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S2 W11. ...And the rains would come.


I couldn't answer. Couldn't find my voice.It was lost somewhere in the ruckus that was set off in my system.  I was staring at Shafa like he had a third eye.

"Yale?" He gave an uncomfortable short laugh. "Are you going to answer me?"

"Baby....." I took his face in my hands and started laughing. I couldn't stop it. It came right from the pit of my belly and uncontrollably spilled out of my lips. I hugged him so tight!

"I'm assuming you're happy..... and...." I continued laughing hysterically "Yes Yale? You would right?"

I looked at him still in stitches...."Yes babe...Of course!"

"Hahahah! Mhhhmmmnn!!!" He whooped and lifted me into the air in one swoop.

He wants me to be his wife. Im going to be a wife. a WIFE like not a babe o. A woman that is ONE with a man. A man she loves. A freaking lick your lips and have your panties in a bunch looking kinda a man. A that loves ME back. Enough to ask me to be his forever. Meeennnnnnnnnnnnn........I can't even being to comprehend my luck. I did NOT see this coming I mean. Ive always thought subconsciously that it would be nice to be married to Shafa... but It was one of those... LATER dreams. Like it wasnt even a.... I didnt think of it urgently like that. But.... OMG!!! OMG!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Im going to marry Shafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes bitches... you are now free to HATE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

We had been hugging each other tightly all this time....

"Thank you so much Yale..."


We broke apart and just sat and looked at each other. 

We said it at the same time. then laughed.

"Soooo... you deemed it fit to ask me to marry you without a ring. Abi the rice and meat was my ring?

"Hahaha can that work?"

"Oh shush!"

He came and shoved me with his butt so he could share my chair "Well I wanted you to choose your ring."

"You know I ain' cheap when it comes to these things, hope the credit card is ready!"

"Don't broke us before we marry o!"

I just had to smile....We were getting married. I was going to be Mrs.Yale Johnson.....ohhh that sounded sexy already. Yale Dairo-Johnson....hmmn...Yale D Johnson...?

"Yale? snap out of it...."

"I leaned in to kiss my 'fiancee'..."So when are we going to get my rock?"


That had to be Arinze.  I walked back to the door when the doorbell rang not too long after Toba left.

"Hey...." he had a look of concern when I opened the door.

"Hey you... please come in...." I opened the door wider to let him inside. but quickly rushed onwards to wards the living room. "Sorry for the inconvenience had an impromptu visitor..." I trailed off and turned to look at him. He was still standing at the door. "Wassup?"

"Nothing..." he had a weird expression on his face. Something like....indecision. "Er...Are you ok?"

"I will be..."

He looked deeper at me for a split second then... sighed and switched to a visibly lighter mood. Maybe to make me feel better....."Hows .....the little hommie?"

I laughed... "Hommie???"

"Yes now..." he gave a sly smile like he was pleased..

"What if its a girl?"

"Him?? A babe? Dont let him hear you o, he'd be insulted."

I laughed out loud. This guy was not even serious... "You're not serious Arinze. Please stop standing at my door like that come and sit... can I offer you a drink or something?"

"Well I have to be back at the hospital in a bit.. I however did mention I had a lil something something for you..............." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a slip. "Come sit..." he patted the couch space beside him.

 I went and sat. "What is it?" I curiously tried to peer into his hands...

"Well its a special invitation to the annual Young doctors congress... its in Vegas this year. And Im a guest speaker"


"Its 1 day really, on a Thursday...butttt its in Vegas annnddd I was offered the entire weekend  at the 'Venetian. and this package is plus one." He smiled suspiciously at me. "I've been working like a dog for.... a long time....I need a break. And I utterly REFUSE to take my cousin Ugo again."

I laughed... "Ugo huh..."

"Yes. Anyways, Suni....I want you to come with me"  He beamed.

"To Vegas?" He nodded then sat back watching my reaction.

"Oh... and..." He smiled devilishly again "its THIS Thursday..." He sat back again.

How convinient. Should I take it...? I would LOVE to spend the weekend with Arinze, and see him in his element. I would LOVE to go to Vegas... have some nice pampering time. But I would HATE to comply with Tobas useless suggestion gone.

"Suni, its going to be great I promise... or you have something else planned? "

"Not even... tis just....." Take it Suni. This is a win win anyways... Take it. "Ok...."


"Ok Ill go......" I smiled.

"Wow that was easier than I thought....."

"I'm unpredictable like that...." He smiled a satisfied smile. This was going to be ok Suni. Like I said.. win-win situation. 


Me and Yale had talked rings for the rest of the night. I had brought out my MacBook and we had googled ourselves to exhaustion. She insisted on sleeping at her place that night claming that my seductive effort were futile. She already knew my ulterior motive. The girl had issues sha. But I am happy. I feel like I just made a killer deal and only I know that its a cash cow. I laughed to myself as I pulled back into my driveway but my laughter was cut short. I noticed someone sitting on my steps. A someone who looked a hell lot like Ronke.

Oh Lordy Lord....

I took my time in parking and getting  out of the car. Trying to sharply think of a splendid excuse to get her away fast. I wonder what the issue was this time. Maybe she needed a ride... if it was to Far Away I'd gladly assist her.

"Hey Ronke...." She was sobbing. I  couldnt help my self. I rolled my eyes. "Whats wrong?" Because I didnt want her in the house I dropped beside her on the porch.

She kept on sniffling. Her head in her hands she didn't even answer me. She started crying a bit harder.  Something gripped in my chest. I moved closer. "Ronke whats the problem?" I waited... more sobs. "Im not a mind reader........." This babe really needs to get her shit together I thought to myself. "Should I call Yale?" She whipped her head up. Ehen... I knew that would get her -

"Whoaa!" My thoughts were cut short by her black eye. I immediately reached for her.

"N-no... don't" she hiccuped and winced. "She'll f-f-freak out-t-t"

"What in the hell happened to you Ronke???" I touched her face she gave a loud yelp.

"Its painful pleasee....." she scooted away and continued sobbing... I jumped up adn puller her with me.

"Come inside... put some ice on that...." I fumbled for my keys and found them and  quickly opened the door. "You have to tell me what happened. An emotion.. it felt like anger... was rumbling in my belly.

She timidly walked into the house and straight to the couch. Her sobbing was siltent but loud.

"Ronke. Tell me now." I had shut and locked the door and now stood over her. I wanted an explanation if I had to offer help. And she needed it.

"I always get the douche bag Shaffy... thats what happened. I got the douche."

I needed a bit more, pardon my cluelessness. "As in....?"

"A guy who claimed to like me punched me in the fucking face." She raised her voice in anger. "He said I should never raise my voice at a man!! Can you imagine the asshole? HE FUCKING PUNCHED ME!!"

I was.....not surprised. She did have a mouth on her but dammit no man should do this to a lady.
A small voice at the back of my head said "Ronke isnt entirely a "lady"..... I immediately felt ashamed for thinking that. She was hurt for Christs  sake.

"Im going to sue the motherfucker....This is domestic violence!!" She started weeping again. I couldnt help comfort her. First of all I needed her calm... second of all I needed her out of the house ASAP... If I knew this girl well.... "Its ok.... shhhhh.." I rocked her....

"Shafa I wasn't even rude or anything I swear. I know I can be a smart mouth at times but all I said was that he shouldnt be disrespecting me and chatting up other girls in my presence."

"Whats his name?"

"You dont know him..."

"I'm sure I'll know some people who will, what's the name?"


"I told you to leave these Oyinbo guys you wont listen!"

She laughed small...."He was cuuuteee and he was.......cute" she said it again as if it dawned on her that was the only good thing about this idiot.

I shook my head..."Let me get you something for your eye." I stood up but she clung to me...

"No just....." Ah ah. "I just need to sit down small...."

"Ok... sit.. let me get the ice pack so the swelling can reduce small...did any one see this happen??" I peered closely at her eye... the swelling wasn't that bad but it was there.

"His roommate..... but he's just a big of an asshole. He was giving him props....." she pouted..."I didnt know where else to go, He knows where I stay and I just didn't fee safe.... I kind of....... slapped him back... then ran for my life...."

"Sheesh Ronke..."

"No one punches me in the face and gets a way with it o.. lai lai..." she tried to squeeze her face but only ended up wincing.

"Yale would only freak out and insist on raising hell this night and... My head hurts and I.... Im hurt...this shit is just fucked up like.... " tears trickled down her cheek. "Man.....Im just tired...."

I used this introspective moment she was having to go the kitchen and get an ice pack for her eye. I was tempted to text Yale. I didnt. I knew what Ronke meant. Yale would just add headache for everyone else with her panic and concern and...fussing. And I can imagine how Ronke didnt want all that right now. Ill message her in the morning. I brought the pack back and handed it to Ronke... "Put it onteh eye"

"But it hurts..."

"Well it'd hurt more if you dont compress it now...Oya" I thrusted teh pack in ther face.. she took it and  put it very.... awkwardly on the eye it wasnt even touching it completely. "No... put it..." I took it from her and put it the right way...."Ok hold it..." She placed her hand over mine. Before I took  my hands off it, I noticed the way she looked at me.....through the one ok eye. If trouble had a face.. this was it.

"Can I stay here till tomorrow?" she was pleading. And I was not going to succumb.

"Why dont I take you to..."

"Dont even say Yale's...."

"No not Yale.... Suni's...?"

She scoffed. "Suni doesn't like me."

"Really?" This wasnt news somehow. "Nah Im sure... she'd be nice to assist shes not a bitch like you..."

She smiled....I dont know if she did it on purpose but the smile was sexy.... "Its not my fault."

"Right..." i stood there and watched her watch me watch her compressing the eye. She knew I wasnt comfortable having  her here. But she also knew she had a soft spot with me.

"Do you ever think of us?"  I didnt see that coming.

"Whats there to think about?"

She smiled slowly again.... then jsut nodded. "Nothing I guess." she laughed to herself I guess in an attempt to peak my curiosity as to what she was laughing about. I wont play this game. Not tonight sha. When I didnt answer she spoke again. " Its just that I think I end up with all thse nonsense guys because I cant find one that tops you Shafa."

I stared at her intently. I knew this was gonna come back and bite me in the ass. I should never have touched her. "Ronke what we had...."

"Was the best thing that has ever happened to me." She tried to finish off...

"No Ronke.. it was nothing."


I sighed. This was going to be a long night.

" couldn't get over my body. You LOVED it...."

"Your body Ronke...."

"And me....?

"Not the way you expected Ronke... I mean... I care for you your welfare everything. Its paining me that maga touched you Id deal with that later... but man.. Ronke me and you cant ever work...." she had dropped the icepack and was staring at me now. Painfully.. fresh tears were rolling down her face and it was obvious it wasn't from the Robby punch. "I proposed to Yale."

 Its odd that she'd be the first to know... but I needed her to get me out of her head, system and stop trying to ruin things. Her jaw  slightly dropped when I said that..


"A few hours ago..."

"No way..." she said more to herself than to me. I just sat and watched her... hoping the whole thing was beginning to sink for her.

She dropped the ice pack beside her and then stood up.

"Where are you going?" she walked towards me. I had this very cowardly urge to RUN. "Ronke..."

As she reached me  I stood up. "See...." I towered over her. "let me take you to Suni's"

"Shaf....You really don't want me?" she was peering straight into my eyes now.

I dont know if I said it out loud... or in my head.. or in my heart I sha said it somewhere.
Then she ran her hands up my chest...

"WHOOAA! Ronke... " I stepped back and held her arms at arms length. "Quit this bullshit now." My voice had turned to ice.... but where she touched me burned. See Ronke is a weak spot for me and this is because she knows my weak spots. All of them. Even the ones I dont know about. During our very short lived fling... she was a whizz in finding and mastering all my spots... she was an artist when it came to that.

"Shafa......" I glared at her....and she smiled back devilshly. "You still want me."


~B~ said…


God pls giv Shafa d strength t say NO! *fingers crossed*
kay9 said…
Hmm, i'll just wait n see how dis plays out.

But mehn, if i was Shafa ehn...
Ms.O said…
Fauxlox!!! OMG! Ronke Ronke Ronke..what God has joined together let no man put asunder...Anyhows..I'm liking the Suni and Arinze story..:) when are we introducing my name to this story?
Anonymous said…
Kai! i shld have juss stayed up late o! my stalkiratu skills juss fail me this one time! this oneee time!!!!!!!!
Tisha said…
Shafa should drive that gal away
or he'll ruin his marriage before it's even started.

...and break his sweetie's heart
Myne Whitman said…
Why is Shafa giving the devil a chance and so soon after proposing? Haba!

Nice one though, keep it coming.
F said…
I bind Ronke o... This is some deliverance sturvs right here... SMH Shafa and Ronke are soooo good together, Ronke better not ruin it.

The Suni and Arinze development is heading along nicely... It's only a matter of time before Toba sucks up his fear and declares that he wants her back... Wahala meeeen... lol
T-Baby said…
I hope Shafa can resist Ronke. I am happy for Suni and Arinze. That girl should just go to Vegas before Toba's people come into town. Please how long till the next episode? I had to wait forever for this one.
T-Baby said…
I hope Shafa can resist Ronke. I am happy for Suni and Arinze. That girl should just go to Vegas before Toba's people come into town. Please how long till the next episode? I had to wait forever for this one.
soliloquy said…
LMAO! Yale is a case "I am going to marry Shafa, Yes bitches, you are now free to hate!" Lol.

Ronke is the devil's incarnate. Seriously... what is her problem???
Fabulo-la said…
Men will be men.

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