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W2. This is Madness.

It took me a moment I wont lie. I was blank for at least 30 seconds. there were actually no words to express my shock.

"Close your mouth before fly enters!" Suni was beaming, but staring at me, I could tell she was waiting for an answer.

"Wow....." that's all I could muster.

"It's gorgy right?"

"Wow...Suni.......give me a moment"
I grabbed her hand and took a closer look, not that I doubted the rock was real, but Wow! Talk about size?

"Suni it's beautiful............" I was still turning her hand this way and that, but it was a distraction for the gazillion thoughts running through my head.
"I mean I am very happy for Suni. Like this is a huge deal and -

"But what?....Yale" She pulled her hand back "Stop turning my hand like that before you break it abeg" I still tried to act shocked.

"But what Yale? Cause the way your doing as if God just struck you dumb, I know you have something to say, in fact I know what it is, but just humor me and say it"

So I finally looked at her
"Suni, I'm happy really. Toba seems like a nice guy..."

I gave her the "but seriously look"

She laughed a not confident laugh "But we've dated for only 6 months and he's a recent divorcee, Yale, you've sounded this cymbal in my head one million times, but I'm telling you this is it. Toba is the one"

"And you know this how? Because he threw a few good words here and there and bought you a flipping asteroid for a ring? Suni..."

"Yale Please. I didn't come here to ask if you approve. I called you to ask if you can be my chief bridesmaid, but if your bent on making my life a living hell because I've chosen to marry the man of my dreams then maybe I should reconsider my offer"

Na wa o.

"Suni relax. I just want o make sure you know what you're doing. God forbid if something should happen -"

"Oh you're hoping something happens se-"

"Can you let me talk?" I waited for the little anger ball to relax. "I know you love him. Hell it seems like he loves you too, but 6 months is a short time to decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody. Somebody who already failed at marriage before 30. Somebody who just showed up and started spitting game. You don't even know his history well -"

"He told me -"

"He told you what? His "bad" pasts right? Everything ....and you believe all he says without doubt because he's Jesus ba? Suni if Toba ends up being a tout. There's no going back o. You know how your daddy feels about divorce. " It seemed like sense was registering in her mind. Or maybe that was just anger I saw.

See here's the deal. Toba is a nice guy. He comes off as a settled established young man. He waltzed into Suni's life 6 months ago when he moved into town from Prune Valley or one small village like this. He got a new managing job with one of the huge marketing companies here and is all pimped out and stuff. He drives one of those nice SUV's. I think it's an Infiniti. He dresses well. He is on point. But I'm very wary of men like that. Seeming all good, but I'm sure the skeleton's in his closet are not even dead yet. And I don't think Suni knows about them. Or all of them.

"I know how 'I' feel about divorce Yale, forget my dad. But I digress... Toba and I aren't getting a divorce. Are you going to be my bridesmaid or not abeg, this lecture is getting old fast." She started fiddling around, closing her purse like arranging it like she was about to leave. I decided to let the topic rest, I'm sure I had a few months under my belt to really settle down and seriously investigate Toba.

"Rellaxxxx jo, whens the date?" Suni dropped her angry face and became excited.

"2 weeks!"

"You must be CRAZY! 2 weeks how?"
there was definitely something fishy.

"Yup, we don't want to waste time, hence why I need-"

"Waiiiiiit there! My friend where do you think you are? Are you forgetting who you are? Because you're overseas you think you're acting film now. You can just marry anyhow? My friend will you return to earth!" I almost slapped her o!

"What? He said we should -"

"Suni. I can see jazz in effect."
This was starting to scare me cause she was serious.

"I'm serious Yale, we want to start our lives now. He says he can get his mom here by next week and..."

"Have you told your parents?"
She seemed unsettled now.

"Tonight...I'll tell them tonight. We are going to pay for all their expenses to fly down and we...."
Suni's voice trailed off in my head.

I think the girl has gone mad. Yes. there is no explanation for this kind of behaviour. Marry in 2 weeks? Because of what? Why?? What was happening here? What kind of marriage was this meant to be sef? The Bello's are huge back home so Suni marrying would be a big deal. Her parents would NEVER agree to this. Never -


"Yes...." I returned back quickly.. "What?"

"We are just doing the court wedding now. We'd do the main one Nigeria. Stop freaking out please." She sounded so calm. Like a REAL crazy woman.

"And you can't just wait because.....?"
I was really lost.

"Well...." she trailed off, her eyes were looking behind me. She looked like a mad woman I swear. It just remained ragged clothes and dreadlocks.

Then she jumped up, startling me to look at what got her up.

Toba emerged through the entrance.



Yejide said…
that is really madness
leggy said…
the skeletons in his closet r not even dead yet.ha ha ha ha
Ros said…
This is so great...keep em coming
Gee said…
me is lovin this blog right here ooooo!!!!
2 weeks to plan wedding??she must really think she has become an oyibo
FFF said…
this is really good! pls, let me ask once again, is this fiction????????
soliloquy said…
"She looked like a mad woman I swear. It just remained ragged clothes and dreadlocks." - Best line ever! Can't believe I've just discovered this!
Jaycee said…
Fishy fishy fishy...2 weeks...

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