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W5. Just a Freaking Moment!

After I dropped off Ronke, I decided I still had time to roam about and free up my overheated mind. So I drive down to this lounge downtown called Sparks, that's where I always find my peace of mind. Live Jazz bands play everyday of the week, so it's the perfect place to relax and unwind. Yes, I know, my presentation is still lingering at the back of my head, so I won't be unwinding for long. But I really need to step back for a moment, recuperate and come up with a game plan.

Cults, juju, sacrifice? Hmm... definitely in need of drink.

I wasn't expecting the place to be packed. It is after all a Wednesday night. Marcus , the bouncer, knows me so he doesn't even ID me anymore. Shafa and I used to come here so often they adopted us as part of the family.

"Horrible day at work Yalee?" He pronounces my name like the typical Oyinbo guy, Yahlii, it's actually kind of cute. "You look beat."

"Trust me Marcus, a drink would do me a whole lot of good right now..." He steps aside to let me through. I start making my way towards liberation.

Blank Checks & Liquor, a local band is on tonight. I like them. The first time I heard their name I was like 'shuuu..?', but they turned out to be pretty decent. I settle down in a booth at the back of the lounge. The layout of this place is genius. See its done in a way that when you enter the lounge the first thing you see is the small stage, but the rest of the lounge is sectioned off in high-framed booths. It's very private, but public at the same time. It's hard not to find peace in a place like this.

I order a drink and start to get my mind working while my order comes through. I pull out my pen and paper because every time I'm confused I do pro's and con's. I make lists. I draw charts. I guess I'm kind of like a visual person. BlankChecks tunes fade into a humming noise as I begin to evaluate. "So Pro's of getting Suni to pause and re-evaluate....- No wait, Pro's and Con's of chances that this juju stuff is even real" Frustration towards the way my mind couldn't find the right place to start problem-solving made my head snap up. In the process my eyes went to the door, not because I wanted to see who was coming in, but because.....just because.

A stunning lady, she looks mixed, is laughing quite loudly as she's coming in. That's a sicccck suit, Im thinking to myself. It was dark, clean cut and the skirt was like tiered in the slit area and-

Well look who the cat dragged in.

Miss Stunna, with her loud ass laughter and sick ass tailored suit drags in...Shafa.

Instinctively I duck my head, then it occurs to me that they would have to really be looking for me to find me. I relax. They are walking towards my booth, but stop a few feet away, about 2 booths I think... but I'm too chicken to stretch my neck to check. I scoot further into my booth so I'm really hidden, If you don't look close enough, you'd think it was empty. Above the now audible again music of BlankChecks, I can barely make out the lady's conversation, or monologue should I say, but trust me, I'm straining real hard.

"Shafa, you're too funnny!" More very irritating laughter "I can't believe you know that bouncer too! It's like you own the place the way he just let you in! Gosh we should do this all the time, I won't have to pay to get into anywhere again..." Shafa was smiling like a-....Ahh... it was a fake smile. See I know Shafa like that, when he smiles and his eye's squint like that, its fake. VERYYY aba-ish. He was helping her out of her tailored jacket. "Oh wow Shafa, it's crazy in here. I loveeee the decor...." The monologue get's even less audible as they disappear behind thier booth frame.

Who the hell is that? Ok, I find small comfort in the fact that Shafa had on his fake smile, but yo. I haven't seen that girl around town. Trust Shafa to be the first to tap the JJC babe. Argghh! I reach for my drink, which i notice hadn't even come. Menn, don't let me shout here o! I wave the waiter over as he's making his way to Shafa's table.

"Don't tell me you want to serve new comers when I ordered a small drink like 10mins ago and I'm still waiting?" I didn't mean to sound so sharp.

"Sorry Ma'am, coming right up" He shuffled away back in the direction he came from. Oops. Now he's going to forever think I'm a bitch. Oh goes on. While he was catering to my alcoholic demands, I tried straining again to see hear what was going on. I feel sooo amebo-ish now.

"I already love it in this city, I was scared I wasn't going to fit in, but thank goodness we met" Miss Stunna was still talking? Kai, she's going to frustrate Shafa soon. Hehehehe!

BlankChecks seemed to have finished for the night because they were packing up and there was a light applause from the guests in the lounge. The waiter brought my drink along with unwarranted apologies for the wait. I felt bad.

"No, no it's fine. I'm sorry I snapped at you, I've had a terrible day "

"Oh, I totally understand, again I apologize for-"

At that point a sharp "Excuse me..." from around Shafa's booth caused my waiter to look up and in the process misplace my drink. Now I have Baileys all over my disorganized thoughts, and quite quickly, my beige skirt.


I don't even have to look up to know that the lounge's guests eyes are on me.
Even worse, Shafa's.


Gee said…
hahaha...yale got busted!
wuld be nice to kno wat stunt shafa will pull naw o..the guy seem to b quite
Broken Hearts said…
hmmmh,you sure say all dis drama never happen to you before? all ur drama-queen sturvs are,secret cult???in this day and age; i fear!
Anonymous said…
I am ba-aaaaack! How much did you miss meh? [url=]hvordan tjene raske penger[/url]

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