tomorrow night."


I felt a leg cramp..."Yale let me go, I need to walk around,  legs cramping from too much sleeping. Abeg before I paralyze finish"

"Ok.. kiss my baby and run your hands over Arinze's chest for me.."

"Ewo! See this adulterer!" We both laughed..."Yale ...we'll talk when I get back but don't sweat it and don't be stubborn k...Shafa's a good guy...."


"He is..."

"We'll see...kk bye. Love ya"

"Love ya.."

I sat up and wiggled my toes... my leg cramp started to ease.

 So that's why she ran to my house? See me thinking she had found my text messages or something. Me sef I can worry sometimes. I walked into the room

"You're awake."

"Yesso, slept like a dog men"

"Mhmnm kicked like one too!'

"Oh shuttup! You kicked me tooo!"

"I made omlettes if your hungry."

"I hope you won't poison me...."

"Haba I can cook now!!"

She started laughing "I know I know...k I'll be out in a bit let me brush at least"

My phone buzzed.  Text message from my baby. "Hey ill treat you to dinner another time for real, Today's not a good day." Ha! see this joker.

I sped texted him back "Why?"

"Tied up with many things and if Yale comes back today, I'll be spending the rest of the evening groveling..."

 Hmn. This guy wan try me sha. If not because I have Jesus in my life.

"Ok...we'll do it another time."
Patience is a virtue I'm lucky to have.



neefemi said…
First...ok i'll be back
neefemi said…
so not feeling Ronke really, but it dies make for an interesting story but i really do just want to beat it still
miss.fab said…
Ugh this Ronke girl I can slap her. And to think we all could have someone like this in our lives and not even know it. Chai. God dey sha.
Anonymous said…
I don already cry for you finish, i went to rehab due to spilt ink withdrawals! begg me! beg me o jussssssssss beg me now
Myne Whitman said…
Ronke....hmm...OK o

Have to say this instalment shows the work, more grounded. Well done.
honey91 said…
ronke...i wonder what she's got up her sleeve this time!
Tisha said…
"Some serious heart breaking asset you have here hottie."

This is the line that caught me. By now you know i am probably pretty and like to be admired, right on all counts, i am a girl after all.

I like suni and yale of course.
hate ronke, i hate the other gal, other woman rather.

arinze is a 'ball' so sweet and all big brother ish' I like those kind of guys, always get along with them, just tend to fall for the losers who won't treat a gal right...

like your webisodes, so real and you should write more

i just like!

(I know there will be some action btw suni and arinze, i just hope its not a bad idea cos good friends are hard to come by)
Aww guys! You're still here appreciate it! Ronke is Blogsville most wanted o! Shuee!! Haha!

Thanks again....
Anonymous said…
Where is my beg na?!

Wait oo! Ronke! calling Shafa " My baby!" Whaarraaheck? and Shafa texting her and agreeing to dinner *smh* mehn!... I am switching over to Team Arinze ASAP!!
Ene ppllllleassseeeee nooowww!!!! :p!!
Anonymous said…
ehenn thts more like it :P
Fabulo-la said…
For some reason everytime I see Yale in my mind, she looks like Miss Fab. Iono why..

And I guess Ronke is the one we will love to hate on this season.....*sigh*
histreasure said…
hmmm, Ronke! on naija daydreamer's, it's the girl blood sister gan, so i'm beginning to think this realy happens for real..

but that Shafa had better not o

i like Arinze and Suni together, pls make it happen -lol
Anonymous said…
oya send me ur manager's address, imma write to em and tell em to let u update the new post, kai! i am seriously losing sleep for this thing o cuz i wanna be first to post
Anonymous said…
whennn are you going to post moreeee !!!
Anonymous said…
hewww this kain 2 months suspense.. chei abeg na! do u want me to buy you kuli kuli

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