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S2 W4. Selfish

He had come for only 10 minutes. But he had come. *sighh* I feel good. So good I had eaten that CRAP this hospital calls food, just so I could have energy for when he came in today. He said he was gonna come by today. He never really said a time though, but whatever, he's going to come. I didnt know I had raised my hand to fix my hair until I felt my hand running and patting the nest down. I looked at the clock. 9:30am. Hmn...

The nurse came in.

"Good Morning Miss Bello." She was a round chirpy lady. Bright red hair and offensively red lipstick. Her tag read....I squinted a bit...I think it read Lisette. Or something.

"Morning...." I smiled and sat up.

"You seem better this morning" she was checking the IV beside me, the machine readings, for baby I figure, etc. I wonder if she REALLY gave a shit about  how I felt this morning or if it was just idle talk while she poked around me.

"I AM better"

"That's good, that's good...." she wrote some stuff down, did some checking again, wrote more stuff down. I silently waited for her to finish. "Ooooooo..." she wrote down more stuff "..kkkk!" she hit the pad like she just wrote a period or something then finally focused on me. I smiled. "Any nausea this morning?"

I shook my head. "Dizziness?" Head shake. "Fatigue?" more head shake. "Are you sure you're pregnant?" She laughed at the rhetorical question. "Ok the doctor would be in to see you shortly." She turned around to leave.

"Er.............Which doctor please?"

"Dr Ndani." She pronounced it Dah-nee... I must've smiled too hard because she smiled back at me like she knew that my tummy was somersaulting and heart was singing.

"Thank you."


My eyes never left the door after Lisette left. She had said shortly and Oh, I'm a patient one today. I simply just laid there in wait. He came in shortly after.

"Hey you."  He's eyes were on the clip board. I waited for him to look up. He did. Now... My day has begun.

" Morning."

"Rest well?"

"Mhmn... you?"

"3 hours 12 minutes sleep. Heaven"

"That can't be healthy doctor." What's it with me and all these cheesy lines? I cant help it....

"We have been conditioned don't worry." He smiled at me, oo, was that baby moving? How in teh world did he get his teeth soo.... pearly white. "So... are your ready to go home?"

If you're coming with me, sure? I almost said that out loud....."I guess so, I feel fine. The food sucks by the way"

He smiled and walked towards me. I adjusted my seat. He noticed my nervousness.

"I wont make you sick again don't worry, you can relax"

See this guy. Relax when he's a few inches away from me ready to make contact. Which kind dirty Relax!.... I held my breath.

"Really Suni." I let it go."Ok, lets  make sure everything is all right before I sign your release form..."

"Yale, please can you come and get me from this prison. They have released me o."

"Yaay! Ok I'm coming." my phone beeped showing there was an incoming call. "See  you in a bit, another phone call is coming in" I clicked rang again. Caller ID kicked in.Hiss.... bofun."Yes Toba how can I help you?"

"Is Suni Ok?"

"Is your HEADD ok?? And how does her welfare concern you?" I didnt have time for this conversation. This man had single handedly reduced my friend to.......a malnourished mother.

"Please Yale... she's not the only one suffering here."

"Really? You too are storing a baby in a malnourished body because your boyfriend wanted you to MURDER it and it pushed you to a very dangerous depression. How sad. I never knew." I didnt wait for him to respond. "Look, I have places to go and people see, please go and find another person's life to ruin...."

It was so silent on the other end that I thought he had dropped the phone on me. Then he spoke.

"I just want to know if she's alright.... if she kept it." Oh I was about to kill a mutherf...


"...Yale, it makes no sense she would be MORE fucked up IF she keeps have to under -" I really could not believe this nigga.


"...I love Suni....I want her to have my kids, I want her to be my wife......" he took a deep breath. " But this one..... this would kill her.....Literally."

This IDIIIOOT. This Mad Man. This Fooooooooool... This.....This...

"Toba. I think I'm done listening to your BS. Have a blasted day and don't be calling me back or i WILL have cops on your occultist ass." 

What arrant nonsense. Literally my ass. I grabbed my keys and headed for my car. Suni was going to just LOVE hearing this story.

My phone vibrated when I got into the car. it was a text message from Asshole.
URGENT REPLY REQUIRED: This isn't a matter of feelings  now Yale. I promise on my mothers grave Suni is not safe keeping that baby. I cant reach her and she wont talk to me. But As much as you hate my guts now too, you're the only one that I think I can reason with. Please. Let me tell you everything. So you can understand... and help her too. Stanley's on Carter Avenue at 8:30? Please.

I sat in the car for another 5 minutes. Thinking.

He wants to tell me everything.

I am curious. I want to know why he is so scared of keeping this baby. But.... would I be betraying Suni by listening, is the million dollar question.  I mean it would make sense for me to understand fully so I can advise her well right? But he has hurt her sooo much..............................................................................I didnt reply.

Just yet.


Gee said…
heheheheh yale is such a tout--d way she just insults pple is amazing--lol--gotta love her tho!
".... or i WILL have cops on your occultist ass." --LMAO--yale will not kill me!
my haed is racing nd tryna imagine what he means my the baby would kill her?abi r dey planning to use it for more juju runs?
loves it!
sweetness said…
Dr Ndani!!
Lol i love her crazy thots, shes mad
Toba has come again abi?
okay now lets hear what he has to say

Love this, and yes am spreading the word xx
neefemi said…
hmmmm i want to hear what he has to say....Toba that is = lol, Suni is just a mad girl, i love her still
Myne Whitman said…
What does he have to say to her? I hope Suni will be Ok though. This doesn't sound good.
Ok, so Ive been terrorized for not delivering webisodes every minute! lets do it this way. I've obviously had difficulty being able to deliver a webisode each week. So I'm going to have to make it bi-weekly. (Help me ehn this is not my full time job! lol.)

I will however make the webisodes considerably longer and more interactive.

Thnx for the support so far. and Yes Toba has something to sayyyy!!!!!!!! Gev him a chence!!! *said in thick ibo accent*

Thanks guys for the support so far though! Everytime I wanna pack up and stop I think about you.... seriously.
miss.fab said…
Haven't been on here in a minute but wow!!! In dying to know what Toba has to say.

Bi-weekly = the next webisode will be out before... Sunday?
Hahah er...nice one miss fab!

I posted this yesterday? Meaning the next one is.... 2 weeks from now! Lol January this space!!
soliloquy said…
Oh my goodness... the anticipation is KILLING me!!!

By the way... Dr. Ndani huh? I wish I knew a few doctors like that ;)
Ms.O said…
Welcome like...:)
Ms.O said…
..and no I was not terrorizing you!!!!
kay9 said…
I think i'll stick around and find out just what the Toba guy wants to say.

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