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S2. W16 - Making amends...

It was 9pm and neither Yale nor Ronke had texted. I kept having weird daymare that they were having some in depth cousin bonding time and Ronke decided to spill her guts to Yale. I had let my curiosity get the best of me. I was in front of Ronke's place. I texted before walking to the door.
"Wassup, what are you girls up to?" I waited.
*grrr* "Yale is sleeping...I'm doing some homework, wassup ditcher?"
I felt some form of relief. "its not even like that now...have you girls eaten?"
"We are not useless, I'm sure we can organize food if we are hungry. What do you want? Time is Grades..chap chap..." "Can I talk to Yale please?"
"I doubt she wants to speak to you.. and besides, I'm sure I mentioned shes sleeping...?"
"Ronke stop being an ass and hand the phone to my fiance."
She gave a very loud mocking laugh. "Fiance?" she laughed again. "Sorry o.. Mr. Fee-ance!" I heard movement of furnitu…