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S2 W8. Ignorance is Bliss

Always talking! Ronke can NOT shuttup. Lai lai. She was on her phone when she entered the office.....without knocking! Might I add. She froze for a split second when she saw me. Like she was surprised.

“E ye o! Yale since when??”

“I should as you the same question.” She was holding a Swiss Chalet take out bag in her hand. What the… “I see you brought lunch…” I eyed the bag.

She held it up “Yaaaa…..” then dropped it again “Seems like I’ll be eating alone.”

I did NOT appreciate the way this conversation sounded. I felt I was sharing my man. I don’t know. This was just not rubbing me the right way. “Mhmn…” Or maybe I was just being paranoid. Ronke, loud mouth as she is, is still a sweetheart…………………………

Shafa coughed and stood up. “Ronke what’s really good? This is a pleasant surprise.” He pointed to the couch on the other side of the office. He walked to my side and sat on the table beside me.

She smiled to herself, like she understood something and it was funny. “I was just in the hood o, you know me now, I'm trying to skip that literature class. If to say the man was fine now… maybe, but caaaaammmaaaaannnn” She dropped the bag on the floor and leaned back into the chair. “So what are you two lovebirds up to?”

I looked at Shafa, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Reflex.

“Yale here surprised me and brought lunch. When I didn’t even know I was hungry. We just chilling…..” he winked at me and I laughed. Reflex again. I swear… when he’s goofy, I can’t help but relax.

My instinct was alert though. That I couldn’t ignore.

“Wait, Ronke, shouldn’t you be wrapping up soon?”

“Im done o, don’t get it twisted, but in order to grad with honors, I need to get an A in this Lit class. Talk about imposi-CANT??” She reached for the Swiss Chalet bag and started opening it up “Please, let me lunch here….Im dying of hunger and than man is just draining the small energy I have left. Can you Imagine…. I was in class o, trying to hold on to the last shred of interest in this dude’s class…….”

I tuned out. As she had started like this. Ronke would not stop until she was tired. She had on makeup today. Well.. she always has on makeup.. but it was….nicer today, like she spent time. And her hair was definitely done, like she didn’t just pack it up and come. It was all straightened and glistening and shit. She looked pretty. She was being animated now…

“He kept on flaying his hands like a retarrdd!!!” she was animating it. Shafa was finding it amusing. I laughed too… but I wasn’t really laughing at her antics per say. I tuned out again.

Not like she was talking to me. Her whole story seemed to be for Shafa. She was even angled towards him.  I know... It seems like Im being overly.... sensitive. Like this is Ronke! Besides even if she's oogling Shafa, it cant be for real. I mean the boy IS good looking. So... hey.

Anyways... I better get 

"Shafa when do you get off?" I didnt mean to cut her little tale short, but I had to go. I looked at Ronke apologetically..."Sorry..."

"Rude Much..."

"Abeg jo, you will talk our ears off if I dont stop  you anyways." I looked back at Shafa... he seemed amused. "Abi?"

"Abeg leave me out of this sha.!!" he threw his hands up and then stood up from the desk and went back to his seat. "I can get off now..."

"Ok, lets go together then..."

"Go where" Ronke and her amebo tendencies. I pray for this girl o!

"No where that concerns your class skipping class. Im gonna call your mom."

"Uh" she did her mouth like she was digusted at my attempt to be elderly. "See you.... If you like, tell now." She stood up and  over exaggeratedly adjusted her obviously  fitting jeans...ran her hands over her jeans again, at that moment I happened to turn back to Shafa to want to ask him to speed up and.....maybe it was just my eye.... but I can SWEAR he was checking her out. Like... he was looking through the corner of his eye at her. But then he looked at me so casually was  like... that didnt happen.

Yeah... I was just being paranoid.

"Dont even tell me to hurry Yale... your mouth is already twisting." I had to smile.

"What -evvvver."

Ronke took a deep loud breath behind us. "Since y'all are ditching me....."

"Dont go and graduate, be feeling ditched there..." Shafa finished whatever he was rounding up on the computer and grabbed his jacket.

"The two of you... wont kill me." He walked to the door and opened it."After you ladies...."

I started making my way to the door. Good thing we were moving anyways, this office was getting stuffy, I was beginning to hallucinate and imagine things and I needed to get to Suni's early if I wanted to get home early today. "Seriously Ronke, stop skipping class you need it to  graduate......"


Yale was ranting again. I love that girl but .....

Ronke walked by me at that moment. This giirrrllll.. this girrrllllll!!

She mouthed "My place..?"

I shook my head and ushered her out....and yes. I did notice the booty. I actually remember those jeans. Weird, they are burned in my head. Back when we had our....thing. For lack of a better name to call it, those were the jeans the she wore the first day we kinda let our feeling run amuck. I kno them cause of the red threading detail around the ass. They made those jeans for her body alone. I swear.  She knew what she was doing wearing those jeans here today. Thank God for Yale o! I turned to lock my office door. Ronke is not my favorite girl see.....but the girl is something else. If encouraged she will make a pastor sin with no regrets.

"Shafaaa...." Yale was at the exit already. She beckoned to me to hurry up. Ronke was again strategically behind her.

"Calm down jo.." I walked by the reception and waved to Chauncy. "See you later bro."

He gave me the "Nice one" nod. Man... I cant have this kind of news going round the office.. I can only imagine how this seems. ........... "Have a nice one Mr. Johnson."

Ya Ya whatever.

"You're seriously taking you time....." Yale Yale Yale... I smiled sheepishly.

We walked to the parking lot briskly... everyone has to go at Yale's pace. We got there and seeing as Yale brought her car, and I had mine, we had ot now spit.  Yale looked at me....

"Ok.... I guess..." She looked at Ronke... Ronke just innocently looked back at me

"Soooooooo.....Can I get a ride?"


~B~ said…
I want t sucker punch this Ronke babe!! >_<

*praying* God please give Shafa strength t resist temptation!!
Anonymous said…
yay 2nd!!!! yay yay yay yay yay!!! yay!! thats right, very soon 2nd will be the new first! envy me!! muahahahahahah :P
Anonymous said…
*singing for yale n shafa* all the winchy winchy no fit stop una love o..
*smh* this Ronke mercy johnson incarnate mmmhhh make she stop am o.. n what is the "thing" with the jeans etc? can we h like a flash back episode plsssssssss???????
sweetness said…
This Ronke chic shud carry herself out of the picture jor
she is suffocating me, kai!


I need a Shafa-reflex in my liife, aww Yale, i am praying for her oh jare.
tuning out every 2 minutes like me
hmmm this Ronke eh?

cant wait 4 da next :D

neefemi said…
hmmmphhhhh....thats all i have to say, not appreciating good for nothing girl in this beautiful story at all....
F said…
I swear this Ronke character was inspired by a Mercy Johnson-esque role... lol... My own question is why her behaviour isn't a turn off... We all know when we meet someone who's very attractive but acts like an ass... It's a turn off now. Or is she THAT hot that the whole personality thing is nullified??? Na wa o...

Women's intuition... Yale needs to smell this rat and kill it quickly!
honey91 said…
oh Lord, please let shafa resist the temtation that this evil winch(ronke) throws on him..
Yale might need to step her game up tho
Vanchi said…
Nawa ooo..thats all i gotta say about Ronke
48 said…
haha shafa is fast becoming my favorite character...i'll be muy disappointed if he turns out to be one of those pussies who cant resist a good temptation
why are all Ronkes ashawos? just kidding o!

I like Ronke jare, she is a go getter! lol
Anonymous said…
We are so spoilt for choice on blogville nowadays- blog series and stories are popping up left-right-and centre. First the "In My Dreams It Was Simpler" team took control of the scene, then Myne Whitman, and now I've just found this.
Unfortunately nothing is new under the sun. We just gotta do what we love and hope others love it too!

I hope however you do enjoyed the read... and u come back!

You guys Ronke is just.....being Ronke hehehehehehe.... W9 Coming soon! Watch this space & Tell a Friend!

@ Myzz D. its coming o! its coming... its a valentines day special :D
...~~SugaBabE...`~~ said…
where's W9??????????????????????? been waiting like foreva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kodi said…
this is quite unique...thrilling story line...
mehn God pass you Ronke..ahan y all dis katakata nw... i wanna c yale bitch slapping d devil out of ronke!

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