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W18. Plan B

I tried the door first. Locked.
Doorbell?................Doorbell?................................................No answer.
So I rang.

"Er..... I'm outside."

"Shit........are you serious? Ok I'm coming back now..."

"You don't have to rush, I can just go home and come back later.... in fact.. let's do that.. do what you need to do and when you get back.. gimme a shout."

"No, no.. I'm coming back, for real.. I'm already in the car" I heard shuffling in the background "For real, 5 minutes....."

"Ok..." I hope he remembers my pet peeve. Waiting.
At 5.1 minutes, I shall be ouddie. What's the time now sef?
Well, its been 6 minutes... I've even tried sef. I started making my way back to my car...and I have bigger fish to fry.

I got into my car and paused for a minute to think of my game plan.."Ok, go home...laundry....files for mommy....." my thought process got broken with the sound of tires on tar behind me. Shafa was here. Hiss. I watched him through my rear view as he came out of his car. Sweat pants, hoodie, all 6'3 of him was clad in black, or stone gray, or whatever he looked hot. He came to my window. Knocked on it like popo. I gave him a VERY noticeable cut eye before I opened the door.

"Sorry now.... I broke laws because of you..."

"Only?" He closed my door for me and we walked back to the house. "I still have to go home though...."

"Sure...." He hugged me at the door before we entered the house, surprised me too with a very intense kiss. "Morning...." and he smiled. I blushed.

We entered and both headed for the kitchen...I automatically wanted to tell him what just went down. "Menn...." I began, then I remembered Suni's instruction before she left the car. At the same time though he started asking me about it.
"So.. Whats the deal with Suni?" Shet.

"Huh?" I busied myself in the fridge looking for nothing.

"Is she ok?"

"She will be, she's just ...."
I finally pulled out the eggs and peppers. "...overwhelmed."

He got the pan ready, I started cutting the veggies. We worked together in silence for a bit. "So next weekend huh?"

I was lost... "Next weekend what?"

"The marriage now, it's next weekend...."



"Maybe now...."
I looked at him through my lashes as I pretended to cut , he looked confused but suspicious. He stopped what he was doing.



"Look at me..."
I did. "How do you mean, maybe? Is the wedding off?"

I stopped cutting too "I don't know Shafa....." I turned around so I could lean my back on the counter "Things are not looking too great now...that I can tell you"

"Parents are against it for sure ba?"
He reached for the onions I had just diced and added it to the oil. "I knew it.. damn that's ruff, Toba seemed ready still."

"We'll see..."

"Na wa o, can one girl have so much drama in her life? It remains to born pikin now."
He laughed...and I almost cut my finger off! "Careful o.."

We got breakfast ready and ate, talked about different things and agenda's for the next week. Just chilled. I was 70% listening, the other 30% of my mind was swirling. I needed to call Suni.

"By the way...Jackie says to apologize for her behavior"

"You talked to her today?"

"Yea we, we had to meet up, I needed to get some documents from her. She was HIGHLY embarrassed" He laughed, but I could tell he was watching me for a reaction.

"It's cool, alcohol is not our friend..." I continued eating. I don't know how Jackie was my concern now.

"She says she hoped she didn't disturb anything..." he smiled sheepishly.

"Why are you giving me the whole 9 yards of you guy's conversation now?" It's not that I was getting irritated, I was just not in the mood to hear about their conversation and I, quiet frankly, didn't give a rat's ass about Jackie's feelings. Next time she won't be drinking alcohol like it was water. Hissssss

"I know, but I've seen the way you act every time I mention her name or anything to do with her and I know it kind of bothers you, I just want you to..." he paused for a minute, like he was choosing his words carefully. Smart man. "..not see her as a threat."

"Threat to what? To Whom? Haha..." I actually laughed. "..Shafa, please jo. Go and carry on idle conversations with whoever you wish to, You're a grown ass man." I picked at my food.

"Ok, Ok...." He had inhaled his food, as always, he leaned back and watched me for a minute. I got uncomfortable. "So it doesn't bother you?"

" doesn't" I felt like someone just stamped LIAR! on my forehead.

"My bad then..." he stood up and packed his dishes. "I just feel that it does.... wrong intuition I guess." Wrong intuition my butt. I'm sure he could hear the discomfort in my voice any ways but I die if I admit it. If he felt I was uncomfortable, why did he keep bringing everything that has to do with her up? Like seriously.

He walked back to me and pulled me up. "About last night..."

Eh hennn!! I even forgot! "Yes....?"

He nuzzled my neck and my thoughts became blurry. "I feel... again... going with intuition here..." His hands crept up my back...and he did that runny-finger-down-spine-bones he does and I swear I couldn't stand any more."...that we have unfinished business."

I almost concurred. "We do?" the skill and speed in which he undid my bra, he needs an award. "Ahh... Ok ok ok ok" I escaped his grip. "Wait."

"Again?" He looked amused.

"Stop jo...."

"I'm not doing anything, you look flustered though..."

"Shh.. I'm trying to think here." I had the "wait" finger in the air as I tried to clear my cloudy head.............................Clear. "Ok... I have to go..."

"Our business nko?"

"Shafa......" I was about to remind him but I think he saw a lecture coming so he put up his hands in submission.

"I get it...." he started walking back to the room "Don't forget your bra o!"

Idiot. I re-clasped my bra and went after him to the room to get my things.


Today was going great... Yesterday, I had left Shafa's house and gone home to get my errands done. Mom was still at the hotel with De' and yes, De' was still distraught. God knows if she'd survive if she hears of Suni's plight. Suni called to tell me about the appointment she made at the clinic on the other side of town for today, (trust she's trying to keep things on the low), it was for at 4:30. She'd asked me to come with her and hold her hand. The big baby.

Suni was wearing humongous shades and a trench coat. And she was really trying to blend in? What a loooooseeer!

"Suni you're insane oh, why the HELL are you dressed like this?"

"See ehn, just drive."

We chit chatted on our way to the clinic. Toba's dad had called the night before again pleading with De' to get Suni's dad here. He said he was unable to go back to Naija himself.

"Me I just don't understand how that's going to happen. Daddy is NEVER going to agree to such a thing" Suni seemed less concerned about the issue now that a supposedly bigger problem had surfaced. I think...

"Have you mentioned anything to Toba?"

"Helll NO!-"

"Sorry na..."

"Did you say anything to Shafz?"

"Just that things aren't looking good.."

"Great, what did he say?" she didn't look too thrilled at my staller answer. Too bad. I think I tried.


Our conversation trickled to a stop as we got to the clinic and prepared to see the doctor. Suni was visibly shaking... the girl was scared. I held her hand. We waited for.....about 30minutes in silence. (So much for appointments!) then they called her name. We both jumped. The nurse laughed as she ushered us in. I don't know what was tickling her. She did the prelminary stuff, asking us questions about why we were here ans stuff, Suni seemed to have swallowed her tongue. I nudged her hard..

"Talk now.."

"Er, I'm not feeling too good, just wanted to cross check stuff. Temperature, fever..."

This babe just lied through her teeth. The Nurse seemed to realize too. She just nodded and scribbled something... or nothing? on the paper. "The doctor would be with you soon."

She left us and we waited for another 10 minutes. Staring at the weird adverts on the wall and hearing ourselves breathe. Then the door creaked open. And the doctor came in.

Light skinned. No pimples. Dark haired... sleek glasses. Fresh looking doctor like this. Wow.
Suni seemed to have noticed to. She had her mouth open. Bush rat. I nudged her again!

"Hello Ladies..." he looked up and Lord take me higher! This man had dark gray eyes. "So..." he looked down at this chart again "...Akusuni...?" he looked from me to Suni, obviously lost. I pointed at Suni.

Suni was smiling like a GOAT. The lost cause didn't even answer, she just nodded. I don't blame her.

"Hi Akusuni" he extended his hand to shake her, then turned on... sorry to me. "And you're her sister?"

Sister, friend, same thing. "Sorta.." I let out an awkward laugh." I'm Yale." I shook him back. Weakly.

"Ok! I'm Doctor Ndani." he smiled AGAIN and pointed at his tag. "Arinze Ndani. So .......What brings you in today?"


neefemi said… to read, lol
neefemi said… hot guy, plus he is a looks like shafa has competition...uhmm so yale and shafa not doing it yet, interesting...keep up the good work..
Anonymous said…
this is sooo addictive..good work..
Ms.O said…
ahhhhh I love my Igbo men!!!..dang! Good Job Olaf!
@ neefemi I trust u thoughhh! Merci.. Season finale is coming up o W20. Season 2 shall commence in November! :D

@ Thnx Anonymous (Why you gotta be anonymousss?? Yes I had to sing it!)

@ Ms. O.... I cudnt leave my ibgo kwenu tho! Trust me Arinze is KEY!
hahaha i'm lovingggg this!!
GREAAAAT write up I must read the rest....x
Ene said…
so i decide to wait 5 days for new episode mmmmhhh this is nt fair oh!! n then i hv to wait tilllll november for season 2?? cruelty in processs sooooooooooo unfair..woeee issss meeee i dnt think i will survive :P ok lemme go read webisode 18..bben mizzing it :D
Ene said…
*sigh* dark grey eyesss ohhhhhh siiighhhhhhhhhhhh
hhahahha no Season 2 startes after Webisode 20 now..... u sill have 2 more to enjoy!
Ene said…
mmh i will read one line everyday until November, dnt wanna be rushing thingzzz :P
Gee said…
I am sooo behind!
i have to go nd read up the last 7 episodes or so...

geez this is tough!
this girl, you will not kill me with suspense!!!!!!!!!!!
Opium4dsoul said…
Oooh I smell drama!!!!Yale is a sucker for fine boys lol!!!!

lmao @ Ene "i will read one line everyday until November"
Ene said…
@opium - what do you expect? she is driving us insane with suspense
@author - Excuseeee meeeeee is this fair??????? where is the episode 19 na, is not fair ohhh u are just torturing innocent souls *sniff*
Anonymous said…
lol @ ene..but ur right tho
Ahh Shafa has some serious competition ooo..i am liking arinze already lol. But mehn season finale? really? warris this now?
Fabulo-la said…
Im telling u that boy is going to leave Suni!
They were doomed from the start..

And as for shafa..sigh
now im going to be dreaming about him this night.
Myspiltink see what u have done o!!!!!!!

Ene said…
*sigh* how long ? *siiiiighhhhh*
Tope said…
oooohhhhhhh drama drama drama! Now Shafa has competition lol
Gmon said…
Leave it to you to spoil this gist by adding an Igbo man! lmao
@ Gmon hahahahahU're not serious. Rinz is the shiznit men. Baddessst guyyy!! Igbo Kwenu!!

@Tope n Anony. Competition? Maybe!:D

@Ene... You know because of you now I cannot end the whole thing for good, I dont wanna break ur heart!!!

@ Gee... you seriously need to get on it o, don't worry time is on ur side.

@Fab, Shafa is still in ur heart???? It's bcoz Rinz is new now..

Thanks Guys!
Final coming this weekennnndd!!
Ene said…
y thank you, this heart of mine issssss indeed fragile
***SugAbabE*** said…
Since i got here 2days ago, i havent hooked oh....chai!!!!! Shafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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