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W14. Sometimes Sweet Mother

I think I blacked out.

No I didn't black out... I.. tuned out. I swear all I was seeing was Suni's mouth saying something, Mommy just staring, De' just looking torn.

What sort of...of...of....hiss. Wo.... I'm too young for heart attack

"Well Suni your mother has to sit down now, so....."
Mommy trailed off, what was she even saying sef? Like ok De' has to sit down, but WHERE? I doubt the woman can handle sitting next to the man that supposedly murdered her husbands brother. Like this is some real.... bastardized pack of nonsense.

Toba finally snapped out of his own shock... me I was still dulling in mine.
"Please excuse me..." Yes Toba, smart move you dumb ass, leave your poor supposedly fiance to deal with what to do with her mother, where is the bofun running to now?

Suni looked lost too. "Mommy come and seat down please..." she took her mothers hands and started her towards the kitchen. See error.

"AKUSUNI O!!!!HEW!" De' broke down in tears again. I felt like huddling in the corner and just disappearing. "AKUUUSUNI! YOU HAVE KILLED ME!!" She hit her chest so hard when she said that I flinched. "SO IT IS NOW THE KITCHEN YOU WANT TO DEPOSIT ME IN!! AHHHH!!" De' was wailing. " ADA HEAR THIS O!" She held on to my mom as if asking her how she could witness the disrespect and remain calm!

Toba came running back. "What happened?" he looked ruffled. I almost laughed.

"Mommy No... As in..." Suni used that moment to look in my direction. I looked away fast. What could I do now?

"Aunty please...." Toba tried to touch her...

"Wehhhh!!!" that was like the expression for "OVER MY DEAD BODY!"
De' recoiled as if Toba was the devil.

Suni jumped in again to try and take over "Toba please let me handle this.... I-I can handle this..." she started crying.

I seemed to snap out of my frozen state at the point. I literally brought on this calamity by simple NOT warning Suni about this. I had to at least do something. Anything?

"Mommy please take De' in the kitchen..." Mommy shot me a deadly look "...for now. Until things are settled. Pleasee...." I shoved mommy towards De' and expected her to start making moves. Trust, she delivered.

I took Suni by the arm and dragged her towards her room. Of course we had to pass the opening for the living room in order to get there. I tried not to look in. I really did not want to face Toba's father now. Not that he knew me.

"Wh-what are you doing.. Mommy....Yale.." she was babbling because she was confused.

"Shuttup and enter now!" I was pointing into her room. I think she needed the solace too because she didn't argue. Before I closed the door, I saw Toba looking on. Daft-master. He should go and fend for himself. Shebi its his father, everyone has been assigned a senior.... or in my case a ..... I dunno. anyways.. All man for himself. Good luck Tobasco!

Even over Suni's sobbing I could still hear De's shouting. She had calmed down small, God knows what story mommy was telling her.

"This is disastrous...." Suni was lamenting into her hands on the bed. She looked defeated.

"I know.... I know.... we need a plan." I wasn't about to tell her NOW I was at fault.....besides, she was too distraught to remember I was the one who had brought her mother. She won't pursue the whole thing now....


"Well... we have to go back out there sometime Suni..." I jabbed at the door like I hated it."... and when we do, we need a plan. A darn good one!"

Suni knew I was right...she collapsed back onto the bed and continue sobbing.

There was a knock at the door.

Father God... make this all end now! PLEASE!

I was closest to it, so I opened it.. well cracked it open so I could see who it was.

"Yo let me in!"

Toba. Running away again are we?


"Man, we are screwed!" he flopped down beside Suni and held her. The gesture was so natural. "Babe.....stop please. Crying is not gonna solve the issue at hand... please"

Even though he was whispering, I could hear him. I felt awkward watching them.

"It's just so....this is horrible...."

"I know I know, but we gotta do something we can only hide in here for so long."

"I'm scared babes..."

"I know.. I'm kinda worried myself, I don't know what to do.. but we'd figure it out...It's us remember..." He raised her chin so she was looking at him. "We GAT this!" then he smiled at her and she seemed to calm. He wiped her tears... and I felt.... I felt not so mad a him anymore. He didn't seem like such a bad guy.... or maybe his juju was working on me now??????????

"Yale..." I jumped.

"Ehen?" He looked at me awkwardly. As usual. The guy must think I'm not all there upstairs...

"I'm gonna take my dad out, he said he wanted to go back to the hotel anyways. But.. I'm kind of scared to let him through that corridor. Cause...." he looked at Suni..." Suni's mom.. you know.."

Suni smacked his arm. "My mother is not crazy Toba..."

"No.. She's not... of course.. not!" he looked at me for reassurance. Oh boy no include me o! "But she's upset now you know..."

As if on cue we heard some angered movement of furniture from the kitchen area.


All three of us lounged for the door.


She was staring at him.

He was staring back.

It was as though time had stopped. I was in shock myself. Toba's dad was in a wheelchair. And he didn't look too good. He looked nothing like the fetish man I had imagined.He looked frail. Weak.

De' finally spoke, it was barely a whisper. "You...." you could hear the shock she tried to mask when she spoke. She wanted it to be angry and harsh, but 'm sure she didn't expect him t be in this condition.

Toba's dad's jaws clenched, like he was uncomfortable. "Hadiza..."

Mommy poked me hard. Was I staring? I looked at her, she gestured to me to come with her.
Ohhhhh-hhh now? She gave me the "Better MOVE your ass NOW!" look...
I tapped Suni to let her know I was leaving with mom. She nodded then latched on to Toba. He held her close. I couldn't help but feel she was in good hands.

They are going to have to fend the ship together anyways. This was family business now.

Mommy and I left.


I had dropped off Mom at the hotel. And after today's wahala, I was just drained.

I wanted nothing more than to get home, soak in a nice shower and....sleep. On Shafa.

I decided to call him. Seeing Toba and Suni today holding on to each other like they were all they got made me want that kind of love. And I know its there some where with what me and Shafa have. I think I finally want to just take things easy, not think things too deeply and let nature take its course. If I let me and Shafa's relationship grow, without being on its day and night, we'd do fine. So many times I messed things up by just thinking abut the intricacies and the details too uch and by not just letting them BE. It's about time I let things BE.


"Yale..." God I loved his voice. "Wassup?"

"Are you home? Busy?"

"Yes...." I felt deflated. "I'm home, just resting tho, so I can't say I'm busy....why?" Hope.

"I'm coming over.....?" I waited for him to respond...nothing. Was he with someone? "Er.... hello?"

He laughed. "Are you telling me .... or are you asking me?"

"Can I?"

"Ya....I'm waiting..."

I guess tonight might be a good good night after all.


1blackbutterfly said…
lol, @ "tonight's gonna be a good good night"

but damn! toba's dad killed suni's mum's brother-in-law?? talk about family crisis!
Ms.O said…
ahhhh OLAF OOO!!!! you are threemuch!!!.. ok let me stop..hehe.

Loves it!
heheheh! Ms O! I'm loving that ur loving it!! heheh I need to keep you n your toes ma!

@blackbutterfly....welcome o! trust me this one its calamity. they are just getting started!
neefemi said…
read it all.....amazing job, would be following......
Anonymous said…
nawa oo abeg what happened with her and shafa now..hurry o i wanna know
welcome neefemi o! Help spread the word too abeg!

@anonymous.... see ehn! If i could write every hour I would, but the thing is time won't let meeee!!!!

Dont worry u won' be kept waiting for long! ;)
Anonymous said…
lol aite i am waiting...hehe loves it :)
Anonymous said…
i like!! buh i dont reli get it s'posed 2 b sum kinda coincidence that d guy dah killed suni's uncle jus happnd 2 b toba's dad? dd they evn know each otha bak wen the uncle died?

nyc job tho...
Weird, but almost probable coincidence. Ok.. im let u in an exclusive detail... well not so exclusive, but more in depth...See, Toba's dad and Suni's uncle are/were both politicians in naij.....soooooooo you know how that game goes now...that's y Suni's dad believes that Toba's da was the culprit..

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