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S2 W2. She's Here...

The old lady sitting opposite me on the train is creeping me out. Given I don't' look too healthy ( I tried to clean up  as best as I could, but for one this bird's nest on my head HAD to go...) but HO-LY.... this is just plain rude!  I didn't know I had lifted my hand to cover my belly until I felt it there. I looked down....I swear I could feel baby getting uncomfortable too by this "let's not blink" game the woman was playing here. I adjusted my sitting position so i angled away from her towards the window. Id rather look at blurring trees than into her criticizing blue eyes. It was just me and her in this seating set... there were about 6 or 7 of us in the  entire coach section, this means she had other  BETTER options for sitting, but no she chose to perch  in front of me and stare me down. SIIIIINNNCEEEE. I looked at my watch, 2:30. Sigh.... 1 more hour. We were scheduled back home for 3:30.... it was about a 20minute ride to the doctors then.... life officially would kick start again.  I felt like I had died for a month. Like I wasn't in this world. Even seeing outside, the train station, having to interact with people again... it was nice somehow to be back. This whole hermit lifestyle wasn't me. I forced myself to be in it, now I have to force myself out of it. If not for me, for  baby..

 "Are you pregnant?" Shu-o! I looked in the direction of the question. Cold lady..... not that I had expected anything else. I was going to retort a very rude answer, but I just remembered my manners.

"Yes." I looked back to the window to kind of emphasize the "and this conversation is over" point.

"You don't look healthy... you shouldn't be this skinny." Ah Ah... see problem o. Now Im being scolded. After being stared down for almost 4 hours.

"I know." I gave her a cut eye... mild one... when I said that. Then continued looking at nothing outside the window.

"You didn't eat either this whole journey....." I turned back to study this odd old lady that was in front of me. She looked annoyed.

"I'm not hungry-"

"I bet your baby feels different" she turned to her big bag and started digging, she brought out an apple and shoved it towards me "Eat"

All I could think of was  when I was little and mommy said "Don't collect food from strangers..." and this was even apple sef. Forbidden fruit...

"No thanks.... I ate before the journey" Lie. And for some reason, she could see it too.  She shoved it closer to me.  Her expression softened.

"Just eat.....for her"
she gestured to my tummy with her eyes. What made her think it was a her  anyways..."or if you don't want fruit... even though that should be what you eat..... take a sandwich. The kiosk in coach E is still open"

I needed the walk and space seriously... so I grabbed this opportunity.  "Ok..." I shuffled/struggled out of my seat , trying to get as far away as possible from her caring judgmental odd mother-like stare. I knew i didn't look too healthy but wow..... was it that bad?


"Is she here yet?" he told me to be here for 4:30... ok so it was only 4:15, but I had been here a LONG time.

"No Yale... " he laughed small "And calling my phone every 5 seconds to find out wouldnt make her appear faster"

"Sorry....." I really fel bad though, cause I knew he was busy... but for some reason I felt he was the only one that could understand my worry. Weird...

"K would buzz you when she gets here... stay out of sight though, we don't want her running away again" he clicked off before I could say anything. I was too worried to ponder on the rudeness of that.

My phone rang just as I dropped it. Shafa.

"Hey babe..."

"Is she here?" I had to laugh at that, cause here was Arinze telling me to keep it hush hush and the first person i blab to was Shafa.

"No.... Arinze told me to f off..." I giggled "He's tired of hearing from me, me ma I'm tired of calling him every 2 seconds. Suni is gonna diieee men! I'ma kill that heifer. Why didn't she call me????"

"Relax, I'm sure she knows what shes doing..."

"Really? She runs off to God knows where, leaves her house everything...and you're telling me shes knows what she's doing? ?

"Shes a grown ass woman Yale..."

"No Shafa, what she is is STUPID! DAFT! LOKO!" I didn't realize I was shouting until I shuttup. The car was so was the line... "Hello?"

"I was waiting for you to finish bringing down the roof before I answered. Are you done?"

"Leave me jo" he laughed....the low rumble in the tummy, give me goosebumps kind of laugh that I absolutely adored.

"Baby, I have to go now, buzz me once she get's in ok..."


"Haha, Razz child... heart back at you."

A cab pulled up into the front of building. As it pulled to a stop the cab driver literally came out before the car came to a complete stop....he rushed to open the door.  He helped his passenger out and yes at this point I'm squinting cause it looks like Suni, or it could be Suni, I check my watch 4:23,,, Yup! It could be Suni.  Lady thanks cabbie, cabbie still holds her until shes at the door, she looks like she's waving him off....He's shaking his head. She gives cabbie a stern look... as she does this she turns a bit and I make out a profile. It IS Suni.... but shes.....EWW

The gasp I take in almost chokes me. What in the world did she do to her self???? It's taking everything I have in me not to run out of the car and go and meet her....  I blindly search for my phone because I am crying now....Suni Oh! What in the world....


"Shafa..." I start crying harder now because.....just because. "Shafa she's here.....She looks horrible... "

"Baby baby.. stop crying.. where are you exactly..."

"In the next parking lot behind the tree...."

"Wow some stealth movements huh? " He laughed small but, mannnn, the image of Suni barely being able to walk was making me cry... She did not look right... Like... "Ok.. I'm on my way pleaseeee stop crying...."

"KK hurry, I'm going to meet her now....." Before I cut the line I heard him saying something about "No wait for me remember what Arinze said", but F that... Did he SEE Suni??? Im going to meet her jo.


Gee said…
ahahha is that it??
kai me nor like this ending o...especially the fact that u will now wait another 2 yrs to upload the next episode..LOL
love this storry mehn...
So yale and suni r now together??
Gee said…
hee hee...first!!
Anonymous said…
dammitt three minutes late i woulda gotten here first Gee..

Ok Ms. Author, how long are we going to wait for post 2? seeing as u took the whole of november for webisode 1 of November? chei cheii i dey beg oh, i go cook goat head for u pls abeg post this tin na :P na beg i dey beg o
lolaoju said…
ah ah! Myslpilt ink!
U too like to drag this on joo!

Im telling u she will loose the baby!
for u guys. I will upload plenty this month.. u too will beg me to stop!!!! W3 is about to be delivered.

I did u guys strong tin sorry!!!!!
sweetness said…

*kneeling down, putting my hands together,and saying a lil prayer*
God oh God,please may she update
verrry soon
Oya ... Webisode 4 is ready, but I need to get more people on this tip.

Biko my small following, assist a sisturr!!! Tell a Frieeennndd!!! Initiate one more person!
neefemi said…
thats a very good friend and thats a good boyfriend she has as well - looking forward to the rest dear
Myne Whitman said…
Nice update, thanks for heeding our call. I will put a link to your page on mine if that'll make you update more. There's a interactive story going on, you could contribute..
Myne Im soo interested, but it seems there are soo many people who want to be a part and there's a whole process to be the next writer.. but please keep me in mind!!

neefemi! Welcome o!

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