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W13. Moment of Truth

"So... what you are trying to tell me here Mr.." I had to squint to see the name on his tag "...Mr Seth, is that I have to pay you $400 extra just to upgrade from the 2 single rooms to the 2 bedroom suite? You have to be kidding me!"

"Ma'am the suite you're requesting for is a luxuriou-"

"Luxurious my ass! I know the suite your talking about so don't tell me its luxurious! That small place?" The hiss I let loose ehn, even I felt bad! "See Mr Seth, I'm a valued customer here, Look up my name , Miss Y. Dairo, so I expect to receive a proper discount."

The boy looked scared, he was young couldn't be more than 19. "Ma'am the best I can do for you is offer you the referral discount of $50 off, but you would have to give me details on the referrer..." I was insulted, $50 off a grand is still a grand to me sha! Obviously this boy didn't know who he was messing with.

"Look is Robert around?" He looked lost. See his head, like a fish! "Robert McIntyre? Your boss, the head manager?"

A light bulb seemed to have flashed in his narrow head, I felt bad abusing the boy, it was not his fault, but $400 for what? I would fight you o! I was cheap like that.

"Oh no ma'am Mr McIntyre is gone for the day...." you could see that it registered in his brain that I knew people around here...on a FIRST name basis...So... he had better recognize o!

Truth is I knew Robert McIntyre very randomly. He was a close friend of my boss at work, so we had met several times at the office. He knew me I knew him, but we weren't padi's like that, but I just had to throw out his name so this boy knew I knew in high places.

"Well..." I pulled out my cellphone and started muttering to myself "I told Rob that this was going to happen, but No-o he wont listen. I hate being inconvenienced like this..."

My dear friend Seth's face went from white to..white-ER! " Er Ma'am..." I paused "I'm sure there are other discounts available if you just give me a moment..." That's what I thought! I put my cellphone back and waited. Seth got clicking away.

"Hehehehehehehhehehehhhehehehe you're not serious!" No.... it can't be.
"'re going to give me ab's by force o Shafa!" It flipping IS!!!

I stood up so straight and so suddenly that Seth looked up, awkwardly for that matter, at me. Looku Looku Lucozade! My friend face front!! Why was that girl always so loud? Must the whole world know your getting ab's exercise.

I heard Shafa's voice, a bit at least he was smart enough to understand the acoustics of this place and NOT shout? He was probably telling her he wasn't that much of a clown or something because loud mouth Jackie went on to announce to us that

"Yes you are!! In fact you should consider stand up" If that was her attempt at being counter-funny, hia!

I stood VERY still hoping they carried their comedy act outside fast. I wanted Seth to hurry up but I was to scared to voice my urgency, being that every voice can be heard....Why was I even being like this sef? I might have enjoyed some recent days with Shafa and I might be thinking that maybe...we might e making progress back to being ...oh I don't know!! Either way, somehow, I still had the unconscious will to just be unseen by him while he frolicked with his new admirer.

"Ah! Miss Diaro I found it!" Oh father in heaven above us all! Why was the boy shouting now?? I just stared at the boy, I should probably be smiling back at the fact that he has done his work well and gotten me a worthy (had better be) discount, but the FISH HEAD just probably casted me now.

"I- ..." he seemed unsure of my stance. He looked around him at God knows what. "I was able to get you the suite on a 50% discount ma'am, b-but" he looked around again, trying not keep eye contact, my frozen glare must really be creeping him out, but I cant help it! "you would have to pay the whole fee no..ww..." I meant to say thank you out loud...but I was still standing very still and staring at him like he didn't just get me a VERY juicy deal....I heard footsteps and heels walking my way. Would it be to late to hope that the people approaching weren't Shafa and his new play thing?

"Oh, it's Yahhliiiii" Loudspeaker! Who asked you?

I snapped out my frozen state "Thanks Seth, that sounds perfect!"
I flashed Mr. Seth a warm smile, he had indeed done a good job! I turned around to acknowledge our visitors.

"Hey-yyyyy Shafa...." I smiled like I only just noticed him! After I hugged him I turned to face madam. "Er..." I snapped my fingers like I was trying to recall a name that was JUSST at the tip of my mind "Jessi....No...Jamie?" the babe actually looked hurt, Shafa just smiled.

"Jackie! Jacqueline...? Remember we met at..."

"Oh Yea yeaaa! Jackie!!" I gave her a hug. To outside onlookers it was warm. From over her shoulder, I could tell that Shafa knew my mind.

"We are ready to receive payment Ms Diaro.." Sethy Seth Seth! Number one Fish head! Thank you for the interruption sha.

"Thank you... Sorry excuse me let me quickly clear this" that was to Shafa and his babe.
I signed the receipt, and Seth started rambling on about the policies and checking in and out times.

"Yes I know! Trust Me...." I smiled and thanked my paled face now turning red friend . Myself Shafa and Jackie started walking towards the door.

"I see you got the suite..." Sherlock Holmes! Of course he would SEE... I smile..

"Amebo, how did you know..."

"I knowww ayy....hmn Shaferr!!!" Youuuuuu who asked you? Like seriously Jackie this is an A - B conversation! Ah Ahn!

He laughed. "So......what's the plan, special night?" He put his hands in his pockets. When Shafa put's his hands in his pockets, he is uncomfortable. The possibility of me booking a suite for a rendezvous is making him uncomfortable...hehehe Score!

"And it concerns" I was smiling devilishly at him.

"Really Shafa, it's none of your business the reason shes booking the suite..." Jackie, I don't know if it was a whisper attempt, but we all know the girl's volume cannot go below high.

"Relax jo, it's not that serious... My mom's is coming in this weekend."
We had reached outside and it was time to split up.

Shafa took his hands out of his pocket "Oh really? Visiting?"

"Something like that, you know my moms"
Shafa had met her a couple of times, she was fond of him to an extent until lately, no one hurts her baby and goes un-disliked!

We smiled at each other for a silent moment. It would have been comfortable silence if Jackie all of a sudden disappeared. But No-o, she was here and VERY uncomfortable.

*cough cough* "Remember the Dowe's meeting Shafa..." She looked at us like she was sorry to have broken something, binch. She tapped her watch "...Time...gotta go"

"Oh ya! Yale we'll yann later for sure yea?"

I had already started walking backwards towards my car "Yea for sure..." I smiled. "See you later Jamie!"

I turned around and fast walked to my car, but I still caught the annoyed look on Jackie's face. Hehehehe! I had gotten an awesome deal from the hotel, and I just pissed off Jackie, all in all my day wasn't going too bad!


De'Hadiza had lost weight. Big time.

She used to be full, like full and healthy and always laughing, but she looked drained. And thinner. I hugged her first even before mommy!

"De'....." She always smelled on point though. Some expensive scent like this.

"Yah-le " when De' said my name it was like she was had the hiccups."How are you my baby ?"

"I'm fine aunty..." I turned to mommy "Mommyyy!!!" I hugged her hard, it doesn't matter that I'm almost a quarter century old, I still miss my mommy and want to be babied by her when I see her.

"Ozime" she hugged me back warmly..gosh I missed feeling this loved.

"Let's go drop off your baggage, have you eaten?"

"Honestly Yah-le, I just want you to take me to Suni's place now."

"De' you really should rest first..." Why was I stalling again? Maybe the guilt trip of having to explain to Suni what her mother is and MY mother are doing on her front step.

"Yah'le please..."She looked too tired to argue "I have to see Suni now. My mind is not at peace."

I was powerless, De'Hadiza looked pained and...I just had to oblige. "Ok...."


"Suni.. where are you?"

"I'm home o, wassup?"

"Ok I'm coming by now..."



" now now?"

"No-o like next year....I mean now... it's quite... urgent."

"Well it's just that..." she hesitated...were she and Toba getting it on? she had better get her act together because...ah.. she cannot kill her mother!

"See Suni, if you're doing the do, round up because I'll be at your door in 15minutes!" I had to whisper small so that De' and Mommy didn't hear me.

"Ok Ok.. but er.. ya, any ways you'd see when you get here"

"See what?" I head Toba's voice in the background but couldn't make out what he was saying.

"Oh I have to go now... see you in a bit!" she sounded excited? Hmm...


I rang the door bell, my heart was beating so fast.

I stood well in front of the peep hole so that if she or Toba looked through it it's my face they'd see. I heard footsteps approaching the door.

Moment of Truth.


"YALEEE YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHO'Sss......"Suni's voice trailed off when she saw her mother's face. She dark, but I swear she paled. "Mommy....?"

"Akusuni....Akusuni.... Akusunii" De' had already pushed me aside to hug Suni. She was crying.

I stepped back, behind mommy, I so didn't want to be here now. Suni was staring at me the whole time her mother was bathing her with tears. She looked stunned and hurt.

I felt like SHIT to say the least.

"Mo-mo...mommy what are you doing here..." She tried to hold her mother back so she could look at her face.

"To come and see for myself. You're killing us from here Aku...You're killing ME!"

Mommy took the initiative to start hoarding them into the house before neighbors started to look outside their windows. Suni seemed reluctant to enter.

"No wait we-"

"Aku baby, we cannot have this outside, let's go inside" That was mommy trying to keep things under control.

Once we got into the house and I closed the door, I knew something was up.

Toba had come to see what the commotion was about. His face was now ash too.

"G-good evening.....Ma" he seemed unsure of what to call the two older women standing in his girlfriend's house. He had better be smart and notice the uncanny resemblance between Suni and her mother. He did the doh-bah le that boy's do.

I was still hesitant to make a move, but I heard movement in the living room so I knew someone was here.

Mommy picked up on it too... "Oh.. it seems you have visitors..."

Toba and Suni looked at each other.
I looked at them.
Mommy looked at me.
De' Hadiza stopped crying.

"Yes Aunty... To-Toba's Dad is here"



D-Niggaz said…
Mehn.....see as Yale just hustle that poor boy(Sethy, Set or Seth). He was jobbed big time. And Suni doing the

Can't wait for W14........Gbeske!!!
Ademidayo said…
Really good plot and execution of plot.........the suspense making eager for the next episode.
Ms. Catwalq said…
Went through the entire installment as it is and found it an easy and enjoyable read. I am not really a fan of African fetish and dark supernatural references but this was presented in a way that was plausible and palatable for those like me.

As far as the characters go, I am sort of liking Jackie. I see her as one of those ditsy females who does mean well but can't quite execute. For Shafa, the jury is still out and Toba might actually be a nice guy, no?
~Butterfly~ said…
Den den deeeeeeeeen!! FACE OFF!!!
Fabulo-la said…
wow everytime i think u cant take it further u do!
lool what d hell is going to happen now?
ManCee said…
Your Shafa saga...nice
2 birds with one stone eh?

I see you are obviously in touch with ur inner naija...way you handled Seth
Ms.O said…
hahahaha! I LOVE IT!!!!!
@ D-niggaz: Welcome welcome! Gbeske!

@ ademidayo: thanks a lot!!!! Don't worry we'd try not to disappoint!

@ Ms. Catwalq: ur presence is duely noted and appreciated, thanks for coming through and Im glad u love it! means a lot! Toba being a nice guy??? HHAHAHAHAH! We'll see...

@ Butterfly: "I will telll mommmy fooo youuuuuu!!!"

@Fabulola: HHaha i need to keep you guys wanting more.. ko easy!

@ManCee: Sethy Seth Seth... my main fishhead.... stupid boy like this next time he won't be dulling.

@ Ms .O: I love u ooo!! for youuu I write! hehheheh!
soliloquy said…
For some reason, Jackie reminds me of the character Hilary from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Well done!

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