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S2. W17 - Alternative Options

I swear I feel my tummy grew overnight. I'm barely over 3 months and I feel like I'm 6 months far along. I struggled to fit into my mini-maternity pants. They were so cute. They were meant to be for mothers between 1 - 3 months. But no not me. I already started missing my pre-preggo frame. My  ultrasound appointment was at 9:30 and it was 9:12. I had ONLY just finished putting on these freaking pants. I looked like a pregnant goat. I was  SOO showing. Like.. forget XXL sweaters or hobo shirts... my FACE alone was a dead giveaway.  Porky. 

*Sigh* No time to sulk. I grabbed my keys and dipped. Yale was linking up with me there and we all know how she gets when shes made to wait. We were going to see baby today! She was excited, I was cranky. Tired maybe. But yes... no going late.



"What have I done now?"

"You owe me TIME... we haven't seen since plus I need someone to talk to."

*Sigh*.... "This is true." 

"So...I'm coming to your  place of work and you are going to take a half hour break and FEED ME!"

"Yes ma'am"

"Oh...." she paused for a minute. "That was easy....?"

"Was it?"

"Hmm.... Ok I'm on my way... Sick person wont die if you leave for 30mins"

I wondered about the sanity of this girl sometimes. "I'll meet you up front"

"Meagan?" I called for my assistant who was meant to be getting some paper work for me...She strutted in. She was very pretty. Sharp kind of beauty. Typical blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very well put together. Never a strand out of place and her makeup was always I won't lie I found it hard to believe she was the owner of the outstanding resume I had reviewed and decided on when she came in for her interview. I remember asking her for her name again and she straight out said "I know hard to believe. Its not the first time." I was embarrassed to say the least, but once I was done with the interview I knew right away she was right for the job. She hasn't disappointed me ever since.

"Mind taking over for about an hour I'm just going to grab a bite. I need you to run my Paul Mitchman, he's in Ward 23. Make sure his pills are NOT under his pillow. Also Mrs. Adelaide would need another requisition put in for an MRI. Please hold off an walk ins till I get back in... either ways my beeper is on so..."

"Ok gotchya...." she jotted down a few more notes and gave me smile. "All under control. boss.. Have fun and be good" She turned around and started walking away. Always on the move. She was also a very private kind of girl which again was opposite to what she looked liked. She kept to herself most of the time and did things n such an orderly fashion a lot of the other nurses didn't have the nerves to disrupt her schedule with idle gossip. For one she didn't oogle me like I was a gift basket. This was very comforting.

I laughed cause she had to be AT LEAST 6 years younger than me...but she had that "motherly" nature about her. "I'll try..."

She paused at the door "Is it with the cutie? Tiny pregnant one?" Well.. I guess she WAS onto the gossip.

"Er... No... " I took off my coat...."Another... friend of mine."

She cocked an eyebrow. "Friend."

"Yes Meagan, friend..." I chuckled at her suspicion and shooed her out. "Now leave. before Paul decides to all in all throw his pills out the window."

She shook her head and left silently. I felt.... guilty? Like I just got caught doing something bad and had disappointed. What the hell?? Ugh. I grabbed my keys as my phone vibrated. I didnt have to look at it to know who was calling me. I left through the back.


"I'd like to have dinner today..." Ronke. Ronke. Ronke. God deliver me? Kai. Should I just carry the babe to dinner? As much as it might seemingly be the easy solution I KNOW that girl has another trick up her sleeve. Shes going to tie me into another thing.  Maybe I should just tell Yale. I mean... Nahhh.. we just got over the telephone issue. Let that one settle first no? I messaged her back.

"I'm kind of busy tonight though...." I played with my phone as I waited for her reply. With Ronke you should expect anything.

"I when would you be free?" Never? *Sigh*.. I see what shes doing. Now shes more or less putting me in the hot seat so whatever happens its almost like it was my call. Such a snake.

"How about lunch tomorrow?" Lets keep it neutral. space.

"Lunch? lol.. er no. I have classes all day. I see your posting me. Tsall good. Whatever"

Ah man... this babe was going to put me on a guilt trip. I am VERY tempted to just delete the message like it never came through. So shes going to tell Yale that I and her screwed a couple of times....but the bottom line is we arent now. we are Over. then Yale can turn on me and call me a coniving decietful nonsense of a man and she'd probably stone me with a ring we dont have yet and tell me to take my proposal to the river and drown with it. Shit. 

"Calm down jo...who's posting who? Ok..lets do it this way. I'll call you tomorrow evening and we'd work things out?" I could feel her smile.This girl was evil.

":) Ok....Sounds cool. Have a lovely day. <3"

I have to find a way to tell Yale. I cant live like this. No sir. and the longer I wait the worse its going to get cause Ronke....shes going to infect this so bad. So bad........


Yale and I stepped out of the ultrasound room. Picture in hand. Lead in our feet. Shock on our faces. Ok... lets rewind. There's a reason we looked like someone just slapped us then handed us $1000 dollars.

I walked into the hospital and yes. Yale was waiting. I was 3 minutes late.


"EH EH EH. Please....I'm sorry. It OK jo. its only 3mins. Calm down." I sat down beside her. Kicked out my legs and relaxed.

"Fine." She stared at me. "You look pretty today. What happened?"

I stared blankly at her. "Pretty?" then I burst out laughing. "Yale if it is you woke up today to mock me.....abeg..."

"Ok...? Odd way to take a compliment." She gave me an odd look then picked up her blackberry and started typing. We sat in silence for a bit. She was probably talking to Shafa. Us too, we go love now. I adjusted my sitting position because my back started to hurt. She glanced at me. "You ok?"

"Yea, just uncomfortable." I adjusted again until my back was straight up against the back rest. 

"You look constipated." I smirked. 

"Yale......" she was typing again.  

"Mmmnn?" She didnt even look up.

"Am I fa-..." I rephrased "Do I look bigger than the average 3month preggo woman?" I had her attention.

"Suniii....of course not. I can barely see your tummy. Holy your getting preggo woes already? Cammaann....."  

I already felt better. "No its just... I feel.... so... HUGE." I pulled up my sweater and exposed my pot belly. "Seeeee"

"Sunniii" she covered my tummy before anyone in the waiting room with us noticed. "You're mad o." She ensured my belly was covered. "And no... you're not huge. However...."

"I AMM huggee right????" Man.. it was all in her eyes. She was surprised by my potbelly.

"Well... I dont see your naked stomach often forgive my awe." I guess that was more of awe than surprise in her eyes. "Soooo cool.. how does it feel?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yale this is not the time. Am I fat or am i fat?"

"You're fine Suni..." she rolled her eyes like I was being ridiculous. I wasnt.

"Er... Aku..Akusuni? Bello?" the nurse called my name. Well appointment time. 

"Yay, time to see baby!" We got up and walked.

The ultrasound technician got us prepped all the while chit chatting about nothing. She was a funny small lady. Maybe in her 50's? She asked if we were partners. Yale and I had a good laugh. 

"No... shes my best friend..."

"Aww thats so sweet...So excited to see how big your baby's grown?" 

"Yup!" sometimes I wondered if Yale was the one having a child. See how she shouted too. 
Tech lady squirted the nasty cold jelly. Gross....

As soon as she put the gadget thingy on my tummy. We all gasped. I mean it wasn't like we hadn't seen baby before.... but....erm...ya... er.. there were two heads. 

We all peered closer, squinting. 
Yup. Two.

"Oh looky here. Twins!"

I must've blacked out.


Tisha said…
will read from my mobile phone.
HAHAH! Ene is NOT going to be a happy trooper. Ene its like you should get on the mobile tip o
neefemi said…
Interesting, esp cos i think i have an idea of how it will progress, but trust you to flip it...looking forward
Myne Whitman said…
ahh...this is coming along quickly now. LOL @ blacking out. Na over enjoyment cause am...
LOL@ Myne... lol u wont black out if it were you?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Whattt?????? mehn how did i miss this one?? mschew damn exams mehnTisha STEP DOWN mehn! that spot is mine!. :P . and yes i am on the moblie steeze now, bookmarked and all make una no try me o lol.. wow welcome back mehn,, if i over vex na i go create App specially for this blog.
Anonymous said…
Twinssss i knewww it!!! hehe i love twins!!! yay!!!!
histreasure said…
Ah, her state, it's enough to make one pass out o..watching this space..
Anonymous said…
the pregnancy was going too smooth for suni n knowing u, u will twist it up lol so i started suspecting :p

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