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S2. W18 - Sticky.

So we stood outside the door. Photo in hand... and shock on our faces. I was numb. No.. no... not numb...I was feeling very besides myself. Yale put her arm around me..
"We are blocking the entrance...lets go the car.." Seems she had come through... well then again it would be easy for her to snap back. She doesn't have two human beings growing inside of her. She led me to the car.

"So....." Suni sat there like a statue her hands limp on her laps. "Suni?" I smacked her hand. "SUNI!"

"Yea...?" her response was so slow. She turned to me... "What?"

"Well....?" My eyes asked the rest of the million questions I had in my head. What was she going to do? How was this going to work out? One is overwhelming but two? like two babies..? Ah.

"Yale... you're asking the wrong person"

"Should we call your mom?"

She looked at me like I had just suggested I run her over with the car. "For what?"

"I don't know... she might have some good advice maybe.. maybe.. she'd say bring them to Naija? or I don't know maybe she can come here? I don't know Suni mothers are very... she might have good ideas?" She was just staring at my mouth moving but I knew she heard nothing.

"Nah.. not yet..."

She looked back away. it was obvious she wast going to be doing any thinking anytime soon... my gears starting churning. I guess all those number we played around with that day at Suni's house for how much she'd need to earn yearly to support the kid... well that might just have doubled. I remember how we gisted for hours on food, health, education budgets for baby..(babies?...damn) for the next 3 years. She was very adamant on being married to a rich man by then. I had laughed at her determination. Instead of her to be plotting baby's future she was figuring out gym schedule to get her body back in shape. She proposed that if she managed to keep Arinze through pregnancy, she will lock him down well after. So long he didn't turn out to be a cult member too. She actually hadn't laughed like I did when she said that.We had figured she would need to get a second job. Maybe something online? Or in house? Just so baby could be around her always and she could save money on baby sitting.... We had a plan. I was going to be helping out...and I know Shafa would wanna help out too...........The plan could still work? I would just definitely need to put in more time? But kai.. there's a reason why I'm on all kinds of birth control. Child now? duude...I still think she should  tell  De' Hadiza. It might just make sense that she take the kids to Naija. The thought didn't sit too comfortably with me. I knew if it was my own kid I probably wont consider it but damn... two kids though?

"Can you please drop my at home..."

Suni's cracked voice broke into my thoughts. She looked tired. I held her hand. "See Suni, I can imagine how your're feeling, but look at it this way..." I paused and waited for her to actually look at me. She did. "What ever your final decision, it will not kill you. You're a very bright woman, you got me... you got Shafa... you got a FOINE ass looking DOCTOR at your beck and call... its not ALL bad. We'd figure something out'll be fine. All of you and your octoplets in there..." I hoped my little joke would make her laugh. She smiled.... that was enough. I started the car and headed to her house. I guess I have to schedule that meeting with my financial adviser.. I had put it off for so long but alas I couldn't avoid it forever. I was going to open a savings account tomorrow... and deposit some comfortable cash in there. Rainy days were in the forecast.

Immediately her car backed out of the drive way. I walked  back to my room. The shadows of those quilts were calling my name. I felt so...weak. I could barely handle the thought of one, but No... God is missing me too much in heaven. He is trying to hasten my return journey. TWINS?  Like two. Like two diapers,  two cries in the night, breast feeding synonymous! Ah! No...I cant.

The journey from the hospital home  proved to be a good thinking start on "Whats Suni going to do now". I know Yale was plotting. She was awfully quiet the ride home. But yea, shes going to come back with one outrageous idea of how she expects me to mooch off her till the kids are 20.
The Kids....hew! I am finished.

I sat down on my bed. My phone buzzed. It was probably Arinze. I didn't bother reaching for my bag to get the phone. I laid down...covered my head...and day dreamed on the different times Toba and I frolicked without protection...without cares.... I mean it wasn't a big deal then. I was sure I was going to marry him and all...eventually and...I WAS on birth control...was I? Yea I was...

If I coullddd tuurrnnn... turrnn backkk the hands of timeee....


She wore red. I remember telling her a couple of years back that red was her "knock em dead" color. She looked like a goddess in anything red. I hopped into the car.

"Did you have a presentation today? Male clients perhaps?" I eyed her outfit. Probably. I answered my own question.

"Sometimes a woman's gotta use more than her brain..."

"Mhmnnn." She had on red heels...which looked painfully skirt blouse.
She looked good though I wont even lie. "You look good still..."
She smiled at my approval.

"Lunch is on me... I am now a  permanent employee.. Probation is OVER."

"Owweee, congratulations... " Q could be flaky sometimes but shes a go getter.  "Proud of you"

"Thank you thank you" she did a mini bow with one arm...her eyes still steady on the road."So whats been up lover boy? Hows the 2nd wife..."

I smiled "You? Oh you seem fine....." the slap she landed on my lap, I felt it in my back.

"You got jokes I see..HAR HAR!"We pulled up int Marcel's. Nice classy lounge. Expensive. 

"Ahh don't spend all your first official paycheck on me o..."

"Baller's don't know nuffin bout checks..." she stuffed her nose in the air and put on a gangsta face. The girl was a first class clown. For some odd reason it reminded me of Suni, I sent her a quick text. She had an appointment today which I couldn't make. I wonder how that went.

30mins went by fast, but that's how it always is. It took me a year and some but eventually Q and I got to a point of stability. Our conversations could last days and we'd think we were only there for a couple of minutes.  We talked about my love life, she talked about hers. Her mind was still entirely set on getting a man she very well knew was taken. Her theory, he aint married? Hes a free man. Times like this I recall why I and her just didn't work out. She was an amazing girl and everything but we didn't see eye to eye on key issues. Commitment, children...Yeah.
We talked about caught up for real. I felt relaxed. The girl talks a lot so I don't have to do much. When she notices shes talked for a while, she asks me questions which forces me to talk... she could really hold up a good conversation. So yes our 30minutes went by fast.

"I gotta get back....unlike you, peoples lives depend on my availability..."

 She pouted... "I didn't hear a beep" she eyed my beeper on the table

"I cant wait for an emergency to occur sweety..." She waved for the bill.

"So pregnant girlfriend....and you ain' the baby daddy..." She shook her head in unbelief "You ARE something else...."

I laughed ...I had asked my self too why it didn't bother me that Suni was pregnant. I never came up with a solid answer. There's just something about the petite woman that kept me very interested. Q paid for the meal and we packed up to leave...She held my hand. I hugged her...I checked my phone to see if Suni had replied.
...That would be a negative.Hmm...

We rolled up to the back of the clinic and parked.
"Thanks for the lunch.. I now have energy to face those without energy..."

"Aww...." she smiled... then frowned..


"Good times are over.... I kinda miss..." she hesitated..."" My eyebrows rose. "No no.. its...its weird.. like we work you know and I really cant seem to find that ....compatibility again..." I cocked an eyebrow. Hmm.. when she got like this......."I doing all these... " she waved her hand "James Bond like kinda relationships cause, I cant find you I want to be entertained..."


"Arinze, its cool...I'm just talking.. " she gave an uncomfortable laugh.."you're the only one I can tell this too without feeling.. weird."

This is true. She gave a deep sigh.. and held out her hand to me. I took it. " didnt work. We tried...."

"I know...but a lot of the most successful marriages out there "didnt work"" she gestured the quoatation marks.


"I know...I know.." she cut me off again. "Well gotta get back to the J.o.b." she gave a sad smile. I felt bad that my relationship now was breaking her... still. I pulled her to me for a hug...

We held each other for a couple of minutes. "Ok, dying patients Q...lemme go before you send me to ER with this killer choke-hold." she didnt let up, but i heard her giggle.

"You smell good..." she mumbled into my neck.

"Thank you.. gotta keep it fresh..." I rubbed her back impatiently but she must have thought it to be intimate because she rubbed mine back slowly and squeezed harder. "Your cho....king me."

She let up just a bit and pulled her head back. She smiled. "I miss us....and now more than ever I wish we never gave up." She didn't even let me process the sentence before she kissed me.



Well Well Well...See this fucking guy fa.....
I had come out the back because the hot blond had told me this dude should be back from lunch any minute. I was in the area and thought to holla, seeing as hes going to be part of the clan but this right here... Wow.

I waited for them to finish. He broke off the lip lock with Jazabel.

That girlllll.... and the way she talked to me you'd think I was her soul mate.
I wont even lie, my ego was bruised. Only a little bit though.

And Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is why hoe's don't get no love.

He was holding her back now and telling her something. Even from here I could see she wasn't listening. She waved her hand and shrugged. Arinze ran his hand over his head. He looked around...I stepped further into the light so he didn't miss me when he scanned the vicinity. He saw me. I smiled.

Her eyes followed his. 
And my smile grew even wider.


Anonymous said…
shettttt wan kill
Anonymous said…
HA!!!!! whoooooo is anonymous? stealing my spot!!
anyways 2nd!!!!! yay!
Anonymous said…
ahhhhh Q!! lol Ronke ooooooo kai! what a winch
Myne Whitman said…
The first part confused me a bit with the switch between Suni and Yale but I got into the flow. Drama plenty o. But Ronke sha
soliloquy said…
Hahahaha, you have some good lines, "the slap she landed on my lap, I felt it in my back." Reminds me of my mum's slaps when I was a kid.

But really who is this Q girl? Hmmm, I don't trust her. Please don't let Arinze get into this hot mess! I just wish I could will him to not give in.
Anonymous said…
Ah, no now...don't let Arinze be like that now..let us still be able to believe (even if it's just a tale)
haha anon see how worry is just all over your comment.. lol

Arinze has dedicated fans sha...

I need to start hunting down my commenters.. this zones is becoming too dry for my eye! lol
Anonymous said…
when u're wasting our time nko?

its yale
But its bi-weekly now lol ok ok ok ok my bad!
Anonymous said…
I am encouraging you to put up the next episode na, abeg hiaaaaaaaa
Tuesday is the two week mark! I wont fail u! I WONT......! BELIEVE IN MEEEEEE

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