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S2 W11. ...And the rains would come.

I couldn't answer. Couldn't find my voice.It was lost somewhere in the ruckus that was set off in my system.  I was staring at Shafa like he had a third eye.
"Yale?" He gave an uncomfortable short laugh. "Are you going to answer me?"
"Baby....." I took his face in my hands and started laughing. I couldn't stop it. It came right from the pit of my belly and uncontrollably spilled out of my lips. I hugged him so tight!
"I'm assuming you're happy..... and...." I continued laughing hysterically "Yes Yale? You would right?"
I looked at him still in stitches...."Yes babe...Of course!"
"Hahahah! Mhhhmmmnn!!!" He whooped and lifted me into the air in one swoop.
He wants me to be his wife. Im going to be a wife. a WIFE like not a babe o. A woman that is ONE with a man. A man she loves. A freaking lick your lips and have your panties in a bunch looking kinda a man. A that loves ME back. Eno…

S2 W10. The wind WILL Blow before a storm...

I need to get her out of town... just for the weekend. At least until they are gone. I knewww they had to be around soon. Things were too quiet. How am I going to do this now. She wont even see me.
"Toba  is that you?"
I turned around. I had been standing at her door for.... I guess long enough for her to notice me and then confront me.
"Suni....." I drank in the sight of her. She was something else. She had braids now.and they fell down in front of her shoulders down to her breasts... which were visibly bigger. She was wearing a  humongous beige sweater which worked excellently with her complexion. the sweater went ALL the way to her knees... If I knew Suni well she had gained a couple of pounds and wanted to conceal it.
"Toba what are you doing here?" She came out the doorway slightly... in a defensive way. Then she instinctively folded her arms over her belly.  Well she wasn't too pleased to see me that I can tell.
"Suni we need to talk...."I …