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W17a. A Slight Change of Plans

Should I pick up one on the way? Like me I personally don't like suspense, fine she may be scared, in denial, but all this "Yeee, ohhhh, howww?" can be eliminated sharply. Ah screw it I'm getting one.

I dropped by the drug mart near Suni's, got the goodies and a tub of Hä was on sale jo!!


"I'm outside o...."

She was already coming out even before she answered, she was probably waiting by the window.
"Yea yea..."

She was wearing a huge sweater and baggy pants. It was obvious she hadn't slept much.

"So, because you think you are prego, you now want to be dressing like a couch slug? Your ensemble is pre-tty ba..."

"Abeg drive jo, who ask you?" She slouched so far down the chair, if you were looking from outside you wouldn't know someone was in the passengers seat. She spotted the Daz. "Ozimmmeeeeee darling! Ah!" she lounged for it.... and I stepped on the brakes. I didn't even bother parking, we were in the middle of the street, but there was NO way I would let her attack the Daz .... trust me, it would be empty before I could say Huckleberry Finn! This ice-cream was our savior...I'm telling you there are answers to every life problem at the bottom of that tub, you just have to get there!

"Suni, if I box your tummy ehn!!" I slapped her hand.

"Ohhhh-hhhhh! We are going to be nabbed o! Just drive, I promise I wont eat.... all." I boxed her! "Ouuchh, stop now... ok ok ok" her grip loosened on the bag "I just want know.... admire the box!!!"

I snatched the bag anyways and put it between mine so that if she had to take it away, ehen.. na to crash the whole vehicle now. "Gredger."


We ended up at the Denny's* on the outskirts of town. I'm sure we both mentally wanted to keep the random bump in's with whoever to the extreme minimum. We settled down and made our orders...

"You bought it. Thanks..." I guess she was referring to the home test. "Mennn............"

"Ok, you know me I don't like stress, so before we get into..."I paused to find the right word.."whatever we get into, lets do this." I nodded towards the bathroom.

She nodded back and led the way, she looked so scared.

"How long are we meant to wait for?" She was speaking from the stall, her voice shook a bit.

"I don't know..." then it occurred to me to look at the box "it says 5 minutes...."

She didn't answer. I hadn't heard her pee (grossss-sss). "Suni, have you even peed on it?"

"No....." Ok?

"Er, you may want to do that first......"

"Oh shattap. I know..."


There was shuffling, a woman walked in... I hid the box in my bag. Fronted like I was applying makeup with an invisible brush. She entered the stall beside Suni's.

I finally heard peeing. I doubt it was Suni's though, but I still got happy that progress MIGHT be being made. Flush. Lady comes out. So much for progress.

"Yale! Please!"

"Sorry.... ok ok, do you want me to wait-"

"No!....No...please..." The lady refuses to go o. It's like she's finding gist. Amebor!! Hew! See her eyyyesss. Gist monger. Wash hand dey go jo! I don't know when washing hand became a life time commitment."Stay here k. I'll do it now."

I heard ruffling so I assumed she was preparing to take the pee of her life. Lady walks ever so slowly to the dryer. It came on just as Suni started doing her business. I didn't even try to hide the cut eye I was giving the woman. She knewwww she was waiting for gist. Dryer finished. Lady still dey inspect hand. Ah Ah.

I was about to ask her if everything was ok when she turned to me and was like "Wish her luck, its a good thing anyways" And walked away. Hia! Who made her oracle now?

"Suni.....are you ok?" she didn't answer me. I guess she was waiting on the picture. or sign or whatever. I started sweating too. See if Suni was preggo it is going to be so life changing and altering that... Man. Ok let's just see. I walked to her stall and stood close to the door. "You're going to grow gray hair standing and waiting for that thing to show something... come out jo so that time can pass faster." Still no answer...screw it i knelt down and peeked under the stall. Suni was gripping onto this thing like it was her lifeline. "Suni you're going to be fine!" she jumped.

"Ew Yale... gettup, that's just nasty!" she opened the stall door.

"Just for you..." I hugged her...."How long has it been...?

She looked at the stick as she said "Long enough" Suni's mouth dropped. Along with home pregnancy test.



~B~ said…
oh come on!! IS SHE???!
17b is on its way!
Anonymous said…
ahhhh finalllyyyyy i done wait tire
neefemi said…
awww....i am not first, i'm any case, pls update more regularly jare...thanks, lol
no lname gir said…
still waiting for the 17b ohh
lol... u guys wont let me wrk o lol....i'm trying to drive traffic here small, hence the wait...but yea u wont wait too long. Wednesday night?
Fabulo-la said…
U do this on purpose mehn!
Anonymous said…
at least its coming before october 1st.. yess wednesday nite :) hw can we let u work when u are torturing us with suspense??? dnt u knw this is my source of entertainment????? :)

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