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W15. Tonights Gonna Be a....

I washed my kinky twists....cleaned them out NIIICEEE!!
I was clean all the right places. Not that I was expecting anything..........
I wore my pajamas, the casual sexy ones. Cotton yellow comfy somethings like this. Soft kinda yellow...with happy teddy's with red ribbons tied around their necks sprinkled all over the fabric. Loose but snug. Perfect.

I had on my over-sized blue cardigan but underneath was the matching tank top for the pants. I liked this ensemble, because... well he liked it. He had told me before that it made me look innocently sexy. Imagine. Only Shafa would think of that.

I was ready. It only took me one hour. Hopefully the boy is not asleep. Even if sef? Ehen? Hmn!! Today na no go escape... I go put u for corner....heheheheh!

I called to find out anyways...

"Are you asleep?"

"Ah... I thought they kidnapped you on the way, I was about calling sef... What happened? " I guess he WAS still awake! Mmmmhhmmnnn!

"Sorry.... I had to get some work done quickly.. don't worry I have enough gist for you!" Sure....

"You better....because its up against the sleep I'm missing now......"

"Oh quit complaining, I'm coming....."

"You are?" he snickered his evil laugh! The bastard!

"Shafa, only God will deliver that dirty mind of yours....."

"Hurry sha, I'm falling asleep...."

I turned off all my lights, picked up my overnight bag that was packed....yels... and was out!


"Wow" was all he said when I walked in. It sounded like a good "wow". Dass riighhhh...

"Please tell me you have food.... of some sort....?"I dropped my bag and made my way to the kitchen, I really was hungry... to an extent. Besides he WAS looking good enough to eat... which only reminded me more, how I hungry I was... like the real hunger? for food.. like real food? Ohh!

He stopped me. Like grabbed my arm before I could enter the kitchen...

"Can I at least have a hug before you empty my fridge?" He hugged me.
It felt intimate, but it was really just a friendly hug. Maybe the intimacy came from his eyes....?

"Your now calling me a gredger? Because I've come to see you?" we both kinda laughed but settled into the hug.

See I liked it here. I could feel his heart beat (and nice body), but I felt connected to him when we hugged like this, it was like.... even tho we were sometimes detached from each other, we somehow connected on a surreal level when we did finally touch.

We stood there like that for like... I dunno... sometime sha.

"Ok!" he broke the hug like he realized something....


"OK!" He shouted again... this is how madness starts. Shu-oh!I made sure the awkward look I gave him entered. Then I turned around to go and find some grub. I think he followed me after a moment because when I open the fridge, scanned it and brought out the butter and jam, he was right there in the kitchen getting saucers. He handed one to me...

"Thanks..." I might as well get out night started, as much as I wanted to be with Shafa, the main reason for this visit was to kind of share my...burdened heart. "Men...... you would NOT believe the kind of thing that happened today Shafa o"

I got out the knife, he brought out the bread and we commenced the task of making buttered jam sandwiches.

"What happened?"

"Soooooooo, before I start sha! Let me just state it is not entirely my fault!"

"When you say that Yale, it means it is...." I used the end of the knife to poke him. "Ouch!'s true now... OK report yourself..."

So I did. I told him everything. From the call, to the decision, to the hotel, to Suni's house... to everything. Empty saucers, Filled stomachs and 2 hours later, I had downloaded the whole shenanigans to him.

"Mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" was all he said...

"For real eh! I just hope they haven't killed themselves in that house..." My hands felt idle.... and you know what they say about idle hands.... abi minds....idle body parts!! So I started stacking the saucers to take to the kitchen. He stopped me... again.

"Relax small..." he pulled me him "the saucers aren't going anywhere..."

The way he was seated through the gist was in a relaxed sitting down-lying down manner.... like he was on resting his back on the arm rest of one end of the couch with one of his legs stretched somewhat out on the couch, I was at the other end cross-legged, he took up 3/4's of the couch, I took up the remaining, so when he pulled me back....I fell on him.

"I'm relaxed...." Considering this is what I had wanted since know.. I idnt even struggle. I settled down nicely. He rubbed my back. Very therapeutic something like this. Better than a massage!

"You know...I'm glad you came by tonight..." he was still rubbing my back.

"Me too... thanks for listening." He used his finger to lift u my head so I was looking at him. He was going to kiss me. Finally. My heart was smiling o!

He was giving me ample time to say no or turn my head away but how can I? Ehn? Look at those lips! The boy wasn't making a move, so I took the initiative.

Oh yes.


His phone was ringing.

"Are you going to get that?"

"Because of why....?" he nuzzled my neck. For SURE I had a hickey.

"Because the person has rang back like 10 times, could be urgent..." he seemed to consider that fact. He kissed my shoulder then turned to find his phone.

"Hello?" I could hear his voice rumble in his chest... I had my ear to it.

It sounded far of and a bit jumbled but if i wasn't mistaken there was laughter and ruckus coming from wherever. It sounded like the person was in a party.

"No.. I'm home tonight.." he increased his voice, probably so the other person could hear, I lifted my head to look up at him. I mouthed "who's it?"

"Jack-ie" he mouthed back.

You have got to be kidding me. I looked to the clock on the wall and saw it was 2:30am...I looked back at him with the..."are you kidding me" glare.

"Nah.. I'm tired just want to stay home today" he paused for a moment "No.. No..wait.. Jackie...Jackie seriously don't I'm tired and want to sleep...." pause again...."For real.. Jac-" his jaw clenched. He looked at the phone with disgust. I'm assuming she just hung up on him. Well oh well.... I readjusted myself.

"Jackie is coming over." Really.

"Oh....k!" I was tempted to leave. Go home.... "Er...." I looked around for my bag.

"Yale...." I looked at him, I was approaching anger mode very fast for whatever reason. "Don't go...." I was approaching calmness VERY fast for that reason. "She's drunk so....but I'd get rid of her quickly.... just please...don't go."

The flesh is very weak.

"Ok" I feel like I just agreed to something very stupid. I saw the remote and grabbed it. I need to keep myself occupied.

Shafa went to find a t-shirt.


The door bell rang. Shafa was in washroom.
"I should open the door and insult the babe......"

Shafa came out and walked to the door. I watched him... he winked at me.

"Heyyyyy sexxyyyyyyyyyyyy" there was stumble, she was probably tripping over herself.

"Er...Jackie... did you drive?" He was practically carrying her into the living room...Jealous Yale started to break through.

She threw her hand to her chest as though she was appalled by the idea. "Of course not!" she clung on to him so a parasite. Her drunken beady eyes were so stuck on Shafa she still hadn't noticed I was sitting right there. "But.....I came to see you anyways. You should have come out. Shouldn't be keeping all this..." she ran her hands down his chest. I shivered...with irritation "to yourself..." She ran them back up and cupped his face...OK! That was enough!

*cough* "Hey Jackie."

She slow motion swooned towards me. Kai..alcohol is a helluva drink.

"Er....." she squinted. I waited for some of the alcohol to clear so she could register my face in her head. "...hi!" She kind of awkwardly fell out, stepped out of Shafa's grip. Like she wanted to stand straight to face me. "I'm Jacqueline!" She thrust her hand out at me. The babe did NOT recognize me. Na wa o.

"I know.... I'm kind of know me" Light bulb moment.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yaaahhh-leee!" She broke out into drunken laughter ofcourse turning to find Shafa as her 'ohmigodthisistoofunnyihavetoslapyou' partner. "You look so differentttttt" Sure I do. "What are you doing here soooo late...." She waved her finger at Shafa..."and in your PJ'ssss!!!" Hm, so she still has some sense left. "I hope its not....."Her presence was annoying me big time.

"Well I'm sure even in your state you -"

"Ok! Jackie....." Shafa jumped in to cut me short. "Come and sit.. let me call you a cab..."

"If I wanted a cab Shafs I'd have gotten one. I didn't come here to be driven home." She sat down anyways. "Sit down..."she patted the spot beside her.

Was this... heifer actually disregarding my presence? I looked at Shafa...he looked kinda irritated too. Well I don't know about you "shafs", but I have low tolerance for crap like this. Disrespectful nonsense, who does that? Waltz into someones house at odd hours and totally start... Hissss. Abeg. I started to leave.

He stopped me again...."Please...don't leave me by myself..." he was whispering... I looked back at Jackie, she looked like she was about to doze...but she seemed determined to hook Shafa today.

"You're on your own o... me I cant do this..."

"Please now..."

"What are you guys saying about me? Shafa come here noowwww...... Pleaseeeeeeee" she pouted and waved him in like a baby. I was reallly getting grossed out.

He started making a move. See shock. what the hell...he moved past her though, to the phone. "I'm calling you a cab Jackie... you kinda barged in on me....I'm busy."

"I cant believe you want to send me home because of her." The way she said it just set off sparks. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Men...... Ye!! This girl ahhhh..... Jesus take the wheel. I will BRUSH this girl o.. drunk or not.

"My name is Yale...."

"Of course...." she dint even turn to acknowledge the mistake....hiaaa! "Babe... don't call a cab...." she stretched over the couch to stop him from dialing. But instead of stopping him... she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her.

"AH AH! Jackie...!" Shafa was now on the couch. Jackie was laughing like a mad woman and I was standing on the side. Like a fool.

Film trick? Like play like play this babe came in, in her drunken state and literally TOOK Shafa. Hew! I've suffered in this world... I'm not the violent type... but I WILL hurt this b-..Oh!!! I wont be insulted like this. Over my dead body!

I turned and went into the kitchen, my bag was still on the side....

"Yale...." from what I was hearing, Shafa must've been struggling to get out of Jackies grip. "Yale wait....Jackie STOP IT!"

I picked up my bag and headed towards the door. He got there before me.

"Oh let her go.... we need alone time......." she continued laughing.

"Yale....No. See I'm calling a cab for her...." he had the phone in his hand and he was dialing. Jackie was stil laughing. He was using his other hand to shield me from going past him to the door.

"Shafa it's cool... really. Just let me go to the peace and quiet of my OWN house....I've been insulted enough today."

"Wait hi can I get a cab to 57 Lakeshore Drive?..

"Nooooo" that was Jackie from the living room...

"Please hurry.. thanks.." he clicked off. We heard Jackie trying to get up again..

Shafa grabbed my hand, opened the door and dragged me out, he turned and shut the door really fast. What the? Then he LOCKED it...!


neefemi said… sound so much like someone I know.....nways to the story, I like shafa, seems like thru it all, he knows what he wants....goodluck still
Ms.O said…
lol..that Jckie needs to be wacked on the head!!!..
I shud start giving out exclusive inside info on episodes for the bloggers who are first!

Ms O..I feel the same way, but my maa raised me better...
~B~ said…
tham it!!
Yale has self control sha, God knows, Jackie wuld hav been in d hospital by now if it was me!
Mo said…
almost in love with shafa!
neefemi said…
lol, im down for the exclusive info....
@ B.... We dont need casualties.. Jackie sef sometimes... you know how some girls can be....

@Mo...what's stopping you??

@neefemi...Hmm.. OK.. let me decide how I'd do it!
wellsbaba said…
ok my first tym hear...directed from ms.o's blog
you have time ooo lol ur stories are so fokasibe LOL its not easy written nice one
Buttercup said…
That was a really interesting read. Girls like Jackie disgust me..kai!
chayoma said…
Go Shafa

first time here....

Lovin it i must say
@ Wellsbaba: well welcome... passion knows nothing abut "time" lol... I'm glad ur feeling it somehow! Hope you come back soon!

@ Buttercup: its hard not to associate a personal acquaintance with Jackie's like... i KNOOOWW ur thinking of someone! hahah!

@ Chayoma: Welcome!! Team Shafa! haha! glad you love it, hope you're here to stay!

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