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W8. No Games

He smiled. I helplessly smiled back.

"This is unacceptable behavior."
I stepped aside to let him in. Black. He was wearing black dress shoes.

"Well, it bothered me how over the edge you were." He turned to look as me as I closed the door. "I was worried, Sue me!" As I locked the door again, he made his way to living room which was only a few steps away to the right.

"Mennnn, It's been a while." He looked around as though taking things in again. "I kinda missed this place."

Six months ago, Shafa was a free boarder here. It wasn't like we were living together, but he was always here. More often than not, he'd buy food, do his laundry here, work from here, go TO work from here...BUT we were not living together. It was just a matter of convenience. I mean if we were going to be sl-

"Er..Where's Puny?" He had walked by my now empty aquarium at the other end of the living room, near the entrance to the kitchen. The few w…

W7. Reconsidering

"Yale...?" Would it be childish to hang up now? "I can hear you breathing jo, answer..."
Oh yea, I forgot that.

"Yes Shafa." I made it a point to sound very unhappy to be on the phone right now.

"I'm sorry..."
Well isn't this something.

"First off, how did you get my number?"


When things had been forced to a stop about six months back between Shafa and I, I had made sure I got rid of everything connecting us, call me childish, but I deleted him from my facebook, MSN, I stopped hanging with his crew, and I changed my number. It's funny how life can change when you actually make serious changes.

Six months ago, at the point when I got tired of being his little plaything, he mentioned getting a contract Job in Miami for six months. I had expressed my wants to make things official. Like I'm not one to push for a relationship but we had been playing this game for a year and some, I was not getting any younger. I needed…

W6. Running is not an Option

"Oops! My bad..." she now giggled!!

I just stood frozen, letting the remnant from my drink dribble down to the floor. Meennn, Juju would have been useful now. I just imagined myself shouting "Odenshi!" and disappearing into thin air!!! Haha! I almost laughed myself.

"Ohmigod Ma'am I'm so sorry, I really apologize, I-" Oh Shuttup!

"It's ok, if you stop fussing I can get to the washroom fast enough to get this stain out..." I smiled one of those fake "thank-you-very-much-or-NOT!" smiles, and awkwardly exited my booth, almost sprinting towards the bathroom. I knew Shafa was still looking at me. I wonder if he was going to tell Miss loud-mouth-Stunna that he knew me. Hmm...

Since I was already at the back of the place, the ladies washroom was only a few lounges away. I was there in a split second. Slamming, or rather trying to slam the door, I took a deep breath as I leaned back against it. "Ok, You've been nabbed Yal…

W5. Just a Freaking Moment!

After I dropped off Ronke, I decided I still had time to roam about and free up my overheated mind. So I drive down to this lounge downtown called Sparks, that's where I always find my peace of mind. Live Jazz bands play everyday of the week, so it's the perfect place to relax and unwind. Yes, I know, my presentation is still lingering at the back of my head, so I won't be unwinding for long. But I really need to step back for a moment, recuperate and come up with a game plan.

Cults, juju, sacrifice? Hmm... definitely in need of drink.

I wasn't expecting the place to be packed. It is after all a Wednesday night. Marcus , the bouncer, knows me so he doesn't even ID me anymore. Shafa and I used to come here so often they adopted us as part of the family.

"Horrible day at work Yalee?" He pronounces my name like the typical Oyinbo guy, Yahlii, it's actually kind of cute. "You look beat."

"Trust me Marcus, a drink would do me a whole lot of good…

W4. Gist

"Even when I did not beg you to come and pick me, you still show up late! Since I could have been at home faaa"
This was what the child used to enter my vehicle. See disrespect.

"I don't know which city you live in sha, but in most there is something called traffic. And by the way I was held up at work"I waited for her to settle into her seat and put on her seat belt as she was ranting off something about being used and then inconvenienced and so on.

"I'm hunnnggrrryyyyy meeeen!!!"

"Shebi I'm carrying you home now..."

"Ehnnn? There is no food in my house o! You have to buy me dinner...."
Life is about give and take right?

"McDonalds. That's all I can afford"

"Gr-roooss!!!!" You would think the girl would not eat the food when I buy it , with a reaction like that."So what's this information that you so desire that is making you be nice to me like this?"

There was no use beating around the bush.


W3. Plotting.

I guess it's only appropriate that I stop looking at him like he's the anti-christ and say hi. Suni whispers something excitedly to Toba, I don't have to be a mind reader to hear what she said. Toba's face tells me.

I put on my happy face and wave excitedly to Toba, as if I really want him to come over and join us. Right.

The ten seconds it takes for the "happy couple" to make their way back to the table ,I use to comport myself. I can't be letting him think I'm completely against their marriage....yet.

Haha. I think this boy knows my mindset already sha! Is that defense I hear in his voice?

"Tobaascccoooo Saucee!!" I give him a hearty handshake, "How far now, nice surprise!", I fire an accusing look at Suni,"Didn't know you were joining us for lunch", then I smile back.

"Yea, spontaneous decision. You know how me and Suni roll"
Oh, the boy is feeling deep.

"Apparently not! So 2 week…

W2. This is Madness.

It took me a moment I wont lie. I was blank for at least 30 seconds. there were actually no words to express my shock.

"Close your mouth before fly enters!" Suni was beaming, but staring at me, I could tell she was waiting for an answer.

"Wow....." that's all I could muster.

"It's gorgy right?"

"Wow...Suni.......give me a moment"
I grabbed her hand and took a closer look, not that I doubted the rock was real, but Wow! Talk about size?

"Suni it's beautiful............" I was still turning her hand this way and that, but it was a distraction for the gazillion thoughts running through my head.
"I mean I am very happy for Suni. Like this is a huge deal and -

"But what?....Yale" She pulled her hand back "Stop turning my hand like that before you break it abeg" I still tried to act shocked.

"But what Yale? Cause the way your doing as if God just struck you dumb, I know you have something to say, in fact I kno…

W1. "START HERE": News

It's Monday again. The national worst day of the week. But somehow I seem to like it. Bittersweet feelings though because it's not as if I look forward to Mondays, in fact 95% of the time, like everyone else I'm always complaining the night before as to how I don't want Sunday to end, How I wish Monday's could be eliminated forever, blah blah blah. But once, I open my eyes (Thank you Jesus) it's like I always have this new energy, this new determination. Sort of like "well it's here so better deal with it with Joy if you want to have a good week" type of mentality. So...*beep beep beep*

Ugh that flipping message tone or whatever they call it, I don't even know how to change it.
But I'm rushing, as usual, so I quickly glance to see if its important enough for me to drop my shoes and stop for a split second, which I don't have!

Ah it is o! It's Suni. (Pronounced Sue-Nee).

See whenever Suni texts me its important. VERY. Because the girl d…