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S2. W19 - We need to Talk

I had booked marked 1 page so far. And that was because I felt I was being too picky. It was called Adonai. I almost didn't find it as it wasn't on the first few pages of the google search term, but somehow for some odd reason I had clicked through 5 ages of google results and somehow Adonai had jumped at me. I loved their slogan. "When there's no where else to go" It was simple but strong. Their website was very simple but I could tell it was professionally done. It wasn't a random person with no experience whatsoever in web design that decided to piece together a site, this was well thought out. Their choice of words, their images...Very marketable.

So far with everything I had read, I was impressed. Felt almost as though there were talking to me specifically. So I had bookmarked it. I was going to marinate on this a bit longer. I needed to anyways. 

My bladder started complaining again. These two creatures wont kill me o! Every time they wan wee wee. 
I put my laptop to sleep and went to address mother nature.

They wrapped up their conversation with impressive speed. The hug he gave her was cold.
Bros, no need to do like notin dey pop, I see youuu bruh! She kept looking in my direction as he got out of the car. I kept smiling. Then I waved, just so no be say she no see me. She waved back weakly then drove off. Guess she'll be giving me some explanation that I wont be asking for later. Arinze walked towards me.

"AH RIN ZAY! Walahi this boy your something else sha....."

"Hey Shafa..." he looked distraught. I mean I know its rough under the circumstances but the boy is a bloke. I'm sure he can handle himself. I wanted to laugh, but I knew it would come out weird. So I held it in.

"My guy....I dont even know how to address you." He looked pained.

"Nah man its not like th-"

"No no no... no o... I'm not even trying to judge you here. As in, I'm kinda shocked though, you didn't strike me as the playa type."

"I'm not a playa."

I nodded. I guess my disbelief might have been too strong to mask.

"Fuck Shafa, that came out of no where..." Annnnnd the unrequested explanations, part 1 begin. "Q and I are past this..-"

"Q..." my mouth curled down as my eye brows almost touched my scalp in awe. He even has nickname for her...Shuo.

"We're past this , I have NO CLUE why she'll spring this on me now....." he paced up and down and ran his hands over his face before they finally settled on top of his head. The boy was distressed. I walked over to him and hooked my arm around his neck.

"See Arinze, let me share something with you.... cause I like you... your a good guy..." His head remained pointed to the heavens, "These things happen. Lets just thank God in heaven it was me who walked through this door and not Yale... or even worse Suni...So just calllmmm"

"Arrrgghhh!!! FAAAKKK!!!" He ran his hands over his face again. I wondered if he was overreacting. I mean, would he have been this.... dramatic if I didn't catch his playa ass? "Yo I'm so confused right now."

I gave him a minute. Me too,  I had my questions so I allowed him time to settle down before I started asking.
He sat down on the curb.

" do you know..."Q""? I animated my quotation marks because this nickname was worth it mennnn.

"Man we go wayyy back.. known her for almost 7 years now... we dated for a while back when I was in school....shes like family now... THIS IS WHY THIS SHIT IS SO WEIRD.... Like I knew somehow she still had feelings but I thought it was just... one of those things... Like a... a ... soft spot you know..." He looked at me for understanding. I had none to share with him. "We are really close, best of friends....this was... this wasn't meant to happen."

"I see...." More questions brewing, which one to ask... I went straight for the most important. No need to waste time here. "So... you still feeling her?"

"No...." well he didn't waste time answering that. "I mean... I care for her.." Ah..thought too soon. "Like shes always going to be my girl we have a really strong bond, but No... we cant be together.... not the way she wants."

"Arinze, do you like this babe? Straight answer no BS"

"No...." He paused for a moment. "Not that way..."

"Toh then that's its now." There was no point breaking things  further down. I mean I was curious to know more about this relationship because somehow it kind of concerned me. I wonder if he knew "Q" was on my jock every second. 

"Should I tell Suni..."

"Fuck No. Are you crazy?? Or 18? Dude... Suni is VERY pregnant. If you would like her to give birth to her kid prematurely, sure, give her a heads up that you are lip locking with pretty girls in cars at the back of the building...." I observed the area again..."near garbage dumps"

"Ok Ok... yea for real huh.. I'm just... disoriented ... "

I was 90% convinced with this guys story but.....hmm... "Thats one helluva babe to be immune to though. Shes stunning!" I watched his reaction closely. Choose your next words wisely Arinze...

"Yea....shes smoking, but I know that fire and I know its one I don't wanna dance around. Shes trouble. I love her but damn shes major trouble...."

No Kidding.

His pager beeped. He looked at it. "Shit... I have to go now..."
"Ya yea, for sure...." He started bustling towards the door....then stopped and turned back to me...
"Damn I didn't even ask,  Why were you here?"

"Wanted to just holla o, didn't know I'd be walking in on soft porn..."

He cracked a smile... "Abeg Shafa.... " I laughed at his pidgin. "See why don't you drop by my place at around 10 tonight...Ill text you my address..."

"Cool...please no rape all the nurse for inside dia o, I know say you be fine boy but chill small,... allow odas!"

He laughed and went in.

"Q".... I actually laughed OUT loud this time for that one.


"I dont know about that hun... you kind of sprung that on me this afternoon..."

"I'm sooorrrryyy I don't know what I was thinking..."

"Me neither! Plus my boy saw us....that was just freaking awkward it took a miracle to explain to him..."

"Yea.... about that..."

"About what?"

"Your boy....."


"Ok Ok... I know him. Shafa right? Shafa Johnson...."

"Ya whatever..."

"I'm serious I know him... quite well too...."

My jaw dropped and my had was mid air, frozen with my tea spoon. Shafa had just left and I was getting ready to wind down. 

"Please expatiate!"

"Welllllllll, hes ....."

The anticipation was killing me. "Hes ????"

"Ugh... Z .. Ok.. Hes the guy Ive been trying to get."

"Nooo...." I actually had to sit down now. Shafa was the guy Q was chasing like a mad man???? Shittt!

"Yea... I know.. EXTRA awkwardness on this messed up situation please."

"Your shitting me Q, are you serious?"

"I'm so serious............"

The whole series of events replayed in my mind. Shafa coming out of no where, him smiling like a clown, then his weird questions and expressions the whole time he was talking... And then he reallyyy tried to avoid the discussion of this afternoon when he came over no matter how many times I tried to bring it up. No wonder!

"Wooow... Now I get it..."

"Get what?"

"He was very.... understanding?"

"Was he now..."

"Man...this is sumn. You........ and Shafa? Damn...."

"I know right...." We sat in silence for a bit. I was thinking about how webby this situation was....I'm sure Q was thinking the same.

"You know he's madly in love with Yale right? Like those two are like bread and butter....Like you cant..."

"Oh shush. Tell me something I DON'T know... or rather something I WANT to hear...."


"I'm in love with him Arinze what can I do... I'm helpless..."

"Love? Babe, you don't love him...."

"I'm so serious... I mean... I'm so into him right now its crazy. Until I kissed you today, I didn't even know it was this bad."

"My lips reminded you that you were in love with someone else...?" 


We laughed.

"Let him go babe... I'm telling you..." She didnt answer me. "You're better than second hand. You don't deserve to be a side chick."

I heard her voice crack. "I don't get you, I don't get him, I get nothing."
My heart dropped. I hated it when she cried.

"Hun, please don't cry...."

"Yea easy for you to say. Well fuck you all. I'm the looser here anyways. You can go find your pregnant girlfriend and he can go to his whatever girlfriend and I'm just going to go find a fine looking gentleman and get myself laid."


"We'll talk later Arinze. Bye."

She clicked off. I was about to call her back when my phone beeped. It was Suni.
"Can you buzz me in please." Ill have to call Jackie later on tonight to make sure she wasn't getting STD's somewhere. I went into the room to get some decent clothes.

She looked so adorable. It was almost midnight yet she was in a sunny yellow Big Shirt dress thingy.

"Well hello gorgeous." I stooped to kiss her lips. She smelled so good. I pulled her even closer. "Mmm...."

She giggled. "Arinzee...."

"hmmm?" I had my nose buried in her neck. I nibbled.

"Oh my...." she let me have my fun for a bit before I felt her palms push on my chest. Time up. "Arinze...."

"Ok ok.. Ill stop. Its taking A LOT of strength though"

She giggled then stepped back. She took a deep breath. She had a folder in her hand. and a weird  look on her face "We need to talk..."

It has to have been guilt that made my heart drop like someone just caught me cheating.
Someone like Suni...



New Message *Ronke: I see you have succeeded in ignoring all my texts Mr Johnson. Its OK, shebi I'm the nuisance now. OK. I wont disturb you again. Me sef I'm tired. 

This girl had messaged me non stop since when I told her I'd call her back to reschedule. Me too I don tiya. Like is it by force? Ahn Ahn... 

I messaged back. "Whatever Ronke."
This nonsense had to stop. The girl was a dyme but wow...all this "loose change" wasn't worth it !

"You're an asshole Shafa."

Hiiisssss. "Stale gist."

I was fed up of this particular skeleton in my closet that wanted to do pull some Lazarus stunts. She wanted me to sleep with her and God help me I wouldn't mind hitting that but I prefer a peaceful life. Ronke is NOT a hit and run babe. If shes not the one running you better be prepared to become a ho for her. She was a first class nympho. High maintenance one too.  I toyed with my phone for a bit. The idea was creeping. I know it was long overdue for me to tell Yale, but man.... this could potentially ruin everything. But its better now than after the wedding right? I mean she KNOWS I love her... Ronke is just..the girl is just the devil. Jesus got my back for that babe....He has to!

Man, I wasn't ready for this yo.
I dropped the phone.


Or maybe I was.....I picked it up and called. 
God, Please.


Anonymous said…
Ohh yes!!! FIRSTTTTT
thank you all nighters :P (even if its still monday 10:25pm) hehe
neefemi said…
So i kinda like that it was Shafa that did the catching and yes it is about time he told Yale, except if you meant he was calling Ronke, because i will kill you and i feel bad for Q tho.

encouraging you so please, i expect another post before the week runs out. Ok. Thanks. Bye. Lol. Good job
Lol! Ene you have reclaimed your spot. Hope you enjoyed the read.

@Neefemi... week runs out? Let me join you and laugh! Dont worry the finale will be worth it!

Thanks for the encouragement!!!\\And PLEASE tell me you did not pick up who Q is????
Ms.O said…
Jeti you are just a pant!!! STOP ENDING IT!!!! What do you mean end to season two...:( *sad face* #okbye!

p.s Shafa is a loser!
Anonymous said…
@miss o hahaha pant
Wait oh so Q is jackie Haba shaft sef so he like ronke, like Jackie, like Yale. Na wa o.... loved it but its short o its too short .:p
Ene Shortt??? Hew was it really that short??? And I was typing my hand was beginning to pain me! lol.. Well I guess teh finale has to become a small book now.

Miss O. but erm... we are at webisode 20 now... lol
Anonymous said…
:P so it is the dot abi na dash dash dash u use to decieve us ? :P jks.. *sigh* finale.. *sniff* so umm S3 is when? January? or February?
Lol... dashes and dots... as if they dont help you to understand the scenario better o! If i remove it now, the masses will complain!

Season 3 depends a lot on the feedback. Ill have a poll at the end of Season 2 to see the consensus...

I wouldnt mind a season 3.. theres so much opportunity with this...but if not... well...! It was fun while it lasted now!!
soliloquy said…
Hahahahaha! My favourite line: "I'll have to call Jackie later on tonight to make sure she wasn't getting STD's somewhere."

Too funny.

But really, Shafa's starting to worry me a little bit... not one, but TWO side chics? Hmm.
Anonymous said…
wait o, episode finale should mention toba o, I miss him
Fabulo-la said…
GADEM! I have to bookmark this page! Loooool!

As for Q. i dont feel sorry for her jere....
SHafa SHafa Shafa...hmmmm
Anonymous said…
whereeee is it :(
Anonymous said…
shuuuu! this is april o!
please nw

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