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S2. W16 - Making amends...

It was 9pm and neither Yale nor Ronke had texted. I kept having weird daymare that they were having some in depth cousin bonding time and Ronke decided to spill her guts to Yale. I had let my curiosity get the best of me. I was in front of Ronke's place. I texted before walking to the door.

"Wassup, what are you girls up to?" I waited.

*grrr* "Yale is sleeping...I'm doing some homework, wassup ditcher?"

I felt some form of relief. "its not even like that now...have you girls eaten?"

"We are not useless, I'm sure we can organize food if we are hungry. What do you want? Time is Grades..chap chap..."
"Can I talk to Yale please?"

"I doubt she wants to speak to you.. and besides, I'm sure I mentioned shes sleeping...?"

"Ronke stop being an ass and hand the phone to my fiance."

She gave a very loud mocking laugh. "Fiance?" she laughed again. "Sorry o.. Mr. Fee-ance!" I heard movement of furniture so I assumed she was standing up to hand over the phone. "You know, Shafa...." 

Freaaak what was WRONG with this nutcase?? Why cant she just .... disappear? Ahn Ahn? Dem send you?

"...I think its only healthy that you ensure your path is straight before going as far as shouting to the world about your fee-anceship." I heard a door creak " I'm just saying...." She mustve dropped the phone for a bit because her voice became a bit distant. I'm glad she didn't wait for an answer. Heifer. "Yale...." tap. tap. "Yale...." tap.tap.tap. "Its Shafa..." I heard some grumbling....

"Hey...." Yup. She was STILL mad and NOT ready to talk to me.

"Hey babe" Pause. 

"Hey...." I knew how her lips we're curled now. She had that face when she was trying not to hide her irritation. Sucked big time that I was the cause of the stank face now.

"Are we going to talk?"

"Annnndddd we are singing to each other now?" her retort was so fast I had to smile. That's my girl.

"Nah... I ... I'm coming to get you? K?"

"Dont waste your gas, I'm very comfortable where I'm at..."

"Shafa... please I was sleeping, annndd you woke me up... there had better be an emergency."

"There is..."

"Ok?" I KNOW that was a little concern I heard in her voice. A break through?

"I'm coming to get you..."

"Shafa.. whats the emergency?"



We had fallen into a routine. Arinze and I. Every day at 2pm we'd go for lunch. On Thursday nights we'd talk about what we'd do for the weekend, sometimes we'd leave it up in the air. Come Friday, depending on where we land after doing said plans, I might be cooking for him in my kitchen, or in his kitchen. Oh and this man was an AMAZING masseuse. Like.. I don't know if he got them magic hands from med school or it was a natural God given talent, but Gaddaam! I remember a couple of days ago, we had gone to museum? Or somewhere sha and my feet were aching and swollen a bit. I am into my second trimester and the swelling process had begun, the feet cramps which started during our Las Vegas trip had become more frequent. Anyways, I whined like a little girl all the way home feeding MAJORLY off his pampering. When we got to his house, he had come to my side of the car and CARRIED me out... like...lifted me out and CARRIED me... to the door, through the door, to the room, to the bed and placed me down like I had a FRAGILE label plastered across my forehead. He had then went ahead to strip me down... and not even in a sexual way, but in a a very.....tender way...till I was in only underwear. (I was turned on sha, let me not even lie to myself here! But seriously, who wouldn't be... shoot) Then he proceeded to send my feet to HEAVEN...Of course, where my feet go my body must follow. The nostalgic feeling of that massage came rushing back in WAVES over my body. I relaxed. 

I remember, after he was done his magic on my body and I was so relaxed, I could barely speak. He'd come around to the side of the bed and snuggled in beside me. He'd put his arms around me, placed his palms on my slightly visible little bump and started talking...about nothing and me. (And baby sometimes) And that's how we ...or rather I....fell asleep. His voice in my ear, his arms cocooning me, his palms on my belly.. and my spine to his heart...Our chemistry should be in Mills & Boons I swear. The connection I felt with him that day went beyond physical. We haven't been physical just yet...(Hmm, someone needs to give me an award. With my hormones on rampage I strongly believe its a miracle I haven't raped the man...but that's a thought for another day... my blood is already getting hot just thinking about it.)... anyways, I digress...where was I? Ya... I feel Arinze and I, we've kinda gone past that physical stage already. 

My leg started to cramp and and I realized I had been standing by the window for too long. I walked or rather limped back to the living room to sit down and wait instead. I had even forgotten about the Naija movie that I had put in... I'll restart it when she comes. Yale was coming by for the weekend. I still felt a bit disappointed I won't lie. I wanted to spend ALL my time with Arinze. , but he was on call all weekend . And he mentioned I hadn't spent time with Yale in a minute, cause he knew I wanted to cancel on her badly. So we compromised on Yale time for Friday & Sat, but I made him promise to take me out on Sunday. I smiled in anticipation. The doorbell intercepted my thoughts. Guess Miss Dairo's here. I took my sweet time before I stood up to open the door. Before I could enjoy my laziness though, she started calling my phone. Such an impatient human being. Hiss. My child better not adopt this stupid trait....

"Suni oh" She was always wasting time, the way she walked to the door you would think she was 9 months preggers.

"Free me abeg jo. Patience is a virtue"

"Oh whatever as if you're a fan of waiting yourself...." I had bought sparkling juice to celebrate our 2 weeks 'no-see'. Since she had come back from Vegas we had only talked on the phone. Arinze had without remorse stolen my best friend. I wasn't pissed, but I was....I guess things change. See, Suni and I have never been in very engulfing relationships at the same time. When I was with Shafa... at first...she was kind of single, causally dating... nothing serious. Then Shafa and I fell off, he moved, I was bitter, I was single the she now hooked up with Toba....then Shafa and I got back together... and then Toba and Suni fell apart....but now.. Shafa and I are quite serious and she's getting equally as serious with Arinze. Bottom line, us both being in very serious relationships at the same time.....with no foreseeable future of one of us coming out...Our own friendship was beginning to dwindle. I wasn't too thrilled about it. And if I know Suni, this hadn't occurred to her yet. She was still in the honeymoon phase with Arinze so I'm sure she was happy to spend all her time with him, but she should not forget that before him, hell before Shafa, it was two of us first. 
"I brought wine" I gave a cheesy smile as I held it in the air.

"Is that sparkling juice Ozimeyale?" She took it from my hands and gave it a closer look. I dont blame her the bottle was so dope even I was fooled at first."See this tout fa."

"We be bahd guyz now, Uss ma we gatz pop..." She laughed at my razzness which may I outline was gotten from her. Dont be fooled by Suni's surface tushness. All that ajebo behaviour is a front. The girl is market woman.

We walked back to the living room she went to put our "shacks" in the fridge. I flopped down in front of the TV. Omotola Ojelade was shouting something on the screen and slapping the house girl, or someone like that. Omotola, always slapping someone. Suni said something from the kitchen I didn't quite hear.

"What??" She walked back and came to sit beside me. She had Chips Ahoy on a plate. See why this babe is my bestos? My face lit up!

"I said, today we must to catch up on our Naija movie stash. I have a play list ready to go!" As I reached for a cookie she pulled the plate back. "My friend. Whair har your manners?" (See? Razzobian)

"Suni if I boxxx ur stomach ehnnnn!"

"This biskit will be your demise. See how your body is shaking." I laughed because my hand WAS shaking small.

"Dunce..." I leaned back like I wasn't interested anymore. At that point the girl in the movie, the house girl. Started running. Like seriously bailing and then the action music came on. You know the one where the drums start beating really fast? Yea that one. Omotola was shouting abuses at the girl and chasing her. The girl now fell down. The kind of fall that you can only deem as  "Devil's work". Suni and I shouted "Yeeee" at the same time.

We settled into the movie Chip Ahoy in hand. Idle talk in between. We had just finished Part 3 when Suni's phone rang. By her facial expression I knew it was Arinze.

"Hey hottie..." He must've called her something as 'endearing' because she blushed. "Yaa rigghhhhtt, you know Im only trying to catch up" I tuned out their mushy conversation and thought about Shafa. I rubbed my hand over my temporary ring. It was a rubber band, that was knotted (my temporary diamond). Things had been so rough...but they were better now. After Shafa came to get me that day...we had talked....and talked. He apologized for his behaviour, he started telling me about what him and Toba were talking about but I insisted on not knowing. Me sef why do I like headache. We made up and all well.. but something mightveSuni. She was giggling as if I wasn't there. What rudeness!

"Oya its enough nowwww... this is my time."

Suni rolled her eye. I flicked her cheek. "Owwwww"

"Next time you wont roll your eyes at me..." I plucked the phone from her hand. 

"Stoppppp-" she was struggling with me... but who's the preggo tired lady amongst us?? Not me... I sprang up and sprinted to the kitchen

"Yo Arinze... you're cool and all but biko can I have some time with my bestos? As in... this your lovage sha..."

He laughed... "Ma bad... ma bad.. Ok I'll talk to you later.. lemme say bye..." Suni had caught up... "Give me the phone..."

"So you can both start another history lesson? Not on my time..." I spoke to both of them... loud enough for Arinze to hear,

"Ok Arinze WE... as in Suni and I...are going to GO now... like OFF the phone? Ya dig?" I heard laughter so I figured he did. "Suni say bye." she was pouting and giving me death looks... "SAY BYE OR I'LL CLICK OFF O"

"Bye babe.. Ill call you after this bug is out of my house."

"Ya ya whatever.. bye Arinze."

We both heard him say bye...I clicked off.
Now we could resume our bonding.


neefemi said…
hmmm i don't get how this is 16 and 17 o, cos its short...but i like, very nice
Hey neefemi, I haven't finished it. I wrote a note at the top. Its the beginning of 16 & 17, which should be a pretty lengthy read...

Just wanted to keep you guys in the loop....:D
Anonymous said…
i take GOD beg you...please with all this drama for world cup...abeg help person with this story now...look at the 30 second want to kill person????
hahah the WC drama too much sef. Dont worry Im on it. Like I said I needed to keep you guys in the loop to know I haven't forgotten!
Fabulo-la said…
I dont like how you are putting us on scale here o....

But how did we get from vegas to lunch everyday?

Biko d quick and fill in the gaps.
Please and thank you!
histreasure said…
the main 16& 17 berra come fast o..this is proper 'testing' wey u just do for us here...

and those ur office people, dem no do well at all
Anonymous said…
this can't be two episodes o.......abeg o.....
Lol People o... read the "Note from Author" and the previous comments :0 remainder coming up...
Anonymous said…
oya update o!
you've got me reading all the posts instead of doing my papers!
Anonymous said…
Which kain long throat come be this na? ehn? kan a sista have her weekend delight abegsssss na beg o, I will buy u chingum*, I will give u udara, I will buy u kuli kuli
chei na? ehn? pls, ejo, biko
*chewing gum
Anonymous said…
I am baaaaaccckkkkk hehehehe
Tisha said…

I think i might write a book.

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