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W16. The Patient Dog...

"You wanted to leave me alone with HER...." he was till leaning against the door as if he didn't trust his lock.

"I CAN NOT be-lieve yo just did that Shafa...." I was still in shock.

"Some things need to be taken by the horns..."

"Let me aaww--wttt" Beans!

I sat down on the steps. It was kind of cold, and because of our dear drunken friend, we were stuck outside. Hiss.... insolence. I must have shivered because Shafa was right beside me in second. He put his arms around me and pulled me close while rubbing my shoulders.


"The cab said 10 minutes...."

"We'd be Popsicle's by then...."

"Lai lai...." He held me closer. I think Jackie must have passed out or something, cause it was quieter. We both realized this at the same time cause we looked at each other and laughed.

"Thank your lucky stars shes not puking her pretty insides by your door..."

"You think shes pretty?"

I looked at him to see if he was trying to play that mind game. He just had curiosity in his eyes.

"I think she's pretty..." He just said hmn. Whether he was concurring o, I don't know. I didn't want to know somehow though. Like if he thought she was pretty ehen? Like... does it even matter, there really wasn't any point in knowing his stance when it came to her. "Do you think she'd pretty?"

He looked at me for a moment smiling. "You really want to know what I think?"

"No.... but It'd be nice too..?"

"I think, I prefer your face." Oh.... see this bobo....

"Sure dint answer the question."

"Yea... she's pretty."


"Happy now?"

"I'm indifferent..."

"Riaaghhtt" a cab slowly pulled up in front of the house, Shafa waved... "Let's get rid of our pretty friend.."

"YOUR's....not mine... I choose MY friends wisely...."

He got got up to open the door and I immediately felt ice cold I got up too...just to get out of the way. God knows if Jackie was going to bolt, throw up or stumble on the way out, either ways I didn't want to be in her way.

Shafa emerged with Jackie clinging on to him again, but I think she was asleep or subconscious or something....alcohol ehn!!Chei...the babe just looked OUDDIE...I laughed.

Shafa struggled to get her to the cab and I saw him talking with the man , cabbie didn't look too pleased at whatever Shafa was saying, I laughed again and went inside... I wasn't going to leave after all.


I was flipping through channels when he came in. He looked tired, disappointed maybe, but tired for sure.

"Anything good?" He dropped into the spot beside me and I swear I gravitated towards his body. He held me.

"Nyope...." I turned off the TV. Didn't move though. The house seemed so silent now that Jackie was gone. "I hope she gets home safe..."

He laughed, "She'd be fine"

"How do you know?"

"The way the cab driver was doing, I doubt he wants her in his car for long....." he adjusted himself so he was facing me more, I looked up at him. "Plus I tipped him so... he better do his job."

That was Shafa just being Shafa, I don't know how deep his relationship was with Jackie, but he cared easily, like who does that? Average naija boy will just kick you out and lock HIS door, whether or not you get home, is your own cup of tea... but not was a very VERY attractive trait....

"Why are you staring? Bad manners...." he smiled. He had perfect teeth, white, full and obviously healthy. And his lips were very...what word can I use now? Very.... lovely?

"You're a nice guy you know ba...."

"Before nko?"

I don't know if he dipped or I tipped, but somehow sha.... we kissed.

It was like the first time since our last time how ever long ago.... I forget.
I REALLY forgot how much I forget when this man kissed me.......


"I.'.m. .a. .w.e.e.k. .l.a.t.e."

This was what I woke up to. Or wait no... I woke up to Shafa's smell and body heat. Which was good and nice and it made me smile, but it was my phone's ringing that woke me up... this text wiped the smile from my face FAST.

"A.s .i.n.?" I texted back...then it occurred to me texting was on a long tin. So I called. "I'm a little bit lost per.......? I didn't even know what to say.

"There's nothing, Yale...." she wasn't crying. I don't know if that was a good thing. "I thought it was because of stress, but man.... a week?" I heard small echo's so I figured she was in a bathroom somewhere.

"Are you home?" I slipped out from Shafa's hold, he was fast asleep.....I walked to the living room.

"Ya...I'm in the closet in my room."

"Suni, really....?"

"Mom is here o, can't take any chances..." I heard some ruffling, like she was rubbing her head or something "I.... I'm kinda scared."

"I know.....maybe IT IS stress.... I mean with all this stuff going on, shit I'd not show up if I were the period sef!"

She giggled small.... this was weird, cause normally , well this isn't normal, but the Suni I know would be freaking the hell out. "It's been crazy o... I'd gist you what went down when you left.. long story short, Toba's dad wants to see my dad"


" wasn't too thrilled......I think Toba's dad......"she paused, I waited...."I think his dad doesn't have very long." Oh.

"Are you serious....damn, what's..." this phone conversation would not work... as usual "...look, I'm coming to get you, we are going for....Iono anything, get dressed"

"Yea, I concur."

I slipped back into the room and tried to be real quiet, but it didn't really work. Shafa was awake, like his eyes were open, just watching me.

"Sorry didn't mean to wake you..." I went to sit on the bed beside him.

"You didn't, I woke up when the phone rang. Suni?" Wow. this man was hella sexy. The whole morning voice, sleepy eyes, ugh........what a sight to behold.

"Yea.... I need to go and meet her now, she's a bit distressed..."

"Yesterday's runs? "

"Yea....I guess..." I looked away as if looking for something. It wasn't ENTIRELY a LIE!

"Or not...." he knew I wasn't saying the entire truth. "Are you coming back?"

I looked at him again "If you're not busy I will...except..." I wasn't sure what he was gunning at.

"Nah, it's fine....I'm gonna be home working." there was something in his eyes... questions?? I had this feeling it was about last night. But why would it be bothering him NOW? this wasn't new...Like..

"Are you ok?"

He tried puckering up, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Of course! Oya gimme some shuga" he puckered those his God sent could I resist?

I freshened up (aka brushed my teeth and washed my face. Moochi central!) and headed for Suni's.


neefemi said…
First....have to go read
neefemi said…
nicely done....i think i'm in love with shafa.....and its good to know suni still called yale first, considering the last time....well written again
@ neefemi on Suni... she knows she cant be sharing this kind of information with every jack and joe.

And thanx again! :)
Ms.O said…
hmmm sigh... Shafa...sigh!
teep said…
Shafa is so full of B.S. lol, i don't envy Yale at all ... heck, i think im in love with Shafa too lol
Original Mgbeke said…
Hmmm this Shafa sounds yummy o. I likey...I need to go and start from the beginning.
Myne Whitman said…
Nice story, first time here. You write well with very real characters. I will add you and try to catch up.
Ms O!!! Lol.. I have no comment...

Teep, I like our fronting.... lol

OM.. Finallly!! I was wondering when u'd drop by! A whole blogsville BigxGel Like u? Im honored sha! glad u like it

Hey Myne, Welcome... :) Thanks so much! I just dropped by ur blog... owweee loves it .. i have to settle down this weekend and start from scratch... maybe our characters can ink up one day! hahaha... talk bout realll blogsville soap opera.
no name girl said…
spppeeeechlessssss (except for this comment)
names?why? said…
LOL I come back every thirty minutes to look for new post! ha! this is addictive! lol jackie! is hilar, this shaaaaafahhh is FORBIDDEN to be handsome which kain thing be that? how come these pple na only tv or blogs them dey exist? anyways YOU ARE GOOD!!!!

no names and names? why? (Oh becuase i'd like to kno who u are noww) thank yu o! and welcome!!

Its like nobody is fearful for Suni! Lol...
no name girl said…
mmh SUNI??? she just one give her mama heart attack! I am afraid ohhhh ahh! what if she is really preggers? AS IN!!!!!!!!!!!! infact this girl she need deliverance! Akusuni ohh look ur mama armpit! bear bear no dey? abeg pity the woman small(thts how they say it in rivers state LOL)
Mo said…
@ no name girl, i concur another pot of soup fr Suni...dramarama...i'v officially falin fr Shafa *sigh*
histreasure said…
ok, i'm loving this but i need to go read this from the beginning..
histreasure enjoy the catch up and glad you love it already!

lol @ no name girl & Mo... you people should pity Suni nooowwww Lol!
Fabulo-la said…
How on earth can u make me be crushing on a blogsville CHARACTER??

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