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W6. Running is not an Option

"Oops! My bad..." she now giggled!!

I just stood frozen, letting the remnant from my drink dribble down to the floor. Meennn, Juju would have been useful now. I just imagined myself shouting "Odenshi!" and disappearing into thin air!!! Haha! I almost laughed myself.

"Ohmigod Ma'am I'm so sorry, I really apologize, I-" Oh Shuttup!

"It's ok, if you stop fussing I can get to the washroom fast enough to get this stain out..." I smiled one of those fake "thank-you-very-much-or-NOT!" smiles, and awkwardly exited my booth, almost sprinting towards the bathroom. I knew Shafa was still looking at me. I wonder if he was going to tell Miss loud-mouth-Stunna that he knew me. Hmm...

Since I was already at the back of the place, the ladies washroom was only a few lounges away. I was there in a split second. Slamming, or rather trying to slam the door, I took a deep breath as I leaned back against it. "Ok, You've been nabbed Yale...just chest it and stop acting like-"

The door flung open, and since I was still pressed up against it like it was my shield, my head took a good thwarting!


" Ho-oly, I'm really causing you grief today aren't I?" Devil sent this girl!
Miss Stunna started trying to make sure my head was ok and everything, all up in my space like we were friends.

"You don't say..." I kind of stepped back to nurse my head myself.
She must have gotten the hint because she gave me some space then.

"I'm really sorry, my friend and I-" Friend ni, Uncle ko! *hiss* "-we're just in a hurry and we needed to get our order's in fast. My impatient alter-ego took over". She was talking so fast and she was very animated. If I wasn't the jealous ex...or past shenanigan...I might actually have found her entertaining.

"It's cool..." I made my way towards the sink because I didn't want to be jammed again with the heavy door and I really didn't want to be around Miss Stunna. She's really pretty. She had those "Wow" features, you know, big brown eyes, full head of good curly hair, perfect make-up... for sure she was a high-maintenance chic. I turned on the tap with so much anger that the force of pressure from the faucet made the water splash. The clumsy feeling that settled was just making things worse. My voice was shouting in my head "Ohhhhh-hhhh! What kind of nonsense is this noow!!!" Hiss.

I guess I hissed out loud because Miss Stunna spoke again "Really, I'm sorry..."
If I hearrrr srry one more time ehnnn!!

"Ok, you need to stop apologizing" I let out an uncomfortable short laugh "It's really not making matters better. I'll be fine. You can go continue your evening, thanks for your concern."

She carried on like I didn't just blatantly dismiss her "What drink were you having? I'll replace it"

Ah ah! Bigs Gex*! I'm sure she thought I'd be like "No...It's fine" , Ha! She never jam! I AM frustrated as hell and she IS the core reason why my frustration isn't reducing. So why the hell not? Make the girl pay jo.


"Done! Let me go tell the clumsy waiter we both got the night! It'll be waiting for you once you get out. Again.." I gave her a warning look. " Fine... just so you know how know... I am." She smiled and left me to cater to my skirt, disturbed mind and very frustrated evening.

I finally got most of the stain out and proceeded to strip myself so I could hold it underneath the hand dryer. I swear I didn't even care at this point if someone walked in. Like, I'm tired, I'm frustrated, I'm thirsty, and I'm in a place where I'd love to just have peace of mind, but instead I'm here!!! This is so not my kind of scene! Like I'm a stress free kind of babe for real!

I walk out of the bathroom and spot my drink before I even get to the table. She really came through sha. Because I'm hell bent on avoiding Shafa tonight, I fast-walk to my booth and quickly slip in. I don't even know where to continue from. I real don't feel like problem solving tonight anymore men. I jsut want to go home.

"You know herrrrr???" Freak. It looks like - "Why didn't you say anything...sheesh Shafa!" Yup, I've been casted big time. You know what? Screw this! How can I be moving around like a wanted criminal? I gulp down my Bailey's pack my stained papers and slip out of my booth again. I'm going to have to walk by them anyways when I'm heading out. There's absolutely no escape, so might as well face them.

"Oh-oh, she's coming..." Did this girl really think her loud voice could pass as a whisper? Dunce!

"Hey Shafa" Hearty smile Yale, hearty smile.
Because I refuse to look directly at him, from the corner of my eye it looks like he's laughing.

"This is so weird, I didn't know you knew him, why didn't you say so?"

"It would have been out of context"

"Yale, men you don't look too happy at-all!" He WAS laughing at me. The bastard. "Your nose is flaring small small, so I better shuttup." More laughter. "Her nose flares when she's frustrated" He was saying this to Miss Stunna.

"Aww that's so cute!" I wasn't liking her copycat smile. "Oh, but you're already leaving, did you inhale the drink? C'mon stay for a bit. By the way I'm Jacqueline. Jackie for short." Again this girl was running with her words. She extended her hand.

"Hi, I'm Yale." I shook her hand not because I wanted too, but because my mother raised me well. Shafa was still giggling on the side. It was REALLY beginning to piss me off. I really needed to get out of here. Now.

"Well, my night is already messed up enough so I really would like to get home now instead of stand here and be the freaking comedian of the night. Forgive my french. And I'm sorry we had to meet under such awkward circumstances Jackie. Erm... so ya, have a good night." And I walked out.

I couldn't wait to get home. I've never craved my bed so bad.


*grrr grrr*
"It's your Birthday so I know you want to ri-i-i-ide out, Even if we only go to my-y-y house..."

I was tucked way under my covers. Fully clothed. I currently did NOT want to talk with ANYBODY. I still felt very unhappy from this evening. So I ignored it.

My phone rang again, and again. Ugh! Freee me noww! I crawled my hand out of the covers and stretched to reach into my bag which I had dropped on the floor at the side of my queen size bed. I rummaged through the bag blindly until I felt the vibration of the phone as it started to ring, AGAIN! "I'm coming jo!"

I answered the phone as I retracted my hand back underneath the covers.

"Yale..." Great. What does he want now?


Gee said…
hmmm is it me or u are making the storie shorter for every post???
not fair o...keep it coming, we love it!!
lol @ wen she swore and she sed excuse my french!
spiltink said…
Hahaha! Men! Just because u said it the next one shall be long.. you will beg to return to shorter posts haha! ;)

Its short only because its an intermediary webisode...:)

Watch out now...
Mz. Eniola said…
LOngerrrrrrrrr plllzzz!!! :)

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