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S2 W13. Moving On...

He had fallen asleep on my shoulder. His head was quiet heavy sha.... I peered out the window and tried to make sense of the abstract jumble of clouds. I could see....a pointing hand. Towards... VEGAS! Ha!! I laughed... it must have been out loud because Arinze stirred. Oops. I swear it was before I realized it, but I had reached to stroke his head...Immediately I realized... I stopped. My hand fell back down to my belly. It was hard and I swear bigger than it was...before. It still shocked me sometimes that I was a mother to be. Sometimes I would wake up forgetting that I was pregnant. I really wonder what she would look like. I'm so sure baby's a she. Call it "mother intuition". The air hostess walked down our aisle, I had noticed her preying eyes when we entered the plane ...2-3 hours ago? But I ensured that burning feeling of jealousy was repressed because Arinze was NOT my man. But it does make me burst with pride that he hadn't even given her a second glance. Haha.

A pang of hunger hit me. I stared down at the tray in front of me which already held about 3 packets of nuts. I hated nuts. But gaddamit these ones were divine. and they were keeping my growling tummy in check. I waved to the wanton hostess.

Did this heifer just ignore me? She walked in the opposite direction. What a trick! hiss.... I dipped my finger into the empty packet and swiped for the salty residue on the inside of the wrapper. sweet.

Arinze stirred and woke up. "Hungry?" He stretched....and I mean, its not like I was watching for it or anything but the crisp white shirt and the whole muscle pushing against. It was quite... sexy. I looked back at his face as I licked the rest of the salt off my fore finger.

"Your hostess groupie won't answer me." I faked a baby pout. "I'm reaaaallllllyyyyy hungry"

He laughed..."My groupie eh..."

"No kidding ... I'm sure if you just breathe in her direction she would come"

"Is everything ok Sir? Would you like a drink?" Ah ah... I didn't even know when she crept up behind us. Arinze laughed again.

He put on a charming smile. "Yes please and can you get us a couple more of the peanuts?"

"Yes sir" She pasted her "come hither" smile. She had really nice teeth though. I got to give her that one.

I spoke up "Thanks" as she walked to attend to our request. She didn't even acknowledge me. "I really should carry you around if I want swift service." I nudged him with my elbow and dropped the cleaned out packet back on the tray.


"I'll be happy to oblige" he was still smiling to himself as he rubbed his eyes off sleep. He squinted and looked at me sideways. Cause his eyes are gray it was almost as if he had no eyes... "Are you OK though?"

"Me?" I looked away and adjusted my seating position. "Im great...! While you were in dreamland I was relaxing and watching a movie..."

"Oh which one?" He looked at my screen but it was showing the flight route. I looked too. Seems like we had another hour to go.

"Princess and the Frog"

"Are you kidding me?" He seemed amused.

"What's wrong? Its an AWESOME movie thoughh" Cartoons are the business, Disney cartoons for that matter.

He laughed again "Your a character..."

For the rest of the flight we sat and had idle talk. We tuned in to transformers 2 on his screen and sort of kind of watched. He let me eat most of the peanuts but I tried to share. I noticed very little things about him. How his ears shifted back a bit when he laughed or opened his eyes real hard. Or that he had a vein that popped out, only a bit though, not in a freakishly gross manner. A vein popped out on his temple when he cocked his eyebrow. Which he did often, which every time he did, I just wanted to......sigh.

He spoke so highly of his family too.  He had a younger brother,by only 11 months. They were practically twins. Everything he spoke about somehow tied back to Ike. He called him Ike.  Like.. Aike Not... EYE-Kay, Not...E-Kay. It made me wonder how long he had been away from Nigeria.

"We moved here when I was 2years old. Went back home a couple of times... but haven't been back home for years now.........."

"No kidding, you call your brother Aike."

"But that's his name ...."

"EYE Kay.... E Kay!! You're saying Aike. Oyinbo pepe!" I grabbed the last peanut from the last bag.

"Abeg leave me joo" I cracked up even harder cause the way he said it just sounded wrong!

Arinze was very likable. Charming is the word actually. So the brother isn't African to the core, but it would be fun hearing him try. He told me  about the conference we were heading too, he let me know I wasn't obligated to follow him to all the boring talks and if I wanted to just chill in the hotel or go shopping or whatever I was free too. He seemed excited about speaking at the congress. He was going to be the youngest doctor to speak this year and he was focusing his speech on the importance of continuing research on final thesis'. Basically encouraging doctors to further their final thesis and not just leave it hanging.  I didn't care one bit for all this medical jargon. I just enjoyed the way he spoke. Enjoyed the excitement on his face when he spoke about what he ...spoke about. So I just... listened?  I think he was smart enough to know not to ask me any quizzing questions about what he just said.

"It's going to be fun... and we get to go out on Friday night..." I saw he seemed to watch me closer to see if I would be excited for going out in Vegas, maybe he was trying to understand my personality.

"Hmmm... Dokita... I don't know if it's responsible for you to go out in Vegas.. cause you know.... What happens in Vegas..."

"Sooooo you're not the going out kind?"

"I go out every now and then, but Ive heard gory stories of nights in Vegas... dude haven't you watched Hangover?" I was gauging him too, was he the kind of guy who wanted to go out but never did, or was he asking only because he thought I'd be interested?

"Haha, I'm responsible, but I think we can both have some fun... So...We'll see though... Just make sure you have a great time!"

The pilot announced our decent into McCarran International.
Ugh, I hate this part. I held on tight to handle and closed my eyes.

I felt Arinze's hand cover mine. And I smiled, without opening my eyes... I already felt better.


"Have you spoken to Toba lately?" I was flipping through a bridal magazine. Shafa was on his laptop. TV was on CNN, but it was on mute. I hate watching CNN with sound. I think the images are loud enough most times.

"Nah... why?"

"I dunno, you guys seemed to be a lot closer before"

"Yea man...." he stopped typing for a bit. "Hard to believe this Suni drama thing paused things."

"For real? That was the cause eh?"

"Ya.... he's recluse now I swear, doesn't talk to nobody."

"Messed up situation I find, the guy was always... I dunno... "

"Man he's my boy no doubt, but kai.... bro needs to get his shit together. I hope he pulls through though....I should call him" He had already pulled out his phone. I smiled... men had weird relationships. I bookmarked the page of this gown I saw. Not the best Ive seen so far, but it was cheaper.......

"Toba how far now... na Shafa." he stretched and put his hand behind his head. "My guy I never hear from you, 2 months almost reach, hope say they never kidnap you sha?" He laughed at whatever it was Toba said. "No now... I been tink say you too busy for boys now..." He laughed again.  They chit chatted for another five minutes about nothing. I had actually started to tune out.

"Wetin?" Shafa sat up a bit. "Get the fuckoutta here... You're lying?" He looked a t me for a split second then stood up..."Yo, are you sure?" He gave me the "gimme a minute" finger and walked towards the bedroom saying "Mhmm...mhmm". What was THAT about? I was tempted to walk after him and eaves drop when my phone rang.


"Guess who's soaking in a scented bubble bath?"

I laughed "You're not serious, is it nonsense soapy water you want to use to make me jealous?"

"We landed safely o, just wanted to let you know...."

"Thanks.....Hope the doctor is TREATING you well." I put well known emphasis on the treating.

"Ya, I'm feeling HEALED already!" we both laughed at our corniness. "Hows the fiance?"

Believe it or not, I blushed. "Hes fine... talking to-" I paused before finishing. For some reason, I didn't think divulging that information was necessary "-someone on the phone"

"Eya greet him o, and tell him to ensure that you don't make me wear an ugly dress as chief's bridesmaid. Its one thing that I'll be heavily pregnant, its another that you'd make me look schupid!"

"Habbbaa Suni.... I gatchur back men!"

She mentioned she had to round up and start getting ready for the conference thingy they were there for. We said our goodbyes and I clicked off. Shafa was still in the room. I could hear his voice. Whispering, but still audible. I tiptoed to the door.

" say na before you talk this thing, we for settle am." He paused to listen. I did the same. "Well just keep me posted for real. Yo let me dip...the wifey would start looking for me." Pause. Laugh. "Thanks men... Thanks...Aii... take care. Aii.. Bye".

I folded my hand and waited for him to open the door. He did and was startled. Good.

"Hows he?" I pasted on a smile on my face.

"He's fine.... were you standing here the whole time?"

"Why? Secret talks?"

"Nah, its just.. why would you be eavesdropping?"

"Why would you be having private conversations...."

"Ok, we are answering questions with questions now ba..." He slipped his phone back in his pocket and walked around me back into the living room. I followed him.

"So what's to settle?"


"What. Is. To. Settle?" Maybe enunciating each word would bring clarity to the question. He stared back at me. I could tell he was getting mad cause his upper lip twitched.

"Yale... for real. Its one thing that you're creeping to listen to my conversations like a freaking spy its another to start hustling me over it." He glared at me then turned to the TV.

I didn't say anymore for a bit. I sat back down and stared at him until he got uncomfortable.
"When your eye starts to pain you will look away" He got up and walked to the kitchen. I followed him.
"Yale what?"

"What are you hiding from me Shafa?"

"Nothing...Toba and I were just catching up."

"Then whats there to settle? I heard you."

"Next time you want to eavesdrop do it well and not half assed then start making a whole drama out of the whole thing. He says he's trying to lock down some deals with some marketing firms and his creative lead messed up. He's in a bind. Ok?"

I didn't believe him. And I know he knew this. "Ok." I walked back to the living room to pack my magazine and my keys.

"Need to run by my house to grab my stuff, would be back soon. Need anything?"


"Later then..."


"You were amazinggg!!" I hugged him again as we got into the cab.

"Eh...." he joking brushed imaginary dirt off his shoulder. we both laughed. He told the driver the address of the hotel and we started making our way back.

"I had fun!"

"Really? It wasn't too .....doctory for you?"

"What cause I'm a designer you think I'm too dumb to grasp medical concepts." In my case, that WAS the case, but that was not the case now.

"Noooo... alright, I'm glad you had fun for real. What do you want to do now though?"

"SLEEP!" I was soooo tired. I really hoped he hadn't want to go out.."Did you want to go out?"

"No no... Im pretty tired myself... Kinda hungry though, would you mind if I order take out? nothing puts you off yet right?" He meant appetite wise. I hadn't encountered anything yet. I was just a gredger now. I remember the peanuts from the plane. Ugh... should have packed some when we left.


He draped his arm around me and we enjoyed the strip. we were quiet for a while then he asked.

"You never really talk about the father...." I tensed a bit and he must have felt it...he squeezed my shoulder "I'm just wondering why?"

"He's nothing to talk about."

He didn't reply for a bit. "You guys dated?"

I know he didn't mean it in a rude way, but I was insulted. "You think I would just sleep with a random man?"

"No....." he squeezed my shoulder again "Sorry."

We said nothing for the rest of the ride to the hotel. When the driver dropped us I turned to Arinze. "Can we walk a bit?"

He looked tired..."Sure...are you ok to walk though?"

"Yes Doctor." I smiled. We started. People around were either drunk or...getting there. There were a bunch of adolescents yelling on the other side of the streets. The streets were alive and bright. I slipped my hands into his."We dated for 6 months. He proposed...I got pregnant...he told me to get rid of it...we ended." I wanted this short version to be enough information for him. I knew it wouldn't but ....I just wished anyways.

"Why did he want you to get rid of it..."

"You wouldn't believe.. hell I didn't myself."

"Try me..."

"He was a part of a cult... secret society... said my baby was for the,"

"No wayyyyyy"

"Yes way.....freaky huh?"

"He was for real?"


"Wow..............." He pulled me closer and we walked a bit more...after a while we decided to start making our way back "Did you love him?" another question thrown out at a random time.

"I love my baby more."

"So Yes."

"I'm beginning to realize that wasn't love Arinze."

He didn't say anything to that...and I didn't feel the need to...keep on talking. So for the rest of the walk back to the hotel. We just... walked.

It was beautiful out here.


"So you want to marry you wont tell me?" Ronke sounded hurt.

"What in the world, how did you know??"

"Am I not a professional gist finder. Abegi....that's not the point!"

"Wow... you never cease to amaze me sha.. but for real, Who told you?"

"Look forget that one.. Am I going to be on the train? I better be o, if not I wont feature your wedding on my blog."

"Ohhh blogger queen do not deny me off that privilege" Sarcasm always worked with Ronke.

"Ediiiaatt! So Shafa finally stopped deceiving himself and decided to propose. Wondersssss...."

"Ill take that as a congratulations. Thanks?"

"You are welcome sha. Anyways I'm happy for you."

"Thanks...and eya you'll be on the train for sure..."




"Can you wait for me to tell the fam before you start spreading the news.. cause you know how you are now..." I could literally HEAR her roll her eyes.

"Yea yea... so you're sure Shafa is the one...?"

"Ah ahn what kind of question is that of course I'm sure...."

"I'm just wondering now... cause remember how he did before now... leaving like that. God knows if he'll get cold feet again."

O...k? "Im sure about him.. and I believe he's sure about me if not he shouldn't have asked."

"True True... anyways you've caught a good one o... yaaayy!!! One of us is getting HOOKED! Cant wait for preparations to start.. have you chosen colors?"

I laughed cause her excitement was contagious. Mine kicked in automatically. "Nooo.. shit is the hardest thing! Will be doing soo soon enough."

"When's the date sef?"

"Er.... we haven't picked a date, but probably in a couple of months... 4 - 6?"

"Ok o.. sha Im coming by your place later this weekend we shall gist and prep well. Make sure of my connections!"

"Sure sure... kk take care ."

That. That was awkward ....what? Anyways sha....


Well Ronkus baby. You heard your cousin. 4 to 6 months. I'm sure you can clear your head by then. I dialed Shafa's number.


"Shafa....? Oh sorry meant to dial someone else. How far?"

"Ronke?" I mhmned back. "Oh...ok that's cool. I'm fine..."

"Alrighty,  later."

I clicked off. I just needed to hear his voice.


It went bad. Bad in the sense good results weren't going to come out of this visit. if ti wasn't cut short. They wanted Suni, I claimed  we had ended it SINCE. They didn't believe. Dad managed however to convince them that if Suni was the one then he would have known. He mentioned to me later this would be thoroughly questioned and might drag on. He suggested we make our way back home where things were better controlled. That was the decision.. Dad and I were going go back to Nigeria. Besides, he said, He never wanted to die or get buried in this foreign land. And he was sure his time was near.

For safety reasons I can't contact Suni, or Yale, as those two are inseparable. Shafa is a no no too as his mind has been turned by Yale...Ah wells. It was all for the best anyways. This was for the best. I'm so sorry Suni baby. I'm........I wish this wasn't the case with us. You deserved better. I hope you get better.

I thought of how my unborn child would look. If it would have any of my features. I hoped not.
I wondered if Suni would miss me. If she would even notice I was gone. I hoped even harder that that won't be the case.

This is for the best Toba, this is THE best solution. Dad and I would leave this weekend.


BBB said…
another post YAY
i loved it
i hate secrets
shafa shouldnt be keeping any
and ronke better get her head out of d cloud
before i smack her

the doctor sounds oh so sexy
great job
a few typos though
neefemi said…
i'm going to kill Ronke myself... i like how Shafa handled the situation with Yale, she knew better than to ask him.... Thank God Toba is leaving and awwwww Arinze and Suni, i love this
Anonymous said…
Is this fair?? is this sunday evening??? eh? i even did tary night for the post sef :P i are testing my loyalty o! :P
ok, now imma go read n probably kill ronke too
I love u Ene!!! Lol... no vex!better SMALLL late than VERYYY late!
@BBB : errors fixed thanks.. was tired...
@neefemi Toba....hiss... it was about time se?
Anonymous said…
*sniff* toba awwwwww, ha Ronke abeg na, find another shafa..

lol u are loving me now shie? after my tarry night. anyhow sha, u are forgiven :)
F said…
Wow... you guys are back. Hope the lady who lost her dad is holding up well sha...

Intrigues... Intrigues... Na wa. Ronke doesn't seem to just be lusting if she's sprung enough to want to hear his voice alone... The babe must want to thief Shafa proper- not just do and go... Hmmm...

Suni & Arinze = oh so cute! Yale & Shafa = calm before the storm... Den den den den... lol
Myne Whitman said…
This is really good, moving the story along nicely.
hahha ene thanks!

Thank you Tisha.. & Welcome!

@F... which lady??

Thanks Myne!!
soliloquy said…
Awww, I want a real live Arinze!
Anonymous said…
ahh love it! mehn babes are wicked oo!
Anonymous said…
it's been 14 days, o!!!!!!!!!!!
where is the next installment???!?!?!?
Anonymous said…
Hey People

i wanna purchase a movie but its a blu-ray one....i don't have a blu ray player though....can it still perform??

Thx !

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