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S2 W12. Guilty Pleasures

Excerpt via BetaBabe author of "Scribes from underneath the Sheets"

".............What you guys don't seem to understand is that me and BetaButta's relationship cant ever really just.. go away. We literally have to NOT see each other for that to happen. We are forever bound in our physical attraction. That being said... Not seeing each other is quite impossible. The situation is tres sticky.

The thing about undercover loving is that it has to stay underneath the covers... sometimes it gets too explosive to remain there you know.. *giggle*.I know he loves his girl and hell I'll love my man when I find him, but we both know what we got going on beneath those silk sheets can NEVER be replaced... everything that comes after would be...... second to this.

He knows this. I know this. We're good. ..............."

"Suni....." I know It was late, she was pregnant, I was excited,  she was tired, but WHO CARES! I had to share. "Akusuni Bello Wake the HELL Up!!"
"Yale I swear to God...."

"Sure sure... Guess whatttttt??"

"You're about to jump into the river for waking me up?" a hint of glee laced her groggy voice.

"You wish... Shafa proposed." I hear her sit up.

"Shut. Up!"

"Ne.Ver.!" I broke into giggles. I was giddy with love men.

"When howw????"

"Yo Suni... Shafa is just.. toooo maaaddd. He like coooked forrr meee " I went on my air head relation of how his proposal went.

"Wow.... that's mega cuteee..." I could hear her sigh..."So-ooo how big is the rock?"

"Rock ke? He proposed with MOUTH.. " 

"Ah see error..."

"No now..." I laughed again relaying my reaction when I realized I was ring-less "He wants me to pick my ring"

"Awwwwwwwwwww"  Suni was silent for a bit....I took that as her being too tired to be as happy and excited as I wanted her to be...

"Ok I know you're tired so Ill come and scream at you in the morning besides we have to like get to work on plans for wedding.... oh wait..." I was really jumping the gun. "We haven't picked a date... ah wells we can still fantasize and get a head start!'



"Im soo happy for you!" I voice cracked.. like she was about to cry. Uh-oh....

"Wo... are you going to go emotional on me?"

"Its just..." yeaup...! She was!! the sniffle came in...

"Suni... seriously?"

"No no... its just... you're doing this right...."

"Oh God..." I felt a guilt trip speech coming up.

"No really.... I'm really glad this is how its going you and Shafa are perfect together....and its just... right... Im happy...."

I waited cause I knew this spiel wasn't over.... I didn't want her getting mushy and all emotional over this and I know with what had happened... maybe I shouldn't have told her.. not like this anyways...

"I ..." she must have reached for a Kleenex or something cause she blew her nose. "Im off to Vegas with Arinze for a conference"

"Oh..." It was a question.

"Ya.... he asked me.. I said ya...Toba also wants me out of town this weekend... says its unsafe. I guess I'm killing two birds with one stone.... "

"Suni... are you sure?" Cause I felt like she wasn't and she was just..

"No not really... but I'm scared for baby I wont lie. I don't entirely believe him but I somehow don't wanna take risks and I WOULD like to spend some time away and if it happens to be around a certain good looking doctor.... this is win-win for me...."

"Aww Suni..."

"Yea..." she stifled a yawn... and that seemed to snap her out of something."Well. That's that... so can I sleep now and you can bore my life with wedding details in the morning?"

"Of course of course...." I was concerned... I reached for my laptop anyways...

"And Yale?"

"Huuuh...?"  I opened Google and started typing "w.e.d.d.i.n.g-

"Please don't spend the next 3 hours googling details for wedding and wedding dresses. Do sleep..."

She said it so... nonchalantly I laughed... the girl knew me quite well...I continued " _.c.o.l.o.r.s"

"Fineeee.. just 1 hour...."

"Eh na you sabi.. night ... love you. And... congrats!"

"Thanks girl....Love ya... Byee" The search results that come up made me giddy. I was already loving coral.


I drove her back home. Because as much as I wasn't her biggest fan I still had a heart. It was 3am in the morning and I'm a nice guy.  I pulled to a stop in front of her house. She didn't get out.

"I'm sorry I'm being weirdly obsessed with getting back with-"

"Ronke its cool... "

"I just that I think-"

"-you should let sleeping dogs lie." I turned to look at her. "Ronke, I'm getting married. We wont ever work. Ever. Don't think too much on ....what happened."

She stared at me for a minute as if trying to figure out if I was joking or something. I held her gaze and ensured what she saw in my eyes was not uncertainty.

She make a "cluck" sound with her throat. People do that when they don't want to say you're wrong or when they're going to prove you wrong."Thanks for the ride... and the support" she opened the door. Then paused again. "Are you going to tell Yale about us?" she didn't wait for me to answer "I mean..about everything...." She wasn't looking at me when she asked, she just had her head turned back a bit while her foot was out the door. As though my answer wasn't relevant but just to satisfy her curiosity she waited.

"She already knows..." I lied. 

Again she didn't answer immediately. Then she said "Interesting." and stepped out of the car. She shut the door. It wasn't a slam but it was just as effective. I watched her walk to her door. She was barefoot with her shes in her right hand. I didn't however miss the brief look around she had. She was still scared. I got out of the car and jogged to her side. "Just in case douche-bag is still around"

She smiled. "You don't have to. I'll be fine. I think he's gone anyways... He knows I'll castrate him if he hangs around."

"Sure.." but I still walked with her. She dug in her purse for the keys while her shoes barely balanced under her armpits. once she found them she opened the door and paused for a bit before entering. She looked at me.

"Thanks, He's gone... I'm fine...Really"

I peered into the dark house. I wasn't.... convinced. "Where's your phone?" 
I walked into the house anyways and turned on the lights scanning the place. Yea it was empty. 

"Here..." she waved it in my face as if I was blind.

"And your house mate?"

"Went to her boyfriends..." She was staring at me checking out the place. She had a smirk on her face. The swelling on her eye was already down.. but it was still bruised.

"You're gonna have to do something with your eye. " She nodded but still watched me. I guess I better cut before what transpired at my spot repeats itself. "Ok...." I walked back to the door... "Lock it after me ..."

"Yes tDaddy" she said in a mock "ho to Pimp" tone.

"You're not serious..." I laughed..."K later..."

"Bye..."  It was a whisper. She shut the door after me and I waited to hear the click. 



I sat across from my father. He looked worse. The cancer, that he only just let me in on how far along it was, was reducing him to bones . The chemo was obviously failing.

 "You don't look healthy" I had to smile cause this was a case of pot calling kettle black.

"Dadi, they are around"

"I know. Shode called." Shode was my fathers best friend. They both held prestigious positions in the group. One of the few pairs of friends that actually remained friends and hadn't killed themselves from jealousy or greed. He adjusted in his wheel chair then attempted to swivel around so he wasn't facing me directly. He seemed weak. I wanted to get up and help him but I know my father. He detests being treated like an invalid. So I watched him. "Jo, help me turn this chair?" he said very gruffly. I complied.

I went back to my seat across the table. "They must know about Suni's pregnancy."
My father laughed. "And you think this because?" He was watching me closely.

"Well... they always know these things right?"

He had agreed to sit and talk with me. I wanted to find out if he would advice me on how to solve this issue. I however didn't trust him enough to let him know how deep my feelings for Suni ran. Even though I had the inkling that he already knew.

"My son... you need to relax yourself."

"Any why is that?" my voice rose a bit out of irritation. I relaxed. "I dont understand"

"You overestimate the knowledge of Olode. Wait for them to ask you about the situation.If they  now ask. Lie." This sounded like bad advice. Father smiled as though he knew I wasn't a hundred percent behind him with this mode of action. He explained further. "When I ensured you came over here, I was ensuring your safety..." I was puzzled by that statement and it must have shown on my face. "Toba, don't disturb yourself ehn... Just relax.." 

Sometimes telling one not to worry didn't actually eliminate the feeling. I stood up and paced. I wanted to break something. I felt.....claustrophobic.

"Haven't you ever questioned your existence based on the Olode?" I turned to look at my father. I hated when the conversation took this tone. "After all, you ARE my first son." I walked back to my seat and sat down.  No I had never given it a second thought, up until now. This I wanted to hear. 

Dadi  wheeled closer to the table and reached for the glass of water that had laid untouched since I had come in. He took a sip and dropped it back. "Olode for the most part deals in the supernatural. But there are loop holes. Myself and Shode" he tapped his chest with pride." discovered some." He waved his hand as though it was a topic he didn't want to go into detail in now. "See you only need to satisfy what they require. If they want a woman, you give them A woman." the emphasis he put on the "a" drove his message home already. " Awon obirin yen... all these your ladies. Pick one."

"Dad I don't have ladies....."

"Find one." He cut me short. "Toba you FIND one...." He paused for a moment. "This Akusuni....Its like you ...have strong feelings for her?"

"Dad I love this girl and she is carrying my ba-"

"Heehh!" He startled me into silence. I stopped mid sentence What was it?? "Don't you know the more you admit to these things openly the less likely it is to come out of it!" he glared at me like I was stupid for making such a statement.

"Dad I don't believe in this an-"

"Toba. Hold your tongue. Before it holds you hostage with the words you utter" I had nothing to reply to that. "What was I asking again?"

"Yes Dad, I have feelings."

"Then leave her. Find another girl, one you don't even like. And make her your woman. That would be who you point to when and IF Olode ask questions. So gbo?" This was preposterous. "Do you hear me Toba?"

I nodded. As much as it was far fetched. I was a man in a dessert and my father just handed me a glass of water. It made sense. In a freakish manner. 

"I suggest you find this girl and get acquainted before they show up. After all, there's a reason they called you Casanova." The name stung. I actually flinched. "Ah Ah...This shouldn't be hard for you."  I guess this conversation was over for him because he gave an empty laugh and swiveled his chair back to face the TV. 

We sat in silence for sometime, I'm unsure of how long. So many thoughts were rushing through my mind. Was I to just pick a random girl off the streets? How could I simple take a random person and literally use them as a possible sacrificial lamb. was this going to work out? I hated that I had to go back to the primitive cultist ways. But if this was a way out of this mess then I'd take it.  I needed to plot my game plan. I started making a mental lists of females I could bag. My dad didn't notice when I stood up and slipped out the back. Or he noticed and just didn't bother to acknowledge me.


F said…
Hmmm... I hate to nitpick but the Yoruba didn't flow at all... Noone says "Ko hard" and a man wouldn't refer to his son using "e"- it is a pronoun used for elders... The Toba/Dad part didn't work for me...

The rest was fantastic as usual, though... I love the scene with Yale and Suni. It just further depicted their awesome and deep friendship... Looking forward to the sexy doctor date. ;)

I see the tension is buildin between Ronke and Shafa- the guy wants her badly... Hanging around under the guise of checking for the evil boyfriend... *shakes head* Shafa, you are smoother than that now... Let's just hope he can control himself. :s
Anonymous said…
mmh i no like this eastern timing thingy o! i need to be first to read na haba :(:( ok maybe its cuz i have exams, mmh this summer na me n u! :P
Anonymous said…
mmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh interesting, very veryyy interesting * rubs hands together * i am liking this
T-Baby said…
Shafa should behave himself and leave that Ronke girl alone.

Looking forward to Suni's Vegas trip.

I am so excited for Yale.

The scene with Toba and is father was so weird. I have to agree with F on the issues with yoruba language. These olode people sound so creepy.
BBB said…
i dont like dis cult issue oh
its too scary
am not yoruba so the dad part sounded fine to me
i looooooove it'
Thanks guys... I wasn't toooooo pleased with the Yoruba part myself but it was something I wanted to implement... might have it refined...

@Ene... if I give general time now you'll fight me o!

KK... look out for the refined version of this, Ill probably just edit this post.. Merci beaucoup my inkers... oh the next episode is ALLLL about Suni & Arinze and a lil surprise!
neefemi said…
Yep gotta agree with F...the scene and language was just awkward ..... but everything else i loved and yes can we get done with this cult story ehn...mschewwwww the rubbish that people get into for money, & putting their family unknowingly into it....and o Ronke...karma is a bitch o, Shafa better be a man
Myzz D said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Myzz D said…
I disagree the Yoruba may be wrong in terms of the spelling...but I think the conversation is good....nowadays parents relate with their children on that level...I can imagine having this kind of conversation with my Dad.....I mean not the subject but the style....I think it's a good style....Good work...btw what is the result? How often can we expect the next episodes?
Myne Whitman said…
Why am I always coming late? LOL. This is smoking, I love it. Please more....
histreasure said…
loved it, as usual..

Ah, Shafa, Shafa, Shafa..hmmm, i hope he can try and not fall, at least, preserve hope that not all men can do this?
he's better go tell Yale everything otherwise, it wont wont

And Ronke..she's a write-off, her own cousin's man!! ah, some women
Anonymous said…
hehe r u indirectly calling me troublesome?
soliloquy said…
Shafa lied.... Hmm. This may not end well.

Jeepers creepers Toba.
F said…
@ myzz D... it wasn't the spelling, it was the grammar itself... people say "Ko le", never "ko hard"... it's just not an expression that is used... also the constant use of "e" is wrong cos no father wld refer to his son with a pronoun meant for elders... it's cool to see that it is being revised sha... YAY Suni and Arinze!!! :D Looking forward to it... :)
Fabulo-la said…
Gen gen geeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Biko pls dont make us wait too long naa!
Ms.O said…
hmmm SHAFA!!!! Stupid like most real life men...sigh!

Toba I just feel sorry for...
Myzz D said…
@ F...I understand your point but I don't think you get mine...people don't usually say things like 'Ko hard" but it is not me it is a style of speaking, using short forms, after all it is done in English all the time. Why can't it be done with Yoruba?

About referring to your elders, parents sometimes talk to their children like they are age I can imagine that Toba and his dad have that kind of relationship especially given the kind of things they are that case using e is acceptable...

But I see it has been revised basic point is that it can be considered a style of writing which I actually admire....not everything has to be the way people think it should be or sound like....e.g I can't remember her name now but there is this African American writer who refuses to capitalize at all...her books are completely written in lower case...which is definitely wrong in terms of grammar but people accept that as her style and she has even been recognized for it....I don't know why I'm writing an epistle...guess there is something in me that dislikes conventional things.....Enough said...Next episode please.......

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