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S2 W12. Guilty Pleasures

Excerpt via BetaBabe author of "Scribes from underneath the Sheets"
".............What you guys don't seem to understand is that me and BetaButta's relationship cant ever really just.. go away. We literally have to NOT see each other for that to happen. We are forever bound in our physical attraction. That being said... Not seeing each other is quite impossible. The situation is tres sticky.
The thing about undercover loving is that it has to stay underneath the covers... sometimes it gets too explosive to remain there you know.. *giggle*.I know he loves his girl and hell I'll love my man when I find him, but we both know what we got going on beneath those silk sheets can NEVER be replaced... everything that comes after would be...... second to this.
He knows this. I know this. We're good. ..............."
*************************************************************************** "Suni....." I know It was late, she was pregnant, I was excited,…


Hey Inkers, 
This is the first time I'll make  a non Ink post.. but hey. Maybe it might be the last. I just wanted to update y'all on whats happening and  yea... bond with all 35 of you and the many Anonym(i)? lol.
Sooo... I know some of you already want to chop my head because of my lack of timely updates. Well things have been a bit up and down for me. But is it not God? I'm gonna be alllllrraaiighhh!!!!
That being said...Oya! Let us sit down and talk. about we decide a REASONABLE schedule for deliverance. Let us ease Neefemi and Ene them of thier anxiety attacks hahaha (I love u guyss!! Thanks soo much). Please refer to the poll on the side and if you have extra comments just drop em off here... Im also thinking in the event a websiode is not delivered timely. we can just have a "Teaser" session.....I would do an example of a teaser session so you can see what I mean. Basically it wont be REALLY part of the story... but it would still be connected. Its a m…