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Hey Inkers, 

This is the first time I'll make  a non Ink post.. but hey. Maybe it might be the last.
I just wanted to update y'all on whats happening and  yea... bond with all 35 of you and the many Anonym(i)? lol.

Sooo... I know some of you already want to chop my head because of my lack of timely updates. Well things have been a bit up and down for me. But is it not God? I'm gonna be alllllrraaiighhh!!!!

That being said...Oya! Let us sit down and talk. about we decide a REASONABLE schedule for deliverance. Let us ease Neefemi and Ene them of thier anxiety attacks hahaha (I love u guyss!! Thanks soo much). Please refer to the poll on the side and if you have extra comments just drop em off here... Im also thinking in the event a websiode is not delivered timely. we can just have a "Teaser" session.....I would do an example of a teaser session so you can see what I mean. Basically it wont be REALLY part of the story... but it would still be connected. Its a mini webisode.

Other than that hope you guys are all doing great in blogville so far. Thank you all for the support over the last season and for most of this one. I really appreciate it.

Ok vote o.. let us know how we can get this ball rolling. Arinze them are waiting. *wink wink*

PS: I just finished reading half a yellow Sun guys! MMMEEENNNN see book! It was sooo entertaining. Like I wanna go to Nsukka now and stroke Richards hair. LMAO! (For those who have read it) But yeas... My next stop is 'Say you're one of them' Anyone read this book yet? Personal review.. but please no.. exposing of details.. Help a sister enjoy the book ko.

Alrighty.. Thanks soooo much again. I love you guys you give me reason to live and enjoy this alternate world I created with these characters.... its a comfortable get away... :) especially when drama is lacking in this one hahah...
Ok OK OK.. Im going.. Byee!


Ene said…
haha First!!
Ene said…
Kai, seee my life? sotay i dey drag for first position on a non webisode..what hast thou doneth to me?????...before i vote, is bi weekly going to have long episodes?

PS: no body better vote monthly before i run mad with anxiety o

PPS: hello!! :)
LMAO! Can you guys see?? LOOOL.. Ene if its bi-weekly it would be regular length! lol...
neefemi said…
lol @ Ene....thats how you did for me the other day and now pulled off the post....hmmmphhh....nways bi-weekly sounds good, i get that you are busy and all but that gives you enough time i think....have a great weekend
~B~ said…
Kai! See me droppin everythin to read thinkin it was an update.. :|

I totally agree, bi-weekly is jst enuff suspense (nd anxiety) time, oya wen do we start countin??

p.s- Hope u kno 'Say u're one of them' is a collection of short stories? Cz I ddnt nd I was not happy when I couldnt kno wat happend at d end in my favourite ones :( That said, I think u'd enjoy it, it's a totally awesome read.
Ene said…
oya bi-weekly..
mmmh pple dey try me o, voting monthly, mmmhh!! mmmmhhh!! i go visit pesin 4 dream o :P
Sugarking said…
I need to go back to ur former posts. This sounds interesting.
F said…
Sugarking, you missed! Better check upon them sharp sharp! You Spilt Ink people no try sha... I was gonna go for weekly so you won't burn out but the people have spoken. Twice a week it is!
soliloquy said…
I'm disappointed there wasn't an option for "weekly with regular length webisodes", but I get it, you have a real life, it's cool.

"Say you're one of them" is not as exciting or fulfilling of a read as "Half of a Yellow Sun", mostly because they are short stories (some longer than others, which I found annoying) and the stories never really resolve. Some of them are really heartbreaking so make sure you're mentally prepared. Nevertheless, it's a good read and good exposure to other African cultures.

If you DO like short stories, you should pick up Adichie's other book "The Thing Around Your Neck" - 12 short stories. Excellent read.
Myne Whitman said…
I voted for weekly and short. I prefer that than waiting two weeks. Sometimes the long ones make me want to skip. Well done!
Myne Whitman said…
BTW, I just remembered I did not list this in the sidebar at Naija Stories, will go and do that now.
Fabulo-la said…
WHAT? What do u mean INTERMISSION???
Its looking like Bi-Weekly though....

Welcome SugarKing!!! Hope you enjoy the read(s)!

Thanks soliloquy & B! Ive already started say your one of them.. Im so happy I got the heads up that it was short stories! I would have had that feeling of when you see a cup of clear liquid you think its sprite and you taste water???? You know?? Lol

Myne thanks so much for the link Loving it already!

Fab!!! Welcome and I can see you're catching up WELL! Lol...We would be back on after these short messages!!

Thanks so much guys this would help me keep a better schedule...
Jaycee said…
I've been eying this blog for a long time now...I'm just looking for the perfect "free" weekend to catch up on the entire story :) I read "Half of a Yellow Sun"...I feel you, lol.
Ms.O said…
oluwajetisola...I came here thinking this was a post..:(:(:(:(:(: please now update! i'll cook for you!
T-Baby said…
I also voted bi-weekly. I think I can wait 2 weeks for regular length webisodes. You should read "Purple Hibiscus", it is a really great book. I have also read "The Thing Around Your Neck" and it is really good. Please when is the next real episode coming. I am going through withdrawal here.
BBB said…
cant believ i am just seeing this for the first time
am so stale!!!!!!!!!!
ah ah
lie lie
am goin back to read
every thing i missed
that proposal was the ish by the way
great job
Ene said…
Mehn this intermission no dey end?
It ends guys!! Lol... So

Check in every upper Sunday. Probably evening time....(EST)

BBB & Jaycee Welcome!!

k see y'all Sunday!

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