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W11. Skeletons in the closet.

Men. Suni is really making my life interesting sha.

"Are you kidding me??"

"Nooo..." she started whimpering again and I knew the tears would start running again. So I hugged her. I needed time for this one to marinate. As Suni was bawling, I was thinking.

I know how grimy and dangerous Nigerian politics can get so this whole idea of Toba's dad being responsible for Suni uncle's death was really not far fetched. An I'm sorry, not that I'm being biased or anything, but Ronke planted enough reason in my subconscious for me to even believe this jara. Now the question is, so if Toba is a cult boy, or even better still, the son of a cult boy. Why is Suni still hanging around? What is holding her there? From what she has told me, she KNOWS his involvement and yet she still stays. Another reason for me to believe even more this Olode Boy's effect. Suni, on a normal day, or in this case, a normal 6-months, is usually rational. She's a practical woman, she may be very happy-go-lucky, it's all about living life, but when push comes to shove, she looks at things logically and makes the best decision. How she chose this path to be the right decision beats me. I can understand her not letting me on all this since the moment it might have started, cause she knows I would have beat her. As in... serious brushing.
Except....she still doesn't think there is anything wrong with this picture. Like she feels there is no reason to make rational decisions yet. Heeeww! This is very one kind o.

"Sorry....Sorrry." I rubbed her shuddering shoulders so she could calm down, she was relaxing small. "It's ok.. we'll figure this out...." Somehow.

We sat there for the next 30 minutes. We didn't say anything to each other. I guess our company was enough. When it's silent like this, I withdraw far into my mind. Right now I was back in first year university when I met Suni. She had walked into our Psychology class (the one that every one has to take regardless of your major... yes that one..) with a bag that was bigger than her body. Fresh from Naija. I could tell from her braids. Nobody on this side of the planet can do braids that sleek. She had spotted me, not because she was good like that but because I was the only other black person. Automatically her seat was beside me. That's just how it worked. That class we didn't really listen to the teacher. It was beginning of of semester anyways so the lecture wasnt that intense. We had laughed on how awkward it was being the only black people in class and made plans on how we could use it to our advantage. By the end of the class we were best of friends.

See I'm not the kind of person who has many friends, I know alot of people, a lot of people know me but I could count the number of real friends I had/have on my right hand only, and thats just talking from my point of view. My mom always said "Yale, you only know those YOU love....Now, whether they love you back..."

She never finished it and it used to confuse me at first, but as time went on and I grew older, I understood the how that phrase worked. It was that it was incomplete, it was its incompletion that actually completed the sentence. Whether they love you back is really and unknown, but it doesnt mean that they can't or they won't.

After that first Psychology class Suni and I spent most of our time together. We found out our rooms on campus were in the same building, on the same floor. See recipe for trouble ehn! We were a nice duo though! the good time were constantly rolling. I cannot even lie, Suni made my university experience worthwhile! Suni is the kind of girl that cannot comprehend the word "bored". Like she cannot bring herself to say she's bored. She always will find SOMETHING to do. If it's not designing, then it's cooking if its not cooking then its partying if its not partying then its organnizisng if its not organizing then it's SOMETHING... it was fun sha.

So seeing Suni like this was very unnerving cause I really am used to her being all bubbly....
Hmm it was quiet. I looked down and saw that she had slept. See what crying can do. I shifted her off my shoulder so she was now lying down on the couch and went to go get a blanket from her room.

Suni's house is architectured a bit like mine only that the orientation of things are different., but her room is still at the end of the corridor like in mine.I drag her blanket off her bed and go bakcto the living room to voer her. Ofcourse she hasnt moved a muscle. I cover her and make sure she's ok before I retire into the kitchen for quick cup of hot chocolate. It's already quater to 5. I had work at 8. Hmm I better go and find something to wear from this babe's closet. I quickly fixed up a cup and rush back to her room. I really would like, like 30 more minutes of shuteye before I start the day.

Come and see baffs o! Ehn, we know you're a fashion designer Suni, but seriously... wheere are you're normal clothes? I closed the closet door and went to the drawers at the other side of the room, she should at least have dress pants in there somewhere. I started rummageing through the first drawer.

Open. Nothing but underwear. My eyes caught a bright red thing, I pulled it out to see more closely what it was. Hmmmm!! See sexy lingerie sha... some complex thing like this. String here, clip there. Wo, I did'nt know wearing lingerie was now an acqured skill. Close.

Second drawer, Oh tops... regular tops! Black, Red, button ups, tie-tie, tee's. It was a nice selction. I settled on a teal wrap around blouse.

Third drawer, lucky me. There were corporate stuff in here. Like suit skirts and pants. Proably ones that didnt have matches or something. I try and dig deeper to see if I can pull any from the back of the drawer like I did my teal blouse but my had brushes on something...that is obviously not a skirt, or a blouse or pants. Felt like bag that had stones or something inside. What's this one hiding now?

I pull out the thing and lo and behold, it is a bag. One of those black plastic bags (leda) that we used to use in nigeria in the market. Ah! Warning bells start ringing BIG time in my head. What's freaking me out is that its tied with red ribbon. I drop it on the drawer top fast.

What the...?

"What in the world are you doing Yale?" I almost fainted from the fear.


~Butterfly~ said…
OMG! Is suni involved in cult too?!!
heheheheheeh! Toh. Time will tell!

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