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S2 W7. Confidant

"Someone looks forlorn today..." Jackie sat on my desk and started playing idly with a pen while she waited for my attention. I continued typing. "Shafa..." she poked my busy hand with the pen. I looked at her. "Talk to me...."

"Jackie I'm you have the final drafts so I can start modeling?" Didn't mean to snap, but ya.

"Shafa, I have them but that's not the issue. What's eating at you?" she slid down from the table and finally took the seat opposite me. "Is it Yale?"

"Why would it be Yale?" My problem with some women is that they like to feel like they knowww...

"Because, you're not easily ruffled. Only someone who has a grip on you can ruffle" she wasn't even smiling when she said that so I knew she wasn't joking. She really believed that. Again she sat, patiently waiting.

Jackie is a very unique person. She's random. Charming. Funny. And shes a looker. I can't lie and say I'd never noticed her good looks, she IS stunning, but we just never clicked like that.  We have steadily been building a very wish washy close friends kinda relationship and...ya. I know however that she's feeling me in some way. Yea, we have deep conversations every now and then and we are like homeboys when we interact, but shes a woman. A very free and open one at that. She can't really mask her feelings when shes around me.  Since she came into town and we were partnered up to work on the lounge project downtown, we had become relatively close. She's had her short comings, lest we forget the drunken incident?? (*Read S1, W15) But she was a great lady. A number of the guys here have bugged me about her. Apparently we are quite the team and it seems Im the only one she gives the time of the day to. The other day Simon, the drafter from 3rd floor whom Ive spoken all but 3 words (Hey, I'm Shafa) to since I started working here came, sat at my desk and asked me, quite rudely, if I was with Jackie. After I denied the hommie didnt even wait for me to finish shaking my head he asked if he could have her number.

"What are you smiling at? What are you thinking?"

I re focused on her face. She had on blood red lipstick today which matched her dress shirt. On any other person this would have been a bit much for the office, but Jackie pulled it off nicely. It was professionally attractive. Made you wanna listen to what she had to say when she spoke.

"Nothing...really... you're just making me laugh with your curiosity." she seemed to blush a bit, she looked away for a split second.

"So... whats ruffling you like this naaa- uuuu" she smiled proudly at her rendition of the word "now". she had been practicing a Nigerian accent because she was recently introduced to Nolly-wood by one of these many razz Nigerian babes in this city that she met at her many....raves.

"You've come again with your half cooked accent" I had to smile back though. I needed to talk with someone. Unbiased, Good listener, Analytical, non judgmental......yea. Jackie would do. "Yale's cousin...female.... is kinda...............digging me." I looked closely to see any trace of reaction that would tell me if I should continue speaking or if Id made the biggest mistake by opening my mouth. She stared blankly back at me as though waiting for more.

"An-nndd this is a problem because.......?" She was confused. "Look, Shafa Im sure you aware of your good looks, sex appeal, charming attitude, I mean you're a very attractive package. I'm quite sure Yale's cousin is not the first to....digg" she demonstrates quotes "" Ok.. she was already breaking it down in her head.

"Mm.....The thing is....I find myself still wanting her?" I kinda hung my head at that moment cause that was the main problem.

There. I said it. I am attracted to Ronke.

"O." she mouthed it. Sat back like she finally understood. "Still?" she cocked her eyebrows.

"Don't get me wrong, I dont even like her as a person.... but ... we kinda had a little something be-"

"Hey Guys...." Simon from upstairs poked his BIG red head in. He gave me the "Allow others look" "Er...Shafa, a young lady is at the reception to see you. Yale..." he said it like he was casting me... Idiot.

Jackie looked at me... I didn't have to tell her we'll finish this discussion later. She didn't have to ask. Simon stood there smiling like he had finally won. Such an idiot.

Jackie stood up and straightened her pants., in the process she ran her hands over her thighs and backside. Simon was practically drooling. SUCH a BIGG IDIOT!

"Thanks Simon...." What was Yale doing here sef. She hardly came by my work, and even when she did she never came in.  Well siting here wasn't going to answer the question. We all exited my office.


He walked towards me slowly. He looked tired. He was in stone grey today agin. the color suited him. I love his walk... like he literally commands attention with his swag.

"Hey Babe..."

I tiptoed to hug him. Snuck a kiss in there. "Hey you..."

"What a pleasant surprise, since when did my work place start to appeal to you?" I knew he would be shocked. But today I felt spontaneous. Besides I wanted to gist him whats been going on with Suni n the cultist.

"I miss you and wanted to surprise you, I even brought lunch" AKA McDonalds.

We started walking to his office. I spotted stunna walking to the elevator. As always she looked annoyingly good. I looked at Shafa to see if he noticed her. He eyes were focused inside the Miki D's paper bag looking for fries. Jackie turned and spotted me. She waved.  I waved back.

"Jackie is waving o" He finally took his eyes off the food and looked. He waved back.

"So...." he munched on a fry. "Thanks by the way," he raised the bag "Didn't even know I was this hungry." We finally got to his office and got settled. He had wolfed down half of the fries already. I just watched him grub. He smiled at me and continued eating. Never really looking at me. Something had to be on his mind. He seemed....distant almost.  Maybe it's work.

"Hows the job? Hope they arent killing you..."

"Man.. its fine o, just need to make sure Jackie gets those drafts to me before the week runs out if not Im screwed with my time line for modeling." He started on the burger.

"Toba confessed to me about everything." He stopped chewing.

"As per......"

"Cult, Father, Suni, Everything."

"Wow....." He wiped his face and put down his barely eaten burger."Its true?"

"From what he said,yes." I actually laughed ..."Wanna know his reason for telling me?" I didnt even wait for him to answer because I was gonna tell him anyways."his reason for telling me...get this" I sat forward because I couldn't wait to give him the outrageousness "He says....Suni's baby is cursed and the cult is going to come after him and her and kill ALL of them." I rolled my eyes for emphasis. "Can anybody be THIS shallow and WEAK to convince the mother of their child the reason to abort is because of CULT members???" I laughed again because now the story was still very funny in my ear.


Ah Ahn "Oh Puh-leaseee!! Dont tell me you believe him Shafa?"

"Not that I do, but the boy IS known to be an Olode. Like this is a known fact." He adjusted in hsi seat. "My worry now is, this is all secret info he has downloaded on you, are you safe??" He looked worried. "Shit, am I safe??"

"Selfish much?" 

"Sorry, but really though........." he looked at me I looked at him, both of us lost in thoughts of how serious this info session via confession could be. "Have you told Suni?"

"I'm going there today... I'm apparently meant to try to convince her with his cock and bull story."

Shafa's phone vibrated on the table. I glanced at it...unconsciously.  He snatched it off the table, but not quick enough for me to have seen who was calling. It was Ronke.What's she calling him for? I bet she's following up on that coffee...that girl is just not serious.It vibrated again.

"Are you going to ignore your ultimate crush?" I teased. He really looked like he wasn't sure if he should pick or not. "Answer the girl oh, before she bursts in here!"

He half smiled and just let it ring. "Abeg leave these things... we have more serious issues on our hands." He picked up his burger again to get chowing. His office phone rang.

"AH - AH!" I clapped my hands together as if I were dusting them. "She even has your office number?" Odd... but then again its Ronke, she has everybody's business at her fingertips.

"What makes you think its her sef?" He picked "Shafa Johnson..." he paused listening. "Are you kidding me?" pause again. "Damn... ok thanks." he dropped the phone then hung his head with a huge sigh.

"Its her abi? Shit I'm too goodd!"

"Save me from your cousin o!! Yale... SAVE ME!!!"

I just laughed and waited for this dear cousin of mine to enter let me scold her for disturbing my man! I snagged an extra fry that Shafa hadn't eaten and just waited.


Vanchi said…
Nawa oooo...Shafa better not be an idiot o!
Myzz D said…
but why would you do this nauuu?? Lol...seriously waiting for the next one.....
F said…
Shafa should behave o... I wouldn't want to hate him for disappointing Yale. By the way, what tribe is she supposed to be from? I've never heard the name Ozimeyale before... And Shafa as well sef...
neefemi said…
hmmmm...he better not even dare and that ronke better behave herself, nonsense girl
Bosola said…
AHHH!Seriously i've been hooked on this for a while, and i'm DYING to see how this is going to play out.


I guess i just have to wait for the next update. Tommorow perhaps? =)
Fabulo-la said…
Those two r going to break up before they settle for good. Just watch!
Nice one babes
Anonymous said…
now she is being mercy johnson, ini edo and whtsherface allll in one! hia, oh! me sef i am not safe with this Olode secret o
histreasure said…
that Shafa he's going to self-destruct abi?

and Ronke - of all the men, ur own cousin's wao
Shafa is going to end up sleeping with ronke, Yales non-chalant confidence will be the "permission" he needs. What a man whore
Myne Whitman said…
I hope he doesn't do it, I just hope so. This is building up nicely...
loool! u guys are just too cute sha.. my Shafa lovers.. plus I see June is quick to fall off this bandwagon o!

Shafa se u hear? No f-up's!
Myzz D said…
Please now where is the next one??you have turned single handedly me into a stalker o......
**SugAbaBe** said…
wheres the next all restless..... scared for shafa ana yale

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