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W20. And the world keeps on spinning.... (Season 1 Finale!)

I tried to act calm. "Mom, you  both are just being paranoid...Suni is fine. It's all this useless drama!"


We reached home, and I parked the car and just kept silent as we  got out mom's luggage and made our way to the front.So...if mom and De' knew then what? I wonder if they would support Suni's decision to ex the baby. Mom would probably not be in support, but with De's frame of mind... hmn.

I opened the door front door and waited for mom to enter. She went straight to the room.  Probably to change and get ready for bed. I locked the door behind me. My phone rang.

"Hey love." I liked endearments.

"Hey you.." Shafa and I said our hello's and made our routine small talk about each others day and how we were and all that good stuff. I mentioned that my mom was leaving tomorrow.

" soon."

"Drama is chasing her..." we both laughed.

"I should come over then,  I hope it's not too late."


W19. Psychic

I was smiling, for God knows what reason. This was not a smiling matter. But I was smiling, waiting for Suni to answer this blessing's to earth's question. He raised and eyebrow.

"Suni, he's not a mind reader...." I didn't even look at her. Hehe, not my fault my eyes were occupied.

"I think I'm pregnant." Something in the way she said it made me look at her. She looked defeated. I held her hand. But I also felt maybe I should let her

"Ok..." he dropped his pen in the little holder thing on his pad. "I'm assuming you've taken a home test-" She didn't even wait for him to finish the question.

"It could be false right, there's a..." she hung her head."there's a chance?"

Dr. Arinze was watching her really closely, like I was, he waited until she looked back at him "Let's find out..." he wrote some notes down.

I squeezed Suni's hand and smiled at her. I wanted her to not forget t…

W18. Plan B

I tried the door first. Locked.
Doorbell?................Doorbell?................................................No answer.
So I rang.

"Er..... I'm outside."

"Shit........are you serious? Ok I'm coming back now..."

"You don't have to rush, I can just go home and come back later.... in fact.. let's do that.. do what you need to do and when you get back.. gimme a shout."

"No, no.. I'm coming back, for real.. I'm already in the car" I heard shuffling in the background "For real, 5 minutes....."

"Ok..." I hope he remembers my pet peeve. Waiting.
At 5.1 minutes, I shall be ouddie. What's the time now sef?
Well, its been 6 minutes... I've even tried sef. I started making my way back to my car...and I have bigger fish to fry.

I got into my car and paused for a minute to think of my game plan.."Ok, go home...laundry....files for tomorro…