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W3. Plotting.

I guess it's only appropriate that I stop looking at him like he's the anti-christ and say hi. Suni whispers something excitedly to Toba, I don't have to be a mind reader to hear what she said. Toba's face tells me.

I put on my happy face and wave excitedly to Toba, as if I really want him to come over and join us. Right.

The ten seconds it takes for the "happy couple" to make their way back to the table ,I use to comport myself. I can't be letting him think I'm completely against their marriage....yet.

Haha. I think this boy knows my mindset already sha! Is that defense I hear in his voice?

"Tobaascccoooo Saucee!!" I give him a hearty handshake, "How far now, nice surprise!", I fire an accusing look at Suni,"Didn't know you were joining us for lunch", then I smile back.

"Yea, spontaneous decision. You know how me and Suni roll"
Oh, the boy is feeling deep.

"Apparently not! So 2 week's huh? You guys definitely don't waste time!"

The three of us sit down again, Suni of course, feeling like she's now got backup, scoots so close to Toba its like she wants to enter him.

"When you've found the one, you've found the one" I giggle, not intentionally. Suni gives me the cut eye. "I've let many good things pass me by in the past, just because of my formerly indecisive nature, but I refuse to let that happen again. I'm..." he looks at Suni, who of course is already staring at him like he's the messiah, " We...are sure about this"

Oh Puke. This is really grossing me out. What's wrong with these two idiots?

"Toba, it's as if you're using me to practice what you'd say to you guy's folks, but it's ok. I can act that part easily-" My alarm beeped. Shit it's 3:55 already, breaks over. "But unfortunately, I don't have the time for practice, dress rehearsal this evening?" Me and Suni giggle, Toba stares at me. Why so serious??

Suni uses this opportunity to jump in "Damn I forgot your not your own boss, like me"

"Well forgetting is just one of the many symptoms of a porous brain, we should check that out"
She slaps my hand. "So can we meet after work, we gotta start working out the details. 2 weeks is a VERY short time"

"Yea yea, just call me, I'd be home." Suni stands with me so we can hug.

"We are going to have a very long talk Akusuni. And DON'T bring Toba!" I manage to slip the message in her ear before our hug broke.

"So Tobasco we shall be seeing right...."

"For sure For sure" he's rubbing his nicely lined beard like he's a mafia don. Ode!


I don't bolt off fast enough to hear Toba say to Suni "Sooooo...ssssheeee's not happy."

No Kidding.


The thought that's on my mind when I sneak into my office 10 mins over my break time isn't that I'm late. Nahh. It isn't even that I still have a million phone calls to make before day's end and neither is it that I have to finalize a presentation for tomorrow morning at 9. It 's not dwelling on either of these very pressing issues but on Suni's mental condition and how I could save her from herself.

There's something that I'm missing here. Either Toba is shady as hell, my personal favorite and most logical reason, or Suni is hiding something from me. Something like the main reason why she's throwing out all logic and jumping the broom with "He's the oneee" Toba. The girl CAN be spontaneous and she CAN be irrational, but..... hmm. Verrrry sketchy. I really need to get on this tip of what's going

Haha.. that's soo my highway to clarity.

Ronkus Ronkus. I love this girl, she's my cousin and all but Jesus, this girl can TALK! She embodies "gossip". How she knows everything and everyone's business to the most secret detail beats me. It's like shes omnipresent.

She would know something, hell anything, about Toba.
Her numbers saved as "Amebo" on my phone, it didnt take me long to find her number.

"It's before 6 oh! What is is with people not understanding the phrase "call me after 6?""
Her voice always sounds like shes complaining. Which she always is.

"Is that how to greet your elders?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yale I'll drop the phone on you oh! My minutes!"

"Cheapo! Ok ok ok, are you in the library for long today? Want me to pick you up?"

"Errr...I have a paper due tomorrow, but I'm almost done sha. What's this about? Cause I don't know since when did you started INVITING to pick me up?" She's sharp this one.

"Oh-hhh, must everything be give and take? Ca-"

" must be give and take"

"Finne! I just want to find out something important"

"Sure sure sure, ask me after 6. Or when you see me at 7, I should be done by then! Muahs!"
And she was gone.

Well, hopefully she can give me some answers.

*knock knock*
Without even waiting for me to say 'yes?' Rita the office secretary popped her head in "Bossman needs you"

"Thanks..." more to myself cause the woman had vanished.

Ok time for work. Suni and her unwarranted disruption in my life and mind would have wait. Later this evening Ronke is going to download all the info I need about Toba and I'd know what to do from there. I might even be lucky enough to get the kind of info that would get me to either push the wedding further or excuse me entirely from planning a disaster.

I need luck today God... Luck.


Anonymous said… im off to read ur former post so as to understand wat i just read.
Anonymous said…
k...please dnt push the issue...tell her what u think then dont mention it again.
~Butterfly~ said…
JUICEEEEEE!!! keep'em coming!
Jaycee said…
Every one needs a friend like Ronke in their lives...someone to keep people from DISASTER...

Moving on...

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