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S2 W3. Visiting

"I'm here for a 4:30 appointment please" I refused to look the nurse directly in the eye

"Can I have your health card ma'am" I dug it out from my purse and slid it to her. I hear her get at it with the keyboard as I studied a non existent something on the counter top... I felt dizzy. I guess I should have eaten on the train. "Ok....." the typing paused for a moment....I looked up for a bit. "You're all set, shouldn't be long" She slid the card back to me, but I felt her stare boring holes. "Er... are you ok Ma'am?"

"I will be I guess... thanks." I turned around quickly before she could ask any more questions.

Probably too quickly because...... I kinda ran into the floor.


I saw her falling. Just as I was entering, she was collapsing.

"OH SHIT!" I was there faster than  I realized, hopefully I didn't knock anyone down.

But then the nurse was there shoving me away. Telling me "Please step back Ma'am"

"Excuse me she's my SISTER!" This tout better not ask for ID.

"Well at this point ma'am, being a sister wouldn't help, so please STEP BACK!" She had already motioned for other nurses. I stepped back, but I managed to get a closer look at Suni, Gosh. She was a mess, and her hair. Lord Jesus.

Arinze came out.

"Ah Thank God.. ." I stepped towards him "She just fell down" He was throwing out orders that sounded like Spanish..."What's wrong with her?"

He  stopped abruptly "Yale!" The sharpness in which he said my name, I actually jumped. "Please. She would be fine..wait here"

"Are you serio-" He didnt wait for me to finish. The had gotten Suni on a wheely thingy and he was on their heels as they whisked her off.

"Babe.... what happened...?" He was so perfect with his timing. I melted into his  embrace. "It's ok babe.... Ho-oly... was that Suni on the grungey?"

"She just collapsed o.." he ushered me to the waiting area. I'm sooo happy this man was here. He started rubbing my shoulders and it calmed down.

"Arinze is soooo rude."

Shafa laughed... "Why?"

"He's just rude" I let out a frustrated hiss.

"Soooo sensitive!!"  We sat silently for a while observing the people in the waiting room, and just waiting. There was a little girl in a cast that kept running around, so cute. She kept saying "Ima pwincess" the mom kept rolling her eyes and saying "Yes you are" it was sooo cute...

"Oh by the way...." Shafa broke into my boring trance. I looked at him "Guess who called me today..."


"Your dear cousin, Ronke"

"Are you kidding me? For what? Why?"

"That she misses me and would like to chill soon." he gave me the what-a-weirdo-ba? look.

"That IS odd...I haven't spoken to her in a lonnng time, since she mentioned Toba's... shenanigans we haven't had a real full out conversation... hmmmmmmmn!!" I gave him a suspicious look.

"Dont look at me o, lo0k at Ronke. Me maa I'm finding the whole thing verrry questionable."

"What did you say?...Did you agree to link up?"

"Is that a trick question?"

"No....did you?"

"I said for sure that I'd give her a call when my schedule frees up....why? You want me to go." he laughed out loud like it was a ridiculous idea.

" actually should."

"You can't be serious...." .

"For Real..." He looked too confused " Why are you confused? It's just Ronke now..and besides I want to know what's up...."


"What you thought I'd be like No... or something?

"Actually I don't know what I thought...."

At that point Arinze came out then and beckoned for me and Shafa to come over.


 "She in bad shape." He was talking and walking. "Malnourshed, her blood pressure is low...its just...not good." He made turns and got the door of what I figured was Suni's room. "We are going to keep her for the night, she's stable now though"

"The Baby...."

"Is Fine. Thank God, pretty starved..." he shook his head like he couldn't understand. Well neither could I. "I've gotta keep your visit short cause I  need her to rest...." He opened the door for us "10 minutes."  Why in the world was he all of a sudden so..........hiss. I soo don't like you now Arinze. I nodded cordially and walked in.

I started crying again.

" Arinze called you ba?" That's the first thin this IDIOT told me!

"I will kill you once you're strong enough Suni I swear!" I was still crying.

"Mennn Suni, that hair DOES NOT pass.." I see Shafa and I  were on the same page.

"Tell me something I don't know" she looked better. Even with the tubes connected to her and everything. She was smiling a bit. She looked at me  "Cry Cry, every time its to shed tears.."

"Freak Suni...." I held her hand  while I reached for the baby. "How's my God daughter?"

"Who dash you?" I eyed her and touched her belly, it was a safe haven.

"Is that the kwashiokwor or my god daughter?"

We all laughed.... she was going to be fine.......Arinze said so. Freaking guy.


I'm soo happy they came. I'm mad at Arinze though... he didn't have a right yelling my business like that.

I watched the curtains of the room flutter. Freaking hospitals I HATE this place.Every time I enter any hospital, I always think about that one time when mommy was sick in Nigeria. I remember the doctor saying that they had tried everything and nothing was left to do. He had told daddy to start making funeral arrangements. Mommy already looked dead. I will never forget her face. Ashen, sunken and just.... dead. The only way she had let me know she was alive was by squeezing my hand.....

"Are you awake or daydreaming?" Arinze.  I looked at him, and couldn't help but smile. He was simply.... what word can I use now?.. He was simply....dashing in his dress shirt and pants.  He had lost the lab coat and stethoscope...His shirt matched his eyes. 

"I want to go home..."

"I knowww, me too!" he smiled...I think I just became well. I feel healed. God......"Only difference is, I AM going home. But you......" He walked around my bed so he was now beside me, he settled into the chair "..not till you're better."

"What time is it?"

He looked at his watch, Tag Heuer, I noticed it FAST! I see homeboy here is a baller, Well  well..I mean he IS a doctor. "1:23am"

"Long shift..." 

"Welcome to my life...." he laughed and then stopped, maybe he too recognized the dual meaning there "I'm glad you came back....." He looked right into my body with those eyes. "For the baby of course.... It's good you came back.." he adjusted his sitting position "...for the baby." I smiled at his... cuteness. His skin was light.. like not yellow, like light... and his hair.. was "touch me now" kind of hair.... my staring had to have made him uncomfortable because he he coughed and stood up abruptly. 

"I should go..." 


"Cause its 1:30am in the morning and I should be at home sleeping, not doing overtime checking up on a patient." 

"I'm not just a patient....." I smiled , my lame attempt to be flirty. It was a half joke... 

"I guess so...." I didn't expect him to agree so quickly. The warm feeling around my heart spread....."Good night Suni...." 

"Are you in tomorrow....?"

He smiled.. "I'll come check up on you." He looked at me again... and that warmth spread all over my body "Sleep well...."

And then he walked out.


Anonymous said…
YES@!!!!!!! FIRSSSTTTTTTTTTTT i did night vigil for this one
Ene said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ene said…
sorry oh! all this technology - anonymous is your one and only Ene :) kai! i have been timing this page mehn all night all morning first thing i did as i got to work and voila its hereeeeee :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Asante ohhh Asante
Ene said…
i kneewwwww it!!! her heart is already fluttering! mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh
LMAO! Only u Enee!!! 4 comments! hahaha! Ur just too much. I say I wont disappoint u this December.

W4 is coming.....

Tell a friend!
Gee said…
they r slowly falling 4 eachother!!!
lol @ "toch me now" hair---hu says that!
My World said…
How come I'v never been here???
I'm a new stalker of yours.........
neefemi said…
ummm i don't like this o - u need to send me first hand info abt updates before i begi for u -lol, i love this story ma
Myne Whitman said…
Love nwantiti, LOL. I like this update. So the abby is OK, let's watch and see..
Nala said…
i love...cant wait for w4...good job hun
Ene said…
scuze me oh, mma spilt ink.. where the w4 now? hia! i don dey reach disappointed line oh..infact, i don do watchnight job sef for this much longer do i have to anticipate??? *sniffffffff*
it has taken me 1 week to access this page. 1 freaking week! i don tiya for this country.. make una beg ya people to produce stable internet na... sef ma stble LIGHT.... hisssss
Anonymous said…
I Just spent the past 40 minutes looking for this blog,sharp, sharp adding to my favourites and devouring the last two posts( had read the rest overnight a couple of weeks ago) BIG GRIN.
48 said…
Hmm I think I'll be jumping on this here soon as I get aquainted with the characters.

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