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W10. Family Feuds

I know I'm being too uptight about this, but I really all of a sudden felt very uncomfortable telling Shafa this gist.

"Nothing much, she just kept on saying over and over again how it was a bad idea...." I averted my gaze... "I just found it weird you know..." I found solace behind my glass of water.

"Really." He sat back and studied me, he sounded and looked very sarcastic. I guess I wasn't selling my story well.

We were silent for a minute, me thinking on my sudden change of mind in telling and Shafa watching me like he was wondering why I wasn't telling him something.

He said it so loud, I kind of jumped. "Ah... sorry oh!"

"You hit the table noww!"

"I guess we are going to be playing cat and mouse on this subject forever if I let you, but here's the deal. I.." he paused for emphasis as he pointed to himself "...personally think it IS weird that they are trying to get hitched so fast, are you sure Suni is not pregnant?"

I had thought about it too, but I remembered our conversation before she sprang all this information on me and I had blatantly asked her and she had said no....and Suni is NOT a good liar.. especially to me. So....

"No... I doubt it. I would have known"


"What again? Why? You think she is?.." I was sure she wasn't... like 70% sure.

"I dunno men, why else would they be rushing?" Ask me o!

"She says they ...and I quote, "don't want to waste time"" I gave him the can-you-believe-that-shit look.


We both burst out laughing.


*brrrrrr brrrr*

My phone was already beside my ear because I had slept on it. Shafa and I were kind of talking till late and -

*brrr brrr*

"Hello...?" I was half asleep but I still subconsciously hoped to hear his voice.

"Y-yale....Ya-ya-leeee?" Suni sounded like she was about to choke. She was crying. Hardddd! My eyes cleared fast. I sat up quickly.

"Ah Ah! Suns, What is it? What happened?" I stretched to turn on the side lamp, the bright red numbers from my side table clock read 3:30am. What the hell is going on? "Suniiii, WHAT is going on?"

She managed to take a breath through her sniffling. "Everything Yale o! Everythingggg is the fucking problemm!!!"

"Ok, Suni, I'm still lost, what exactly happened. And please stop crying before you choke!!" She was still hiccuping and trying to breathe at the same time.

"I told them.."

"Told who what? What are you talking about?"

"I told my parents o ...I told themmmm.." Oh, boy!


"Well, of course they weren't pleased, but that's the small part." I threw the covers back and went in search of my shoes. I sensed pone talk might not be enough tonight.

"Ehen...?" Quick run to the washroom. Mouthwash... I'm sorry but I'm sure even in her state she would appreciate favorable breath!

"Well, you know my mom, she said over her dead body, but it was daddy. He said...H-He -he said..." she started bawling uncontrollably again.

Phone conversation would definitely not work.

"Ok calm down Suni, you're at home right?"

Hiccup. Sniffle.Wail. Wail. Hiccup. "Yes...."

"I'm on my the door abeg."

I turned off the lights, locked my door and broke city laws with my speeding.
Let me see the NFA cop that would try and stop me now.


A normal 20minute drive took me 8.

"Wow....did you fly??" Her eyes were bloodshot. She looked horrible!

"Men Suni, you DO NOT look bonz right about now..." I hugged her because, that's the first thing to be done. Hugs do a whole lot I tell you. Where words fail you... you hug.

"Trust me, I look beautiful compared to how I feel."

We walked to the living room where I saw a mountain of Kleenex tissues. This crying had apparently been going on for a while, or she just liked to waste tissue.

"So what did your dad say?"

She took a deep breath. "Not only is it over my dead body that you would marry that evil child, but I will first of all KILL him before he comes near my family!"

"Whoa!" Ok, that was a bit much, I mean I can understand not being happy because of hastened marital plans, but killing again.. habba.

"I know, I was kind of shocked too, like I didn't understand...." She attacked her box of tissue again because tears started falling. I waited for her to explain more. "Toba's family is very sketchy." Uh oh. "Like he used to tell me some real scary stories of like family fights and all that. Like his mom is the 3rd wife or so, but he's the first son. And just funny funny stuff..." I still didn't get....FULLY. "His dad is like very... fetish..." I guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree! "But because of the way he treats Toba's mom, like verbal and physical abuse and stuff, Toba is not very fond of him and he feels he can't like do anything. His mom sef makes matters worse, because she encourages him to stand up against his dad and she's always suggesting verryyy weird methods. Its a long story men...."

I must have had my WTF face on because she quickly went on "No No, Toba is the good guy here. He doesn't want to be a part of all this charade, that's why he wants to just make his own family here and just like....leave. Like he doesn't want to have to deal with all the nonsense drama anymore."

"For real?" And I meant that in not a curious way. But I guess Suni didn't catch on.

"Yea... now the painful part. Remember when my Uncle Hassan died?"

I recalled the time quite vividly. Uncle Hassan is Suni's dad's twin brother. He had been running for a Senate seat at the time. Suni had had to go back home because it had apparently been a huge scandal. He had died quite a horrible death. They had found him in his trunk with vital parts of him missing. I can definitely remember the time.


"Well. Dad believes it was Toba's father that was responsible for Uncle Hassan's death."


Lola said…
Na wa o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tope said…
WOW, I read all 10 webisodes today and now I'm crushing on an imaginary character lol u are good!
just cos u moved countries dont mean the juju cant touch you. Toba is an idiot and a satanic individual. I like this.
Anonymous said…
looooool @ june....tell em why u mad son ahaha its not real o
hmmm owner these stories are addictive i find myself discovering new ways to bypass my work places site blockers just to re-read these episodes....the wait period is tooo long joh oya 11!!!

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